Gyno Exam For Men

You’d be surprised how many men have fantasies about going to the gynecologist and getting a female pelvic exam. I cannot even count them all over the years there have been so many. Trust me, had these guys actually had one, I doubt they’d be clamoring to get into the stirrups again, yet for some, it is a real thing to fantasize about as they are jerking off. They like to talk about getting hard while on their back on the table and the doctor noticing of course, but not saying anything, so as to make them feel self conscious.

There’s usually a giggly nurse nearby that notices and embarrasses them, perhaps that even helps them cum for the required sperm sample, though how you mix sperm samples and a gyno exam, I’m exactly too sure, but I guess that’s why they call it a fantasy, it doesn’t necessarily need to make sense, it’s not reality, it’s fantasy. The testicles are sometimes also examined, squeezed, checked for lumps and of course the prostate part of the exam cannot be overlooked.

That’s usually where the orgasm is going to happen, when the good doctor inserts her lubed, gloved fingers up inside of him and feels around and he then has an ejaculation and apologizes that he just couldn’t control it. Medical fantasies are very common, busty nurses, stern doctors, always female ones though, and the hapless patient just not being able to control themselves. Some even pretend these events have actually happened and they are relating stories of their latest exam. Yes, sure the nurse jerked you off when the doctor stepped out of the room, she pulled out her boobs for you as well to help, uh huh.

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One Inch Wonder

A caller the other night said he was only an inch hard when erect, he has one of those micro penises and said a cuckold relationship is the only type he’s ever been in, since there’s basically nothing there to fuck a woman with, just an overgrown clit for a cock. The condition of having a less than average sized is a lot more common than ones would imagine, and many of the small dicked ones make their way to phone sex sites, since their real life sexual exploits are usually less than stellar.

Many times even prostitutes will have little to do with them, they have enough average sized clients that they don’t need to worry about the micro penis set. It’s a pretty sad day when even a hooker won’t take your money or fuck you because your dick is just too small. They learn to make do with porn and masturbation, or some turn to men for sexual contact, since they will be the ones either bent over and taking dick up their ass, or on their knees sucking the cock of another man, so the size of their cock doesn’t really matter when other men are using them.

Cuckold relationships are usually welcomed by these men, since at least then they will have some sexual contact with a woman, even if it’s just being their “clean up boy” and licking the cum of another man out of their pussy after another man has fucked them and left it there. They may be allowed to watch as someone really pleasures their woman and get enjoyment from her getting enjoyment. Such is the life of the tiny dicked cuckold.

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Sexy Older Man

When I was in college I saw this sexy older man for over a year. I wasn’t a golddigger, but he was very generous with me and always gave me lots of spending money for clothes and tuition. A friend of mine had told me about an arrangement she had with a generous older man and she thought since I was looking for an income, this might work for me as well, so she told him she had a similar friend and did he know anyone that might be looking for the same sort of set up they did, and he did.

I liked this man the first time we met and we went over all the sorts of things our arrangement would and would not encompass, and he wanted companionship, he was a widower, and I wanted a nice income without having to do much for it. You’d be surprised how many of these sorts of things are going on. I didn’t mean to fall in love with him, but no one had ever treated me so well, certainly not guys my own age, and I did fall for him.

This went on for over a year and even though he was older, boy, give him a Viagra and he was as good as a much younger man and able to satisfy me. We both got something out of the arrangement and when I graduated debt free and a little wiser, I was glad for it to have gone on. He moved away for business and I got a good job not long after finishing school, but he was one of the most patient and thorough lovers I’ve ever had to this day and I’m glad I got to experience what an older man had to offer, because I was impressed.

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Licking My Pussy

My boyfriend is fantastic at licking pussy, I swear he enjoys it more than actual fucking. He’s a giver by nature, which suits me fine, since if truth be told, I prefer to receive than to give, I’m a bit selfish that way. When we met he told me he loved to do this and he hoped I liked it as well, which of course I did, but my god, I wasn’t prepared fort he onslaught of pussy licking I’d be in for. Not that I’m complaining. So many boyfriends have liked to take more than they gave to me, so it’s a nice change of pace.

I read online how eating pineapples and drinking pineapple juice can make your juices sweeter, so I tried to incorporate more into my diet and he noticed within a few days, saying I was sweeter than ever and he loved to go down on me. Many times I’d wake up with his tongue finding its way into my naked pussy, since we sleep in the nude and he loves to surprise me by doing things like this, what a wonderful way to wake up, to be giving a wonderful oral orgasm.

I like to be fresh out of the shower, but he’s kind of a naughty boy and loves me to smell like a real woman he said, not just clean from the shower, so he doesn’t mind if I’m not right out of the shower. A few times when I’ve just finished working out and was about to get in the shower, he loves to go down on me all sweaty and pungent. Hey, whatever floats your boat. He knows how to suck my clit to perfection and slide that tongue right into me until I’m squirming underneath him, and I’ve certainly got no complaints so far!

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Brotherly Blow Job Bonanza

A caller the other day was telling me about something I hear about from time to time. Brother to brother incest. He said when he was younger, he walked in on one of his brothers giving the oldest one a blow job, no idea if it’s true or not of course, but he said he immediately also wanted to try it. There were apparently three brothers, one step brother and a sister in the family, the sister had no clue what was going on, but the brothers apparently had a lot of naughty fun together.

Once they became interested in girls, this blow job bonanza ended, but he said he and the one older brother apparently once in a while still engage in this and he and the step brother have done a few threesomes with girls. He was quite turned on by talking about all of this and he said all of these clandestine activities happened once the parents were asleep and the sister as well, so not sure if they shared a room for such easy access, but they never got caught.

He revealed he’d told a few girlfriends about these early experiences and that they were turned on by it, that I find a bit far fetched, I guess there’s some adventuresome gals out there that might be aroused by such taboo things, but most women I think would flee at such revelations. I’ve heard more over the years about brothers interacting than guys interacting with their sisters, which one would assume would be the more popular activity going on, who knows, but they do seem to carry their youthful memories with them the rest of their days as they masturbate and relive them in their mind.

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