The Hot Sex Sounds From Next Door

Now on a regular basis this would be not a fun thing, but the other night this man in the condo unit next to me entertained a new lady friend and the sex sounds they made were very clear in the bedroom wall we both share. I had just gotten into bed when they started up on having sex and the lady was very vocal and the bed was squeaking as well, I closed my eyes and visualized what they were doing as they made those sounds. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to become quite horny as I listened to them.

I slid my hand down under the covers and touched my pussy as they fucked right on the other side of the wall, technically only inches away from me, if only I could have seen what they were doing, but I was able to picture it clearly. He’s a good looking man as well, he’s away on business a lot, so I seldom see him, but this lady he had over was sure carrying on a lot. I was plunging my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt as I listened to her take his cock into her own pussy. I could hear the headboard bang into the wall with each thrust.

I mimicked the timing so I was thrusting my fingers in and out at the same pace as it was hitting the wall, I was so turned on doing this and wondered if they had any idea how their sounds were turning on another person. I doubted it, they wouldn’t have cared, they were too wrapped up in their own pleasure to think of anyone else, but it was an explosive orgasms I had listening to the two of them fuck.

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I Need To Pee, Let’s Fuck

Orgasms on a full bladder can absolutely be more pleasurable and intense, but also messy, so usually not worth the mess. When the bladder is full it can put pressure on your sex organs, making for a bit of a horny feeling, so having that extra boost when you’re already in the mood can push things over the edge. For a woman, masturbating while sitting on the toilet can be a mess free way to enjoy this, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it too often, since if you do, you will prefer to only cum that way and when not on a toilet, it can be a mess as pointed out before, so a rare, once in a while thing is likely best.

It can be easier to use a vibrator while sitting on the toilet than your hand, you also don’t piss all over your hand that way as well, but many enjoy sex with a partner when they have a full bladder, so outside is the easiest way to enjoy that mess free. Having a partner that doesn’t mind being pissed on is also a help, since many would be turned off by such a thing, especially if they are going down on your pussy and getting dribbles of pee on their face as they lick you, to say nothing of the gush when you cum and release the rest of your pee on their face and or into your mouth.

Some men like golden showers, so they would be all for the having an orgasms on a full bladder. Different people like different fetishes, so you just need to find the fetish that tickles your fancy and go from there, not everyone even needs a fetish, but I’m sure most of us have at least masturbated or had sex with a full bladder to see what it’s like, and it can feel better for sure.

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Lick it Off, Lick it All Off

I was watching that movie last week with the girl in the whipped cream bikini, and decided I would surprise my boyfriend by doing that for him, and needless to say, he loved it. He was watching t.v. after dinner and I slipped away and went into the bathroom and covered my breasts and pussy with the whipped cream and came out and that got his attention! I asked if he saw anything he liked and he said it was obvious I was dessert, so he got down on the floor on his back and told me to sit on his face.

I did, and he licked off every last bit of the whipped cream and then licked my pussy until I was creaming all over his face. I got off his face and sat on the floor beside him and he reached over and then sucked on my cherry covered nipple and ate the cherry and then lapped off all of the now melting cream that was running down my body from my body heat.

He asked if I had any whipped cream left over and I went and got the can and he squirted it on his hard cock and asked me if I’d enjoy licking that off, and indeed I did, we got a bit silly and were squirting it all over ourselves and licking it off until the can was empty and we were a sticky mess. We headed t the shower and washed it all off and then went into the bedroom and fucked for hours. There is inspiration to be had from some movies!

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Sizing Up

Recently I was invited to a fancy New Year’s Eve gala, now that’s still several weeks away, but I was not happy with any dresses I saw, so I opted for a custom made one that no other woman there would have. It will be beautiful. A local tailor came recommended to me as having good workmanship and reasonable prices, so I decided to go and have him make it, so I took the pattern I’d found and the fabric I wanted, and I went over to see him. He measured me and he sure had a sensual way of measuring the body.

I found my nipples getting erect as he was touching me and I am certain he noticed it. When he wrapped the tape measure around my hips he grazed the mound of my pussy and I knew I was wet. There have been several fittings for this dress and it’s nearly finished. I think when next I go see him we are going to fuck. I could see the bulge in his pants the last time, so I know he wants me as much as I want him.

I can tell he’s hung and I can’t wait to get my hands, lips and pussy wrapped around that dick of his. Most tailors are older and no one you would ever desire, but his father taught him the business and he’s young, but skilled, having learned all of this his entire life and I bet he knows a woman’s body just as well unclothed as he does clothed. I am wanting him to strip me down and run his hands all over my body and make me scream with ecstasy, and I just know that is very soon.

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Let Me Lick Your Ass

My boyfriend asked me if I’d ever allowed anyone to lick my ass, and I said no, the idea didn’t really appeal to me and I could guarantee you I’d never be doing that to anyone myself. He laughed and said I didn’t have to, but would I let him do it to me? I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea, but a few days later I was in the shower drying off and he walked in and said he knew I was as clean as I could be still being wet from the shower I’d just had, so could we please try now? It was easier to give in that fight about it, so I agreed.

I went and laid down on the bed and he kissed my clean as a whistle self and started to go down on my freshly shaved pussy, which of course I loved as usual, and then he let his tongue go a little lower and I felt it tickle my ass. I flinched, even knowing he was going to do it and he kept telling me to relax, it was ok, I was clean, there was no smell, I didn’t taste bad, and I finally relaxed and he swirled and swirled his tongue around my asshole and then started to stick the tip of his tongue inside of me and wiggle it around.

It was different, I was rubbing my clit as he was doing this and my wetness was dripping down to him at my ass, he said it just drove him crazy. He wanted to let me have him do it, I allowed it, I tried it, not sure I will again, but I gave it a go. Many times when a guy is going down on you, as you buck your hips up, a tongue might slip a bit lower and touch there by accident, unless you have a butt plug in to prevent such a thing, it can happen, many even love it, to each their own. Guys definitely seem to like it more than women do, but there are exceptions of course, and many submissives love to have their Mistress sit on their face and eat and worship their ass.

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