I Masturbated in the Car

The air conditioning in my car broke a few weeks ago and since it’s going into fall now, I figured it wasn’t worth getting fixed, since I’m getting a new car next spring anyway. It hasn’t been unbearably hot other than a couple of days last week and I had to drive somewhere after work and it was boiling. After it got dark, I pulled over for a minute and stripped down a bit and got back in the car to drive the rest of the way in my undies, since it was so hot. I had an over hour long drive ahead of me and I felt suffocated in what I was wearing.

Everything seemed much better, until after a while, I started to notice I was feeling a little horny as I drove along. A song came on the radio I lost my virginity to, and I started to think back to my boyfriend I had and all the hot sex we’d had. My hand wandered down to my pussy as I drove along in the darkness on the nearly deserted road and started to rub myself over my panties. I was getting wet, and slipped my fingers inside of them to get to my clit.

I slowed down on the road, wanting to be as safe as I could be without actually pulling over. I was rubbing myself faster and faster, bucking against my hand and I came, while driving. I licked my fingers clean and then around a block from where I was going, I got out and put my clothes back on and then got there. What a drive. If only they knew what I’d done on the way there, but of course they had no idea. It would be my naughty little secret only I would know about.

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