The Gasping Slut

Giving blow jobs was one of my teen specialties, I was hanging onto my virginity until I was a bit older, all the girls gave head, so I made sure I was one of the best. My boyfriend at the time taught me just how to pleasure him the best, and he must have been a good teacher, since future boyfriends also always gave me the thumbs up when it came to sucking cock. I learned how to go deep and breathe as best as I could without gagging, but some guys, hell, most guys, love the sound of a chick gagging on their dick. It means it’s long enough and big enough to make them gag on it, so it’s an ego boost to them to hear a girl gagging.

I liked it, I loved that he was giving me the power. It can be very powerful to suck a cock. You could bite their dick off and cause them much pain, they are trusting you not to do that, but to give them pleasure. So I did my best to make him moan and groan with ecstasy as I sucked him off to the best of my ability. I would tease him with my tongue, dancing my tongue around his dick, with licks, and kisses and swirls and tiny bites, gentle ones of course. He loved to feel my teeth lightly gliding up and down his hard shaft.

I knew I was good at it, so I made guys practically beg for it and I knew I’d be sending them to heaven when I did. I was always getting gifts and getting taken out to nice places since I was so free and easy with the blow jobs once I had them as a boyfriend. Other girls made it seem like a bit of a chore to many of them, so when they had a willing cocksucker, they rewarded one and I loved it.

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