He Fucked His Students

The student teacher relationship has a lot of forbidden appeal when the students get to physical maturity. Young people are often appealing, youth, energy, eagerness to learn, some are very attractive in their prime in their teens, so it’s not difficult to see the appeal of going after them. The teachers however are taking their reputation and freedom in their hands in doing so. They could at the very least lose their career, and at most, go to jail and be labeled a sex offender for life, even if it truly was a consensual relationship.

One caller claims to be a teacher that’s fucking several of his female students. He says they love his cock and how much time he spends licking their young, tight, teen pussies. It’s likely all fantasy, but he has fun with it in any case. Young, virgin pussies that he likes to lick and then devour. He enjoys his after school visits by the group of rotating girls he supposedly has in his schoolgirl harem. He pleases all of them and they beg for his cock. The funny thing is, he’s Asian, so I’m thinking his dick is likely the size of a gherkin pickle, as most are. Maybe he’s the exception.

There was only ever one teacher I fantasized about, and even that was very fleeting, but some take the fantasy and move it to real life. I could never be a high school teacher, I’d never trust myself around all those sexy teenage boys, lol. I’d go to jail for sure for indulging my fantasies, so best to avoid temptation in the first place and just not worry about it. There’s teachers and students getting it on, but you can’t trust a juvenile to keep their mouth shut, they can’t not brag about it.

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He Licked Me From Behind

A man that knows his way around a pussy is a treasure to behold. Some are seriously clueless as to what’s going on down there. Recently I have been dating a true pussy licking expert that has been giving me much pleasure. He asked me if I’d ever had my pussy licked from behind and I said sure. He wanted to know if I’d like to try it again. He said he knew the best position for me to get my body in to make my clit stick out the best and have the most wonderful orgasm from. I said let’s try it.

It was even more wonderful than on my back with my legs spread. The angle of having it licked from behind really was fantastic. I loved how he controlled how much I could move and squirm around with his arms around my ass and my back, I knew he’d done this to other ladies before. He knew just how to handle me. I could feel his wriggling tongue all over my now sopping wet, juicy pussy and I was just moaning with delight at how he was kissing me in the most intimate way. Possible.

I’m totally shaved, and I like it when my totally bare pussy is being caressed by a hot, willing tongue that’s determined to drive me to the heights of sexual ecstasy. Some guys seriously love going down on a woman more than anything else, and I hate to say it since it makes me sound selfish, but I truly love to receive a lot more than I like to give. So a guy really into pussy will absolutely be a favorite partner of mine. Some are happy just to do it, and they expect nothing in return. That’s my kind of man, a giver of pleasure.

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Phone Sex to Please Your Cock

If you’re like most men, you love to masturbate and do it a good deal. Sometimes alone, sometimes watching porn, and maybe sometimes with phone sex. Calling up a sexy lady to talk to while you rub one out can be a very hot experience. That one on one interaction you get while you discuss your fantasies, there’s nothing quite like it. Some callers especially like having their name said as they are being spoken to. It really gives the call that personalized effect they are looking for. No porn will give you that.

Some assume all guys calling for phone sex are seeking to listen to a woman masturbate, or want to watch them do it on cam. Some are calling for this sort of experience, but the majority are not. Your fantasies are uniquely yours, and many times we know the things you fantasize about would not go over well with your wife or girlfriend, so it’s best to share them with someone else rather than your partner. This is the case many times when guys have some hidden kink they keep to themselves and only share with someone not really in their life that could make things difficult for them.

You can lay back and let the operator do the work, let them entertain you by having them spin a sex scene for you to lose yourself in. Some guys just want to lay back and relax and not do all the work for a change, and that’s totally fine, that’s what you’re paying for. Maybe you had a very naughty experience years ago you’ve been dying to get off your chest and have never shared. We phone sex girls are the perfect ones to confess your secrets to. We are happy to listen, and maybe get a little bit excited doing so!

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I Posed Nude

When I was in college a few times to make extra money, I used to pose nude fort he art classes. Most were fairly quiet and respectful, but you couldn’t help but see the reaction some of the men got when they had a real, live nude woman only a few feet away from them. I used to try not to smile when I’d notice the pants getting tighter, the erections growing as they’d draw me on their sketch pads. I dated one of the men that was in the class. He was good looking and asked me out once after the class, so I went.

He just had to get to know the lady that he’d seen every inch of before he even knew her name. We dated for several months. The sex with him was very good. He had a lovely cock, I used to tell him he should be doing some nude modeling as well fort he art class, he had such a good body. I loved to suck on his cock and drive him wild. He’d be able to last so long, he would never blow his load until I was ready for him to.

I’d take that cock in my hand, caress it, lay it against my cheek and then start to lay little kisses all over it, up one side and down the other. Massaging his balls as I kissed his cock. It would make me so wet to do it, by the time he finally fucked me I was on the verge of cumming and it would not take long at all. I loved how he’d get me so horny that it took so little effort for me to cum. I’d just milk his cock in my orgasming cunt and feel every last drop of his cum squirt into me. Some men leave you with a real impression they are such hot lovers.

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Love Bites

My man loves to tease me. I don’t just mean the average amount of teasing, he really loves to go the extra mile. When we first started seeing one another and I wanted to make love all the time, he put the brakes on, saying it would lose all the specialness if we did it too much. I was nearly frantic with wanting him every single day and he was teasing me by making me wait and then when we finally got to it, he would touch me and kiss me until I was virtually on the brink of cumming before he’d even enter me.

He is a skillful lover and I appreciate him, but the love bites, the gentle caresses I wish were a bit more firm, I know he does it just to drive me wild and it’s working. I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want him. It’s fun to see just how close he can get me to cumming with his administrations, literally making me beg for his cock. I want him a lot more often than I get him. It’s like the old supply and demand thing, if there’s a limited supply, you want something more than if it’s there any time you wish to reach for it. It’s true, but it’s a bit of a frustrating way to have to live.

Kissing my breasts and my neck, and then lightly giving me a nip on the neck. I like his love bites and sometimes have even been left with a bit of a mark. They didn’t hurt though. I feel like a teenager going around with a hickey when he does it, having to cover it with makeup so no one will see my little love nip. He does love to drive me crazy with all his teasing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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