Panty Punishment

There was a unique call I had the other day with a man that claimed he was into spanking. Not at all an unusual topic for calls. He said his mom had paddled him many times in his childhood and youth, again, nothing here I don’t hear pretty often. The odd part was that after the spanking, he said he was made to put on a pair of granny panties that had a maxi pad in them that had been coated with a mixture of honey and hot sauce and sit in them for an hour minimum on a chair in the corner.

He said they would burn terribly, I’m sure it would. The spanking would of course have irritated the skin before the hot sauce ever got to him, so that would just further inflame things and irritate him. That was the idea of course. I am sure it was likely all in is head, but there are some sadistic bitch’s out there who no doubt decided to inflict some sort of punishment on their kids for something like masturbating and being caught doing it. Just how it is out there in the world. The heat of his skin would melt the honey and further spread it around and he said he was not allowed to bathe afterwards. The things people say…

Did your mom punish you in some sort of way that left mental scars that have lingered throughout the decades? Do you want to talk to someone about it, it’s something you likely wouldn’t share with a friend or a girlfriend, they just wouldn’t understand, or you might not want them to see you as some kind of victim. One of our many phone sex ladies would be happy to hear your confession. We hear many tales of woe from men that were forced to endure this kind of punishment and even worse. Give one of our gals a call tonight.

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