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Aunty Sucked His Cock

This caller of mine was telling me how his aunt was the one who gave him his first blow job. He said he used to stay over at her house sometimes when his parents would go away for the weekend. … Continue reading

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He Fucked His Cousin

This caller was telling me how he used to fuck his cousin when he’d come and stay with them for the weekend when they were growing up. He suspected the boy was gay and he had bisexual tendencies himself, so … Continue reading

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Family Threesome

When people think of threesomes, they don’t necessarily think of them being with family members. Incest can be fun though, so the more the merrier! This caller has some pretty fantastic tales of what he went though in his teens … Continue reading

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My Brother Touched Me

When I was in my early teens, I’d seen my brother who was a few years older looking at me in a not very family like way, and one night when our parents were out, I came out of the … Continue reading

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Smelling Dad’s Underwear

So there’s this really pervy client that’s been calling a lot and he has all these family fantasies, now mom is pretty common, a sister is asked about once in a while by callers, but this guy is not only … Continue reading

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