I Masturbated in the Car

The air conditioning in my car broke a few weeks ago and since it’s going into fall now, I figured it wasn’t worth getting fixed, since I’m getting a new car next spring anyway. It hasn’t been unbearably hot other than a couple of days last week and I had to drive somewhere after work and it was boiling. After it got dark, I pulled over for a minute and stripped down a bit and got back in the car to drive the rest of the way in my undies, since it was so hot. I had an over hour long drive ahead of me and I felt suffocated in what I was wearing.

Everything seemed much better, until after a while, I started to notice I was feeling a little horny as I drove along. A song came on the radio I lost my virginity to, and I started to think back to my boyfriend I had and all the hot sex we’d had. My hand wandered down to my pussy as I drove along in the darkness on the nearly deserted road and started to rub myself over my panties. I was getting wet, and slipped my fingers inside of them to get to my clit.

I slowed down on the road, wanting to be as safe as I could be without actually pulling over. I was rubbing myself faster and faster, bucking against my hand and I came, while driving. I licked my fingers clean and then around a block from where I was going, I got out and put my clothes back on and then got there. What a drive. If only they knew what I’d done on the way there, but of course they had no idea. It would be my naughty little secret only I would know about.

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My Night with the King

Elvis was quite a looker back in his heyday, even though most of his life was before I was born. I can recall the day he died, my mom was upset, but I wasn’t very old. She was a fan of his music and my grandmother liked his movies, and every August when there’s be marathons of the movies due to his death anniversary, I was used to lots of Elvis growing up. As a lark, when there was a show in town of an Elvis impersonator I decided I had to go. Even though granny has passed and mom’s in a wheelchair and no longer goes out other than to the doctor, I was going to go alone.

I had a seat in the middle of the third row. It was a good show and the impersonator was very good. I felt several times in the show he locked eyes with me and as I was leaving after the show a man came over to me and invited me backstage. I later learned it was his manager. I of course went and complimented him on his act and his voice. He asked me out for dinner and I accepted.

Things got a bit hot after dinner when “Elvis” asked me back to his hotel room. I had to do it, how could I miss the opportunity to say I’d slept with “Elvis?” This impersonator was also quite a good and skillful lover and said he’d gotten many ladies that had a thing for Elvis over the years. His cock was large and he stretched me out fully. I bucked against him and he talked dirty to me in an Elvis like voice as he fucked me, I must say, it was unique, yet pleasurable. He did have charisma, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t know who I’ll tell about this, but it was fun. The best one night stand I ever had.

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Sex on the Yacht

My husband’s family has money and one of the things they have is a nice yacht. I’ve been on it many times and my husband asked if I’d like to get away for a few days and go sailing. I said yes, of course, so we went on the lovely boat for a few days and it was so peaceful. Making love outside on the cushioned seating area and looking up at the stars was fantastic. I always liked having sex outdoors, but on a boat, the gentle rocking motion is something else. We did not sail out too far from shore, we could always see it. I don’t like being too far out, but it was far enough.

The twinkling stars, the lapping of the waves against the boat. There’s a relaxing quality that comes from being on the water like that. We could be naked and know that no one could see us, so I was indeed naked a lot of the time. No tan lines and not close enough for anyone to see. Being naked all the time certainly makes having sex at any time a lot easier. You can just reach over and stroke them and caress them so easily.

Many orgasms were had during our time on the water. Far enough from shore there was no noise to distract us, no other boats close enough, they were also likely enjoying things much the way we were. We swam when we dropped anchor a few times and even fucked in the water. The relaxing qualities of fucking on the boat or in the sea are incredible. We both returned home so much more relaxed than before we left. I think we will want to borrow the yacht a lot more for sure. Sex under the stars is not to be underestimated.

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I Stripped for Money

When I was in college, one of the ways I earned money was by stripping. It kept me in good shape and the tips were great. There was one guy that was always really generous with me and I liked him a lot. He wasn’t creepy like a lot of the customers were. He and I got to know one another and eventually started dating. He was always very respectful of me and never treated me like some whore or something. I certainly wasn’t, either. I might have stripped for money, yes, but that’s where it ended. Never any turning tricks or anything.

He loved my fit body, I was in good shape from the pole dancing. Our sex life was incredible. He worked out a lot as well, and when you have two fit bodies, the sex can be extra good. The positions you can do are unlimited. He loved to fuck a few times a day and my pussy was never long without a dose of his cum in it. I’d come home still sweaty from a shift at the club and he’d come over soon after and like to fuck. He never asked me to take a shower before fucking, that’s for sure. He loved me sweaty.

He loved the way my pussy smelled after I’d been dancing for hours. He said I smelled like a real woman, he didn’t want a cunt that tasted like soap. He’d go wild in my pussy, licking me up and down, sticking his tongue as far in me as he could get it and then slurp away before fucking the living daylights out of me. I always came so hard when he fucked me. I saw him for a few years, we went our separate ways, but fond memories of the times we had together.

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Sex and the Surf


My boyfriend and I have been surfers forever, we love the water and the peace it brings us. I casually asked him if he’d ever had sex on a surfboard and he said yes, would I like to try it? The next time we went out, we tried it. It takes more balance to do the woman on top way where I’d mount him and have my legs over the sides. I guess we will progress to that, I don’t want to roll us off to one side, which could happen. So we decided on him fucking me from behind. I laid on my stomach and did have my legs over each side a bit, and he sort of laid on me from behind and away we went.

The waves lapped at us and the rocking of the sea was adding to the pleasure of us fucking. We sort of drifted for a bit, but weren’t too far off shore. There were others around, but they’d have needed to be pretty close to see anything as he lay on top of me. It wasn’t the most comfortable position I’d ever been in with the hard board beneath me. A soft bed sure feels a lot better, I can assure you.

He thrust into me, but I really couldn’t move around much. I put my hand underneath myself to rub my clit as he fucked me, but the hard board was not at all comfortable on the back of my hand. I cannot really recommend this, but it was an interesting thing to try. Sex in the water is usually fun, but on the surfboard, it’s a bit of work. You don’t want it to roll over and toss you off, so you’re concentrating on not falling off. If you’re really into surfing, maybe you will like it and find more comfort in it than we did.

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