Pillow Humper

Some men like to hump their pillows when they masturbate, they call themselves pillow humpers. One of my callers proudly calls himself a pillow humper, and he prefers it to his hand. There’s lots of ways that guys get off not using their hands, pillows just being one method. One caller I’ve watched on cam gets on his back and makes these movements that look like he’s doing stomach crunches, lifting his legs, crossing them at the knees and making sit up like motions. Odd ones could actually be able to orgasm that way, but people do different things.

Some girls begin masturbating by humping their pillows as well, balling them up and mounting them and then grinding on them or rubbing back and forth in a bucking motion. Pillows see a lot more action than just having a head rested upon them during sleep. Some men that masturbate this way have told me they double the pillow over, like a taco shell, and place their dick into the folded area and fuck that until they cum. All I can think of is the mess of the pillow and pillow case afterwards and I bet they don’t change it, they likely just flip it over and sleep with it to the bed side down.

Have you used your pillow for your masturbation needs? Has it been a good experience for you? Would you like to have a phone sex call while you are fucking your pillow? That can easily be arranged. You sleep with your pillow and it’s soft and familiar, sometimes you might not have been with a real woman in a while and fucking something like a pillow that’s soft and within arms reach can seem like a natural thing to do, you aren’t alone. Give us a call while you fuck that pillow and see how much better it can be.

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I Fucked Him With a Strap On

My boyfriend had always been curious about whether or not he’d like to take a strap on up the ass, but he just couldn’t make his mind up about it, so I bought one for him. He will sit on the fence and hem and haw for ages about all sorts of things, I usually end up making the decisions in our relationship since he’s too indecisive to do so. One night he came home and I was waiting for him wearing this. It wasn’t the sort with a harness which I think is a bit ridiculous. This kind the woman slips part of it inside herself.

It gives pleasure to me too, since when I thrust into him, it stimulates my G spot. He looked shocked when I came at him with this and I told him to get in the bedroom and strip. He did as he was told. He got on all fours on the bed. I lubed up the toy and spread his ass cheeks and told him to get ready. He tried to relax when I guided the tip of this into the opening of his asshole and I popped it in and then eased it in slowly.

He tensed a bit when I inserted it, but I reassured him and told him to stroke his cock. He did and then began to relax and get into it. I grabbed him and thrust over and over, and it felt good inside of me as well. He said he was going to cum and I sped up my thrusts and he did squirt. He then flipped me over and began to lick my pussy once he pulled the toy out of me. I was close to cumming from the internal pressure of it, but he replaced the toy with his fingers as his tongue worked my clit. I soon came and gushed on his face with my thighs clamped around his head. I was glad I’d bought it.

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Shower Sex

The pic here made me laugh, since it looks like she’s giving the guy a karate high kick in the face in the shower, but who doesn’t love sex in the shower? Her position looks like a fall waiting to happen, but hopefully your partner would not allow you to slip and fall. You are talking slippery and wet and one foot, so it could be fraught with danger. It can also be filled with pleasure. Hot water, lots of steam, soapy, slippery hands all over your body. Water can always make for hot sexual encounters, whether alone and masturbating, or with your partner.

Make sure you have plenty of hot water, many times a tank will give you fifteen minutes and no more of hot water, so you don’t want to be approaching orgasm with ice cold water pouring over you. Try and not fall or slip, it’s not hard to do on one leg, and you may be around your partners waist, on one foot, there’s all kinds of possibilities you need to look out for, it can be a very sexy time though so enjoy it. Some people like to give blow jobs in the shower more than anywhere else, since you can thoroughly clean your partners penis and balls beforehand so no nasty surprises. The cum will all rinse away as well.

Helping to clean and groom your partner can be fun even if you don’t have sex. Find a woman who would not love her hair washed by her man. It’s sexy and sensual and feels wonderful, and there’s likely to be a lot of kisses happening as it unfolds. There’s so many sexy things you and your partner can do in the bath or shower, it’s so relaxing and cleansing and special. Add some candles and wonderful smelling bath products, and you will be sure to have a romantic evening to remember.

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The Sounds of Pleasure

Seeing as I work with my voice, I also do voice over work of an erotic nature. One of the companies I am with paid for studio recording time and I went in to record the erotic scripts I was given. The manager of the studio was nice, and handsome as well. He was recording and listening to me as I narrated the sexy script. I looked over at him and was thinking maybe he was getting a little aroused at the sexy story I was reading. I was sure I saw the bulge in his pants get bigger as I went along.

After I finished reading, it was closing time but he asked me if I’d like to stay for a drink. I agreed and he said he really loved my voice and the story really turned him on as he was listening to it. I said that’s the idea. The client writes a sexy story and then I voice it, and then they have it forever t listen to as many times as they’d like. He asked me if I ever got turned on recording them and I said I sometimes do yes, and that I’ve masturbated after a recording session a few times.

He asked if I’d consider masturbating right her and now with him, and I somehow wanted to agree, so I did. I pulled my skirt up and my panties down and his eyes were riveted to my shaved pussy as I began to touch myself. He unzipped his pants and was watching me the entire time he stroked his cock. I liked the size of it and how he touched himself and we both just kept rubbing and rubbing and watching one another. I knew I was about to cum and I let out a terrific howl of delight as I came, my thighs shaking with the intensity of my orgasm and he shot his load and it landed on my bare thigh. I laughed as he cleaned the cum off with a tissue and apologized. It was certainly the sexiest recording session I’d ever had to date.

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Teasing My Cunt

Last night my boyfriend wanted to get into a bit of tease and denial. However I was the one being denied! He thought it would be fun to tease me and deny me to the point where I’d know what it’s like for him to have blue balls, though I’ve never done that to him. He was just in a funny mood, and I’m game for anything, so I agreed. He had me on my back at the edge of the bed and ran his dick up and along my pussy lips, getting me all gooey wet. Then he’d place the tip of his cock right at the cunt opening and let me think he was going to slide it inside.

I was practically begging him to put it inside by the time he finally did. I could feel that ache in my pussy lips, what I assume blue balls feel like in a guy. It’s a deep ache from all that blood that has engorged the cunt lips and that only an orgasm will release. He knew I was at that point. I was literally writhing on the bed beneath him, like a bitch in heat. He ran his cock up and down the lips once more before sliding it into me and then toying with my clit.

I arched my back when he did it and grabbed at him, bucking against him wildly as he finally gave me the release I so desperately sought. He pounded me hard and it wasn’t long with him toying with my clit and him fucking me that I exploded in a creamy mess all over his cock. I knew I needed to cum again, that ache was not totally gone after one orgasm. I told him to keep fucking me and he did. It didn’t take more than a few more minutes until I once more came on his cock. I was spent, breathing heavily until I calmed down. Tease and denial can be a very fun thing.

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