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I Just Got Outta Jail, Now It’s Time For Phone Sex!

Oddly enough twice in the past week I’ve gotten calls from men that claimed to both just released from jail and prison. Literally that day. Now if one was in prison, would the first thing you would think to do … Continue reading

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A Walk in The Woods

There’s a large wooded area behind my house I go hiking in sometimes. It’s very private, several properties back onto it, but there’s usually no one around to be seen. I went for a walk last week out there and … Continue reading

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Teasing My Pussy

  Sometimes I just like to read some erotic stories and tease my pussy when I get horny. Reading a racy story is always a fun way to quickly masturbate. I’m just a clit teasing girl, I never insert. Most … Continue reading

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Eating Their Own Jizz

So many callers are really into eating their own cum. I get ones that chicken out though and just cannot go through with it. Is it that big of a deal to brush your teeth afterwards? You’d think it was … Continue reading

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Watch Me Use Your Panties

My roommate’s brother was staying with us for a few weeks since his place was under going some renovations and he had nowhere to stay until they were finished, so we agreed he could stay with us rather than pay … Continue reading

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