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Bath Tub Blow Job

My boyfriend like most guys, loves a good blow job. One thing he particularly enjoys though, is getting one while in the bath tub. The being surrounded by warm water, being tended to and catered to, it’s all just sheer … Continue reading

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Bury That Face Between My Thighs

My boyfriend is an excellent pussy licker, I just adore him going down on me. It’s the absolute best type of orgasm for me, so I encourage him to do it as much as possible. Last night he really was … Continue reading

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His Mom Sucked Him Off

Another caller in the category of likely fantasy and not reality claims during his teenage years his mom regularly gave him blow jobs. She also fucked two of his friends apparently as well. He said she’d either ask to suck … Continue reading

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Forced Bi For You

One thing a lot of callers are into is forced bi. They want to suck the cock of another man, yet not be responsible for doing so, hence the “forced” by someone else, usually their girlfriend or wife. It might … Continue reading

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He Sucked The Shemale

Many callers show an interest in shemales. Most of course have never been with a real one, but they are curious as to what it would be like. Many do not live in large cities, so a real shemale could … Continue reading

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