Let Me Be Your Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend is a bit wilder than I am in the bedroom, but he’s never asked me to do anything yet that I was uncomfortable with once I wrapped my mind around it. Last weekend he asked me how I felt about possibly being restrained and tied down to the bed and having a ball gag placed in my mouth. I thought about it and said I could live with it and would be willing to try it.

He brought home a bag of supplies from the sex shop and we went into the bedroom to try them out. He had me lay down on my stomach in the nude spread eagle and he cuffed my ankles and tied my hands and placed the ball gag in my mouth. Then he took out a riding crop and a cat o nine tails and began lightly whipping my ass cheeks with the thin, leather strips and kept doing it harder until I whimpered. I was squirming, but also felt myself getting wet with excitement.

He knew I was getting aroused and soon placed his fingers in my pussy from behind and started to rub my clit until I was panting and wriggling around on the bed and he made me cum and then he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and stuck his fingers in my mouth that were coated with my own juices. I sucked on them and then he got on top of me and fucked me from behind while I was still spread eagle and tied down. I was soon pumped full of his cum and loving our first experiment with bondage.

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Please Let Me Cum

One thing my boyfriend loves to do is make me “beg for it.” As in beg to be allowed to cum. He enjoys teasing me and denying me orgasm, and has been known to prolong the exquisite torture of being on the brink of orgasm for quite a long time. When I finally do cum, it is hot and hard and wet and sloppy, just how we both like it. I get extremely wet when I get aroused, we always have to put down on the bed before getting in because the sheets would be sopping wet otherwise.

I do enjoy being teased, but he can make this go on for hours, to the point where my poor throbbing, swollen pussy is just needing to cum. He likes to give me the female equivalent of blue balls. He’s extraordinarily talented in bed, which is why I keep coming back for more, and he doesn’t tease me like this every single time we have sex, but fairly often. Sometimes a quickie is what is needed and there’s no time to beg for it when you just want to fucking cum!

Last night was one of our long, extended sessions and I was indeed feeling the need for his cock inside of me to start moving and pumping and making me feel that wave of orgasm wash over me and I was again teetering on the brink for ages before he finally kept pumping until I went over that lovely abyss of pleasure and came on his cock, drenching the towel underneath of us.

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Child Birth Fetish

One of the most perplexing fetishes I’ve come across is child birth fetish. Pregnancy and impregnation certainly make their appearance known, but actually getting turned on by women giving birth, there are no words really. The other night a man called that was a male nurse, and he became a nurse specifically to give him access to women in labor and aid in the birth of their babies. He said it’s such a massive turn on for him it’s all he can do to hide his erections he gets as he is there in the room with them and how after his shift he goes home and masturbates for hours reliving it in his mind.

He watches women giving birth videos like porn and strokes his cock as he watches the babies emerge from their vaginas. I was speechless. It’s not the first time someone has called with such a topic, but it’s so rare and odd it really rattles you to hear them go on about it. They aren’t harming anyone, it’s just so weird, not a widely known fetish either. Pretty much everyone has heard about a foot fetish or a pantyhose fetish, but this is certainly in the more rare category of fetishes to be sure.

He said when he gets married and his wife has children it will be the peak of excitement for him to watch it and have it be his own child. There’s just something about watching it come out that excites him more than words can express. Let’s hope it’s not a C section, that wouldn’t have the same impact for sure. Until that day, he will continue to watch recorded child birth videos and enjoy what he sees during his work as a nurse.

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Girls Night In

I have this new friend and we had been getting along great and one night she came over for dinner and we had a bit too much wine and things got a bit friendlier than I’d anticipated. We started to talk about past experiences and we soon kissed each other and were feeling up each other’s tits and pussies. Her cunt was so wet as I slid my fingers into her panties, I found her clit already stiff and waiting for my touch. She was bucking her hips up to meet my hand and my entire hand was wet with her juices.

She asked if I’d ever been eaten out by another woman and I said no, but I’d be willing to try. With that remark, she was soon on the floor in front of me, pulling my panties down and pushing my skirt up and burying her face between my legs and licking my own stiffened clit. I grabbed the back of her head and was literally humping her face as she brought me closer and closer to cumming. I could feel her warm, wet tongue flickering across my clit, making me gasp in excitement. Her mouth felt better on me than any man’s had thus far.

I felt the first waves of orgasm approaching and I was soon cumming as she licked me through my orgasm. She laid back down beside me after and we kissed and sucked on each other’s nipples and played with our pussies. She was a lot of fun and I hadn’t thought of her in that way until tonight and didn’t know she even had an interest in other women, but she certainly knew what she was doing, and I was happy to have gotten to know her better.

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Men Wanting Big, Black Cock

There’s lots of guys out there that want to see their women get fucked by BBC, the cuckolds usually love that idea, but there’s also guys that fantasize about BBC for their own pleasure. There’s no shortage of callers out there who talk about wanting to suck off bog, black cocks. One caller used to talk about how he regularly paid a black pimp and sucked him off, now he was a bit of an odd one, so I’m not sure how much was fantasy and how much was reality, but he said he paid to drink the cum of this black pimp that lived around where he did.

It’s hard not to laugh at some of the far fetched tales some of these callers come out with, but in any case, they do talk about going to glory holes and sucking off the big, black cocks of strangers coming through the walls and they never even see the faces of who they are sucking off, just cocks belonging to god knows who they are sucking off and swallowing the cum of.

Many do even go so far as to post or answer classifieds in sex classified sections online seeking guys to have random sexual encounters with, many of them are black that they seek out, since many of them have small cocks and black men are usually larger than the average male and they have fantasies about really big cocks, so much bigger than their own. No one will really know how much actually happens and how much is the figment of their porn saturated minds, but it keeps them occupied in any case, and they need someone like phone sex girls to confess their lunacy to.

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