Teasing My Pussy


Sometimes I just like to read some erotic stories and tease my pussy when I get horny. Reading a racy story is always a fun way to quickly masturbate. I’m just a clit teasing girl, I never insert. Most callers seem to think all ladies need or want a huge toy in their pussy when they get off, but I’d say most do not. Many do sure, but guys do not like hearing there’s no real need for penetration. Otherwise, why would we need their cocks? Some just love the idea of a lady touching herself and don’t care how she’s getting off, as long as she is.

Most boyfriends I’ve had loved watching me rub my pussy, since of course it’s letting them know how I like to be touched so they will know how to touch me themselves. Many times before I’d ever sleep with a guy we’d masturbate together and watch one another. It’s really not only arousing, but educational. People do not all like being touched the exact same way, so what one woman likes, another may not, so watching them is a wonderful way to see what they like.

I keep a bottle of lube on my bedside table, so it’s easy to reach from my bed or my chair. Most guys see to like to show off on cam, not ladies so much though. Masturbation is a part of most people’s lives. Masturbating on the phone is a lot more fun than totally alone. Phone sex will spice up your alone sex life, not a doubt about it. Why not give one of our ladies a call and we can tell you all about how we touch ourselves while you rub your cock, sounds a lot hotter than just turning on PornHub yet again, right?

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