Sucking You Off

One thing my boyfriend loves is me sucking his cock, and I have to admit, I love it just as much. It makes me feel very powerful to be in charge of giving him so much pleasure that way. His favorite way is to stand at the edge of the bed with me laying on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and just gagging me with his cock. Many times he will lean forward and lick my pussy as he’s doing it. Holding my cunt lips open exposing my clit and flickering that tongue of his all over my stiff little clit. It feels so good.

I like sucking his balls as well, so I can stroke his cock in my hand as I suck on them. His last girlfriend wouldn’t give him any oral sex, so he loves that I’m happy to do it for him. I like making him happy, and I know my skills make him very happy in the bedroom, he just loves how slutty I can be, that’s why he keeps coming back for more. Just sucking on his cock for a few minutes makes him putty in my hands.

I more than get return treatment, he genuinely loves going down on me, we lick and suck each other as much as we fuck, and we make each other cum a lot, it’s pleasurable for us both. Keeping a man happy is not hard to do, just give them frequent blow jobs, make your pussy available to them and make them a sandwich once in a while, they will keep coming back for more, believe me. Many like to make their women cum as much as possible and make them numb with pleasure. He can make me numb any time he wants.

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A Visit From My Uncle

Recently my uncle came to visit for the weekend, it had been a few years since he’d come to town, I always liked him and I knew he liked me, he was always bringing me little gifts when he’d come by. This time though, he was looking at me with a bit of a different type of look in his eye and I soon found out why. My parents went out for a few hours and he said he’d watch me and as soon as they were out the door he sat next to me on the sofa and asked how much experience I had with boys my age.

He soon said he’d like to teach me how to do things and his hand was up my skirt and he asked me if I ever touched myself before I went to bed or after school and I confessed that yes, I did, and he asked how I did it and would I like him to touch me that way. I said go ahead, so he did, and I spread my legs and he started to feel me over my panties, which soon grew damp from his rubbing my pussy through them.

He kissed me as he touched me and I told him to put his fingers inside my panties and touch my clit, he did and I was soaking wet on his hand. I was soon bucking against him and he made me cum from touching me. I sure do enjoy when fun but unexpected things like this happen. We played a few more times when we had the chance to that weekend and I look forward to him coming back this summer, maybe I will let him fuck me then instead of just fingering my pussy. I think it will be hot.

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The Wild Weekend

I’d always had a bit of a crush on my step brother’s friend and he knew it, so I asked him if he;d set me up. He had a much wilder suggestion. He asked if I’d be game to have a threesome with him and his friend. Now my step brother and I had fooled around on many occasions, but we never had gone all the way, but I wasn’t adverse to the idea, it turned me on to pick things up, his friend would only make it even hotter. I said yes, I’d be happy to play. He called his friend and it was arranged for the weekend.

We had the house to ourselves, and the wine and beer was soon flowing, and the clothes came off pretty quickly and we adjourned to the bedroom, and things got very hot, very quickly. I got on all fours and was sucking my step brother’s cock, which I’d done before, and his friend was licking my pussy from behind, which drove me crazy, it makes my clit stick out in that position, so it felt wonderful. He made me nearly cum, I was right on the brink from his flickering tongue on my clit, then he stopped and pushed his hard cock into me and I was filled up with his hard dick.

He grabbed me by the hips and was just pounding it into me, when my step brother went underneath me and resumed what his friend had started, licking my clit, only now I had a dick in my pussy as I was also getting licked and it was sheer heaven, the feeling of both of them working on me like that, I loved it. They both did a wonderful job pleasing me. I had a pussy filled with cum a few minutes later when his friend shot his load in my cunt and I exploded from the pleasure of the tongue being used on me at the same time, it was a wonderful and naughty weekend.

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Forced Orgasms at a Sex Party

Recently a girlfriend and myself were invited to a sex club. She knew some of the other people present and I was game, I’d never gone to anything like that, so agreed to tag along and see what it was like. It seemed a fairly wild crowd when we arrived, lots of naked people, some were tied up, blindfolded, right out in the open. This good looking guy soon approached me and asked if I’d like to go into another room where we’d have more privacy. I decided it was a party like environment, so not much real danger. If I screamed or something, someone would hopefully come to my rescue pretty quickly.

He asked if I’d ever tried any BDSM things and I said no, but some of it looked like a bit of fun, so he asked if I’d like to try, so I said ok, we undressed and he asked if I’d let him tie me up, I was ok with that, so once I was totally restrained, he gets out this huge Hitachi wand and lays it on my clit. It was a bit powerful for my taste, so I asked him to turn it down, but he wouldn’t and as I was tied up, there wasn’t much I could do.

He had the head of his cock in my pussy so he was feeling the vibrations as well and he kept pressing it on my clit until I was about to scream, and I came hard and it almost hurt it was so intense from the overly powerful vibrations. Yes, I came, but it was kind of forced on me and so I thought this was over and that he’d untie me and let me go, but it wasn’t over, he gave me a few moments rest and then he laid it on my clit again and I had two more orgasms forced from me. I was absolutely numb by the time he released me. I staggered out of there and left and thought what did you expect going to some sex club with people you didn’t know.

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Breed Me

This latest boyfriend of mine told me he liked risky sex, fucking while I was ovulating, he didn’t actually want to get me pregnant, nor do I want to be pregnant, but it’s the risk of it happening that turns him on. I honestly kind of liked the idea of it myself. The thought of it actually happening, my fertile pussy taking his sperm at the last time of the month it would actually be safe to do so, it was kind of exciting.

We fucked pretty much every night anyway, so it wasn’t like we were holding out for some one time of the month blow out or something, but we were both very aware of my cycle and when I’d be most apt to conceive. It was hot, no birth control, no pulling out, just full on hot sex with the chance of me getting impregnated with his seed. It really turned me on, and my pussy was so wet, the ovulation juices made me even more wet, that slick, thick discharge a woman makes when she’s ovulating. His cock was easing in and out of me so wonderfully. He kissed me so passionately as we made love, and it was making love, not just fucking.

He nursed on my erect nipples and took them in his mouth one at a time, suckling on them, and I lovingly ran my hands up and down his back and his shoulders, telling him how much I loved him. It was so intimate and special, much more so than our regular sex sessions, and it was an incredible turn on. Some callers that have been into pregnancy fetish have mentioned before, ones that had children, that when they made love with their wives when they were trying for a baby, there really was nothing like it they’d experienced before, it was just on a whole different level when you were trying for a baby. I’ve never forgotten that. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks if Im late, you never know.

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