Rescue Me

Recently I had a bit of a scare. I was in a hotel, luckily only on the third floor, and there was a fire. A film crew had been filming on the floor below and some special effects pyrotechnics got out of hand and there was a small fire and an evacuation. The elevators were shut down and the halls were filled with smoke. I was quite surprised when someone was banging on my door and I opened it and it was a fireman there to rescue me. He was a strong, handsome man as well. I certainly had no problem with allowing him to rescue me.

I was fine other than a bit of smoke inhalation, but I found him so attractive, I’d slipped him my business card into his pocket. Only a few days later he called me and asked if I remembered him. Of course I did! He wanted to know if I’d be willing to meet for a drink, I certainly wanted to and we hit it off wonderfully. The drinks led to dinner, which led to me going back to his house afterwards. He was a real man, and had a fantastic body. He was in tip top shape. I guess you’d need to be for such a physically demanding job as his was.

He lifted me as though I was as light as a feather onto his king sized bed. He kissed me tenderly and passionately and undressed me as though he was unwrapping a present. I felt very special in his arms. I took his hard cock in my hands and caressed him and sucked him and was just aching to have that cock in my pussy. He got on his back and had me ride him. I loved how he felt in me, how my pussy squished down, sopping wet on his hard cock. He played with my nipples and made them erect. I bucked back and forth on top of him until I came, my entire body shuddered with pleasure and I milked his sweet load into me. I loved it. I really hope this is the beginning of a very hot relationship.

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