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Panty Punishment

There was a unique call I had the other day with a man that claimed he was into spanking. Not at all an unusual topic for calls. He said his mom had paddled him many times in his childhood and … Continue reading

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You Deserve To Be Punished

Many callers are interested in being spanked. Once in a while I get one that wants to give me the spanking, but it’s usually the guys that want to be whipped and given a good spanking. Often you can hear … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Pussy Mouth

One of my more colorful clients that likes to fantasize about celebrities, had an idea for ones that are too uppity and or out of hand. Remove their teeth so they can give better blow jobs. This time it was … Continue reading

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Petticoat Punishment – Feminization

Not all that are into feminization are doing so willingly, some are being dressed up against their will apparently from the time they are youngsters onwards. One called up and described the punishment his governess gave him many decades ago. … Continue reading

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Bend Over!

What kind of fetish is being whipped, punished and spanked? Why do men find this appealing? Well BDSM is very popular, their are plenty of masochists out there, make no mistake. Some men love to be whipped and spanked until … Continue reading

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