My Friend’s Daughter

My friend’s daughter came to me the other week and told me she was attracted to other girls. She asked me if I’d ever had a same sex experience with another woman and I told her yes, years ago I’d experimented when I was in college. She said she didn’t have any bi curious friends, so she didn’t know where she’d get any experience or find any other women to play with. She asked me if I’d be willing to teach her and show her how things could be between two women. She’d had a boyfriend the year before, so she wasn’t a virgin, I told her I’d think on it and get back to her. A week later I decided to do it.

We were both worried about her mother and my friend finding out, since she would not approve. Even though the girl was over age, she just would not approve under any circumstances, so it was to be a secret between the two of us. She came over to my home one night and I’d made us a nice dinner, then things moved to the bedroom and we began to kiss and touch. I showed her how even though she masturbated, not all women enjoy being touched the same, so always ask what someone likes. Do not assume they like what you do. She soon mastered how to make me cum with her fingers.

Then we moved on to oral sex. I went down on her and she really seemed to enjoy it. She was eager to return the favor and did a great job of following my instructions. She came over the next few nights and we had all sorts of fun with one another, but I didn’t want her getting too attached to me sexually, so I told her now that she knew the basics, she had to find a friend to practice on, but I’d always be here for advice. It was fun to teach a young woman the ropes like that. Let’s hope her mother never finds out.

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The Cock in The Hangar – CBT For You

One topic I always find entertaining and a lot of fun is cock and ball torture calls. Many men would grimace at the thought of such a thing, but you’d be surprised how many guys are into it. One last night was wanting his big, black coconut sized balls put in a vise. I said we could make them as flat as pancakes. Then he wanted them cut off. They wouldn’t have been much use at that point anyway, seeing as they’d be flopping in the wind. No doubt permanent damage, infertile. Makes me laugh to talk about their insanity. I’m sure if anyone really came at them with a hammer aiming for their balls, his choice of a weapon, they’d run off quickly. I suggested a meat tenderizer, you know, kind of a hammer like tool with spikes on it to tenderize the meat. He liked my “upgrade.”

Kicking, punching, vise’s, no tool is too extreme for their pain. He was also a black guy, so he said I wouldn’t be able to see the bruises and all due to his skin tone. I laughed and said I’d be inclined then to act all the more harshly due to this fact. Funny how pain can be an aphrodisiac to many, but it is. Gets them going like nothing else, especially when delivered by a dominant female that enjoys inflicting pain upon men. It can be fun for sure.

Does CBT attract you? Many phone sex ladies really enjoy these types of calls, there’s a lot of humor in them and they call for creativity. Cock and ball torture is not for everyone, but if it interests you, there’s no doubt one or more of our ladies can help you and be interested to talk about all kinds of cruel and devious ways to hurt you, so call one right now. Let the pain begin…

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Female Bodybuilder Feet

Now foot fetish is pretty common as far as fetishes go. Calls are very common on this topic. Not as common is someone asking for a particular kind of foot. Some like” cheesy” feet that are unwashed, others love a certain color of nail polish, usually red. A caller recently asked to talk about the feet of female bodybuilders though. When I asked why them in particular, he said they would have really smelling feet. All that working out would make them sweaty and stinky. Likely a real thing and appealing for ones that like really smelly feet.

To have them run over the face, be forced to suck the sweaty toes, the soles of the feet. I will never forget one man that wanted to eat the dead skin shavings off of a woman’s feet on top of his spaghetti like Parmesan cheese. That really takes the cake. Some men are very into the smells of dirty feet. One caller said he’d actually frequent yard sales in the hopes of finding second hand ladies bedroom slippers that might have just the smell he was searching for. The things men do in the hopes of finding that perfect sexual arousal trigger, in this case, for their nose, to find just the right smell that will make their cock stand at attention.

He didn’t mention a foot job like many with a foot fetish have, or to worship the feet, just smell and lick them. Maybe he spends time around the entrances of gyms or even inside if he has a membership himself and tries to pick these women up, but chances are if they are bodybuilders, they would be a lot stronger than he is and wipe the floor with him if he even made such a remark to them about desiring to smell, lick and kiss their sexy feet. He’d likely regret it.

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He Made My Toes Curl

Any woman who does not enjoy her pussy being licked is very odd in my eyes. When you find a guy that knows how to do this skillfully, you have hit the jackpot in my eyes. You don’t even have to do any work, just lay there and receive pleasure. It’s the best thing in the world to me. Luckily my boyfriend loves going down on me and fairly soon after we met he told me about his skills and I was curious to see just how he compared to other men I’d been with. He was right, he really was the best I’ve been with by far.

They should teach these skills in school as far as I’m concerned. Imagine the homework! I love to lay back, fresh out of the shower and all shaved and smooth and just lay there with my legs splayed open and wait for his kisses on my inner thighs and on my mons and he takes him time teasing me all around my slit before he even opens me up. Then that devilish tongue that flickers as quick as lightening does it’s thing all over my cunt and I’m so over the edge to orgasm after orgasm.

Feeling that wetness accumulate in my pussy and just start to ooze out of me before he’s even gotten to my clit is enough to make me go wild, he loves to keep me begging for more and I grab at his hair and push his face just where I want it, but he usually is one step ahead anyway and I don’t need to give him any instructions, he knows what he’s doing. He’s dipping that tongue into my wetness and tasting me, working that clit like a demon and slipping his fingers into me at the same time. I never tire of his oral pleasures.

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Under the Summer Moon

Summer can bring out the naughty side of us, wearing less clothes, feeling hot in more ways than one. Recently this latest boyfriend of mine likes to fuck outdoors. I don’t mind, it adds an element of excitement to things. He usually enjoys the evenings, so it’s not like it’s mid afternoon with tons of people looking on or anything. I have a fairly large backyard and the neighbors around here are pretty quiet, and keep to themselves, so they don;t seem to notice our backyard exploits any. Maybe they even enjoy them and are just not letting on, I really don’t know.

We got a bit brazen the other night. We did it on the picnic table that’s out there. I placed a blanket on the table to avoid slivers, and he laid me back and stripped me down. The moon was full, so it was well lit had anyone been spying on us. His cock looked so good in the moonlight. He said my milky white tits looked just as inviting for him, and he started things off by giving me a titty fuck. Laying that cock between them and me squeezing them around his dick and teasing the head of his cock with my tongue each time he brought it forward.

He then laid me back and I spread my legs wide. We could feel the breeze gently blowing over our nude bodies there in the yard and hear the trees rustling. I felt his cock slip into me and stretch me open as his hands grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples with his thumbs. I pulled him closer to me, putting my feet under his ass cheeks and pumping him as deep into me as I could get him. We tried to be quiet in case there were any neighbors out and about, but we didn’t hear or see anything. I came and bit my lip and as he felt my spasming pussy around his dick, it triggered him to cum and he filled me up right there on the picnic table. Sex outdoors can be fun, under the stars and perhaps being spied on, give it a try.

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