What He Learned at School

You can never tell if what guys tell you was a real experience or just a fantasy. It doesn’t really matter, it’s their dime, enjoy it. One was telling me how he lost his virginity to his high school math teacher. He just was infatuated with her and she offered to tutor him so he wouldn’t fail and of course one thing led to another and they were soon fucking and taking chances, fucking at school after class. The janitor, or a late working teacher could have come in and found them, though he says the door was always locked when they’d do it at school.

He likely just had a crush on her and beat off to her hundreds of times and never laid a finger on her, but who knows, one can never tell. He loved how patient she was with his young, virginal, inexperienced self. He loved when she taught him how to lick pussy and he was apparently a fast study of how to do so. She took advantage of his young, hard cock and rode it every chance she got. Men her own age can certainly not get or stay as hard as a teenage boy can.

The thought of seducing a younger man is very appealing to many cougars. Especially when they are inexperienced and so eager to learn about sex and how to please a woman. Hot times were had on the teachers desk he said and they even went to her place several times under the guise of his tutoring. No one apparently suspected anything was going on, he said he kept his mouth shut, since he wanted the good times to roll as long as possible. He said he felt he wasn’t the first student she’d had a “special relationship” with. He was just glad to have been recruited into the select group.

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The Horny Chauffeur

This caller was telling me how he’d been a chauffeur for several years early on and he worked for this one wealthy family and the husband was always away on business trips and the lonely wife came on to him shortly after he started the job. He didn’t see the harm, since there was little chance of getting caught and he said the driver jobs were pretty easy to come by, so if he did get fired, he’d not be out of work long. He said he’d often take the wealthy older lady out shopping and for drives and they’d pull the limo over and fuck in the back.

There was one deserted country road they would go down and park and no one was around for miles. Since the windows were tinted no one could see in, but the rocking of the car would have been a giveaway if anyone had approached it, but no one ever did, he said. He’d get in the back and many times she’d already started to undress she was so horny, and he’d quickly get hard seeing her. She had a lot of money, well her husband did, and she took really good care of herself and was in great shape. She could afford the trainers and the best spas and plastic surgeons.

He said her pussy was so tight and he loved fucking her in the back of the limo. She gave really good head he confessed as well, and she’d suck his cock until he’d shoot down her throat and swallow every drop of his cum. He said when the husband even was in town, he was a lot older than she was and not an attractive man and possibly not even able to get hard anymore, so he was doing him a favor by keeping his wife satisfied. He misses those days as a limo driver at times, he said.

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Page 3 Girl Fantasies

Sometimes clients can have a cute fantasy that you’ve never heard before, and it might be quite innocent. There was one I was in contact with a couple of days ago that is a British gent that is quite enamored with the “page 3 girls” that are pictured in the one popular newspaper. Unlike in North America where you’d never see a topless beauty in a regular newspaper, this has been common in the UK for nearly a half a century. It’s not porn, just topless and bikini pics to tease, but so many women now are the dreaded feminists, they don’t like to see ladies display their bits so openly, so the page 3 girl might be on borrowed time.

His fantasy was that he was a contest winner in the newspaper and his prize was he was going to get to take the pictures of the page 3 girl that were going to be featured in the coming weeks edition. He and the girl were dreaming up poses that were racy and teasing. They were meeting on the set where the photographs were normally taken and the bikini clad model was laying on a bed and doing a week long striptease where each photo was going to remove a bit more.

Now a bikini is only two parts and the lower lady bits need to be covered by a hand or the bunched up bikini bottom, but tits and ass are alright to show, so he was dreaming up different poses for her to get into to show something, but not everything. Many would of course find this sort of fantasy way too mild for their own tastes. If you could field calls for a while, you would soon find out just how taboo some callers wish to be. So a girl in a bikini not even showing her pussy, is quite tame by most men for sure. It was cute though and a change of pace.

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The Gasping Slut

Giving blow jobs was one of my teen specialties, I was hanging onto my virginity until I was a bit older, all the girls gave head, so I made sure I was one of the best. My boyfriend at the time taught me just how to pleasure him the best, and he must have been a good teacher, since future boyfriends also always gave me the thumbs up when it came to sucking cock. I learned how to go deep and breathe as best as I could without gagging, but some guys, hell, most guys, love the sound of a chick gagging on their dick. It means it’s long enough and big enough to make them gag on it, so it’s an ego boost to them to hear a girl gagging.

I liked it, I loved that he was giving me the power. It can be very powerful to suck a cock. You could bite their dick off and cause them much pain, they are trusting you not to do that, but to give them pleasure. So I did my best to make him moan and groan with ecstasy as I sucked him off to the best of my ability. I would tease him with my tongue, dancing my tongue around his dick, with licks, and kisses and swirls and tiny bites, gentle ones of course. He loved to feel my teeth lightly gliding up and down his hard shaft.

I knew I was good at it, so I made guys practically beg for it and I knew I’d be sending them to heaven when I did. I was always getting gifts and getting taken out to nice places since I was so free and easy with the blow jobs once I had them as a boyfriend. Other girls made it seem like a bit of a chore to many of them, so when they had a willing cocksucker, they rewarded one and I loved it.

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I Masturbated in the Car

The air conditioning in my car broke a few weeks ago and since it’s going into fall now, I figured it wasn’t worth getting fixed, since I’m getting a new car next spring anyway. It hasn’t been unbearably hot other than a couple of days last week and I had to drive somewhere after work and it was boiling. After it got dark, I pulled over for a minute and stripped down a bit and got back in the car to drive the rest of the way in my undies, since it was so hot. I had an over hour long drive ahead of me and I felt suffocated in what I was wearing.

Everything seemed much better, until after a while, I started to notice I was feeling a little horny as I drove along. A song came on the radio I lost my virginity to, and I started to think back to my boyfriend I had and all the hot sex we’d had. My hand wandered down to my pussy as I drove along in the darkness on the nearly deserted road and started to rub myself over my panties. I was getting wet, and slipped my fingers inside of them to get to my clit.

I slowed down on the road, wanting to be as safe as I could be without actually pulling over. I was rubbing myself faster and faster, bucking against my hand and I came, while driving. I licked my fingers clean and then around a block from where I was going, I got out and put my clothes back on and then got there. What a drive. If only they knew what I’d done on the way there, but of course they had no idea. It would be my naughty little secret only I would know about.

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