My Night with the King

Elvis was quite a looker back in his heyday, even though most of his life was before I was born. I can recall the day he died, my mom was upset, but I wasn’t very old. She was a fan of his music and my grandmother liked his movies, and every August when there’s be marathons of the movies due to his death anniversary, I was used to lots of Elvis growing up. As a lark, when there was a show in town of an Elvis impersonator I decided I had to go. Even though granny has passed and mom’s in a wheelchair and no longer goes out other than to the doctor, I was going to go alone.

I had a seat in the middle of the third row. It was a good show and the impersonator was very good. I felt several times in the show he locked eyes with me and as I was leaving after the show a man came over to me and invited me backstage. I later learned it was his manager. I of course went and complimented him on his act and his voice. He asked me out for dinner and I accepted.

Things got a bit hot after dinner when “Elvis” asked me back to his hotel room. I had to do it, how could I miss the opportunity to say I’d slept with “Elvis?” This impersonator was also quite a good and skillful lover and said he’d gotten many ladies that had a thing for Elvis over the years. His cock was large and he stretched me out fully. I bucked against him and he talked dirty to me in an Elvis like voice as he fucked me, I must say, it was unique, yet pleasurable. He did have charisma, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t know who I’ll tell about this, but it was fun. The best one night stand I ever had.

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