Pleasing The Pussy

I like sex in pretty much every position, but doggy is one of my favorites for sure. My boyfriend loves to come up behind me and kiss my neck and play with my breasts and then lower me face down on the bed and laid on top of me from behind, his weight pressing me into the bed. Then I open my legs for him to give him access to that dripping pussy and feel him enter me from behind. I can put my hand underneath myself and massage my clit, or if I get angled just right his cock will rub against it with each thrust.

Most callers also tell me they enjoy fucking from behind the most as well. Not sure why, but it is the position that always gets the most votes as favorite when I ask the question. Long hair is also a plus in that position, it can be used like reins to wrench the next back. Good for them to lean forward and give you a love bite. Spanking is also fun in that position, though not all ladies are looking for a smack to their rear, some of us rather enjoy it. Do discuss if that’s something you’d be open to trying.

Easy to grab the tits, pull on the nipples, if you’re lucky enough to have someone join you, they can easily go underneath and lick your clit while you’re being fucked, always a wonderful sensation. You really should try it or have your lady try it. Think of which of your friends might like to lick her as you pound away on her. It will be enjoyable for all involved. If the position is good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me, too. Pumping and pumping, that hard cock sliding in and out of that juicy, dripping cunt. The wetness seeping down those thighs. That full, round ass right in front of you. It’s pretty hot, enjoy it.

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Interracial Hand Job

One of my black callers was telling me how much white women love his large cock, because most of the white guy’s cocks they get to play with and fuck are so much smaller than his. He is a workman, so he regularly gets to go inside women’s homes repairing their furnaces and air conditioning. He said once many cast a glance at the bulge in his pants, they are practically drooling, and it doesn’t take much for him to get them to pull the first move. He thrusts his hips forward when they are sitting at the kitchen table and he’s standing at the table as they pay him, so his crotch is right at their eye level.

He said just the other day this horny looking MILF was eyeing his package and he asked her if she’d like a closer look. She nodded her head yes and reached over and unzipped him. His massive cock springing forth towards her. She audibly gasped at the size of it and took it in her hands, barely able to reach them around it’s huge girth. She looked him in the eyes and began to pump it and he loved how it felt and began to moan. He was stroking his cock remembering this moment as he related it to me.

She said she’d never felt a nigger dick before and marveled at its huge size. He grinned and let her work his shaft. He said she didn’t put her mouth down onto it, but was just mesmerized at the size of it and how it twitched in response to her touch. His balls slowly filled with cum at her administrations, and he knew he was going to squirt a massive load. He told her he was going to cum and she cupped her hand over the head of it so as not to be splashed with the cum. It squirted into her hand and dripped down to the floor. He then zipped up and left. He has no clue if he will ever see her again, but he said she did give a might fine hand job.

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Mr. Pissy Pants

There really is no shortage of weird stuff guys tell you in this line of work. One man last night told me how he peed in his underwear, then took them off and sucked them. Charming. Then he said how he used an anal stimulation toy and thought he might cum from it, but, what do you know, he pissed instead. Obviously he was really into all things pee, especially his own. He did mention though how he’d love a lady to sit on his face and take a piss as well. You can see where he’s going with this.

All he’s interested in talking about is pee in one form or another. I guess if someone wants to suck on their own pee soaked pants, that’s their own business. The guy in the pic is such a pig he’s even pissing on his furniture! It’s bad enough in the tub, would you want to bathe in your toilet bowl???!!! I pity the poor sap that sits down on his pissy couch after this. So many disgusting pigs out there. More guys seem to want to be pissed on by ladies than to pee on others, but the ones that pee on themselves, they do come around every once in a while.

No matter how gross the fetish, you can bet some out there are into it and will want to talk about it and that nothing gets them off harder than it does. It’s usually a fetish that has the roots in early childhood as so many do, but once it’s set in, there’s not much that’s going to make ones for get about it. These people are not all adult babies for sure, but there are a few similarities between the two fetishes. Not all guys into pee are into diapers, but pretty well all into diapers are into pee, but mostly their own.

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House Sitting Gig

Occasionally I do house sitting as well as phone sex work, since it adds some extra cash and it’s no big deal to go feed someone’s pets a couple of times a day or walk their dog, bring in the mail etc. I was at this one very nice house recently and they had a big backyard with a pool. They told me I was free to use it and stay over if I wanted, so I did. I laid on the chaise lounge and let the sun kiss my skin as I laid out there enjoying the beautiful gardens.

Then I thought I noticed someone watching me from the top floor window of the house next door and a moment later this attractive man appeared and introduced himself to me. He was their neighbor and wanted to be sure I had the right to be there. I told him I was the housesitter and he could feel free to email them and check. He asked if he could sit down and chat for a few moments and I said that was fine. Then he offered to rub some suntan lotion on my back and shoulders, again I agreed.

Soon his hands were wandering down to my lower back and buttock area, and then his hand grazed my breast through the bikini top. It wasn’t long until we were naked and fucking right there on the chaise lounge right there out in the open. His dick was nice and long, dripping with precum, and I sucked on it to get it even harder before I rode his cock hard. I rotated my hips as I ground my clit into his dick, making myself cum. I felt kind of like a slut for allowing things to get this far this fast with a complete stranger, but he was so good looking, and it was a beautiful day, I was a bit horny, it all just fit together and it was a hot encounter. Random though it may have been. Things like this happen, and I’m glad I allowed it to.

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Take That Cock, You Faggot Queer

So many callers want to suck cock, but they cannot readily admit wanting it, so in their fantasies, they need it to be based in forced bi. The woman has to want them to do it and then they will. The cocksuckers are innumerable, they want the sticky loads of random strangers down their throats. They will go to any lengths to get their fix, from glory holes, to propositioning men in the gym locker rooms. The ones that want a woman to be in charge are not dominant enough to go out and get cock on their own, they want to be coerced into it.

Many times they also wish to be dressed up and feminized, made all pretty and girly, to appeal to the men they are sucking off. Wigs, makeup, heels and lingerie, it all feeds into the fantasy. Women that are aggressive and dominant will be the ones to turn them into their bitch, doing what they want, when they want, without question. They are at the same time disgusted and aroused by their deviant desires they have for other men. The craving for cock is great, and many will try their best to find a woman that can force them into it.

The love of humiliation is a big thing in many men, whether it’s for having a small penis, racial humiliation, or the humiliation for wanting to suck cock. They know it’s to be kept a secret and hidden from others, not to be shared with a wife or girlfriend, since most would not understand. It’s as though being forced into it gives them permission to indulge without taking the responsibility directly. Well boys, if forced bi is what turns you on, give one of our phone sex ladies a call, we deal with lots of cocksuckers, we can help you too!

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