Magical Tits

What is it about a pair of tits that sends so many guys into a frenzy? This girl I went to school with always wondered why guys were so mesmerized by a pair of them. She had big ones and found it crazy guys would become so enchanted with two lumps of flesh as she called them. She of course was used to being spoken to with guys looking downward and not into her eyes, being groped, all kinds of things like that. Some callers are indeed quite into tits, sucking them, fucking them, drinking milk from them, massaging them.

Many that had large breasted mothers are especially obsessed by them. They may have memories of being tucked in at night with those huge, swaying globes inches from their face and wanted to get back to that ever since and may very well seek out similarly well endowed ladies and been subconsciously thinking of mommy’s mammaries in their face. The breast feeding thing can also lead ones to the mommy fantasy, but not always.

If you wear a low cut top, you can be sure guys are going to want to peer down it and try to see as much as possible. Too big would not be in any way comfortable, yet it’s hard to imagine a guy being in favor of anyone getting a reduction. Callers ask all the time if I’ve had a boob job, nope, never would do that. They seem to think all ladies want a huge pair of knockers, all the more flesh to entice them with and yet another place for them to lay their dicks. They think about the nipple types as well. One caller quizzed me about the type of nipples I had, hard and small? Flat? Puffy? They sure put a lot of thought into this one body part.

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Torturing Your Cock and Balls

Most might wonder why a guy would hurt his cock and balls on purpose, how could that bring anyone sexual pleasure of any kind? Yet cock and ball torture is quite a common call topic men want to talk about. Many will even have a bunch of gathered items, everything from shoelaces to wooden spoons, tobasco sauce. A whole host of items they want to tie up their dick with, hit it with, inflict real pain on themselves. One was convinced he’d done permanent damage to the point he’d rendered himself infertile. He was honestly a riot to talk to, I miss that caller.

It’s not difficult to imagine inflicting that kind of pain on a man’s genitals, you just think of a man that has wronged you in some way and imagine doing it to him, as payback for any emotional grief he’s caused you. Not difficult whatsoever. Men however are usually doing this to themselves, not having women do it to them, although some do desire to be kicked in the nuts until they double over in pain. I’d be happy to kick some dude in the nuts, most men deserve it. I’d have no problem doing it at all, multiple times. Not a whipping boy, but a kicking boy, lol.

Some will do this to themselves until the point of orgasm and they will either untie the things they’ve wrapped around themselves so tightly they are turning purple, or they will even leave it on sometimes and the cum will back up inside of them. I don’t think many women are hurting themselves this way, but you never know. Maybe there’s some somewhere hurting their clits. I’ve seen pics and vids of them letting bees sting their clits, so anything is possible it seems. A guy once told me when I asked how they could do this to themselves, “You’ve never been that horny.” I’m not sure how extreme horniness can affect you wanting to injure yourself. Oh well. Do as you wish to yourselves.

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Helping Out Daddy

When I was younger I had to do some things my daddy asked me to help him out. He told me one day he was going to get fired from his job, and it would be a disaster, since the family needed his income for us all to live. I asked what I could do to help and he said his boss had always liked me. I’d liked his boss the few times I’d met him as well, but asked naively what that had to do with anything. He said if I was “friendly” to his boss, he wouldn’t get fired and then our family would be safe from lack of income.

I didn’t know what to say, but I knew for the sake of my family, I’d better do as daddy asked me to. He asked if he could come along to make sure everything went ok and I nodded yes. On a Sunday afternoon we drove to his boss’s home, his wife was out of town, and he’d told me never to breathe a word of this to mom. I agreed. We went inside and his boss was really looking me over with an evil grin on his face. He unzipped his pants and motioned for me to kneel in front of him. Daddy told me to stroke and suck his bosses cock. I did as I was told.

I sucked and slurped away on it, I’d only done this to a boyfriend of mine a few times before, but had done it. I knew I had to make the boss pleased for the sake of our family’s well being. He tapped the head of his cock on my tongue while my daddy watched from behind me and held my head. It was kind of weird, but I knew it was important I please him. He soon came in my mouth and thanked me. He said he’d be “seeing me soon.” I wondered how many more times I was going to have to do this for my dad’s boss. I guess I’d just have to wait to find out.

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Teasing Step Daddy

I enjoyed teasing my step father when I was younger. I look just like a younger version of my mom, so I knew he lusted after me, like he did her. But I was younger and thinner than she was. I would do all kinds of things to tease him. I would shower with the bathroom door open a crack and I knew he was upstairs. I’d bend over to dry myself off, with my luscious fat ass exposed, my cunt lips fully visible from behind. I knew he’d be watching me. I’d glance up in the mirror and see him standing there, but he was so fixated on my ass, he wasn’t looking at the mirror to see me seeing him.

I knew he’d get hard watching me and then go beat off in his room. I so wanted him to call out my name when he was having sex with my mom, that would have sent her into orbit. I’d have gotten a good laugh at that for sure. He’d sure have been in the dog house over that faux pas! I would often go without underwear on and bend over and pick things up I dropped “by accident” just get a rise out of him. Literally and figuratively. He was easy to tease and would be so flustered if caught, it was amusing.

He somehow contained himself and never made a move on me, but I did my best to keep him in a perpetual state of desire. My mom was a nurse that worked nights, so he had plenty of opportunity to be bad if he tried, but he was too timid to do anything but look. It was mean really, but kept me entertained during my teen years. I know he sure jerked off a lot thinking about me though. I could hear him whimpering behind his door many a night when he was alone and I’d pulled some stunt like the bathroom door being open a bit.

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Squirting Sex

There’s a lot of guys that call and ask if I squirt. This seems to be a much desired quality in women apparently. Men feel that women want a virtual firehose in a man, able to shoot copious quantities of cum, and apparently they also want their women to be able to shoot as well. The wetter the better for both parties is the name of the game. Bring the beach towels and plastic sheeting. The elusive G spot orgasm. Personally I’ve never had one myself, so I cannot speak from personal squirting experience. My clit serves me just fine for orgasms.

I cannot imagine wanting to make such a mess, but many do want it. Some say it’s just pee, I may never have squirted, but when I go pee, it doesn’t shoot out of me like a water cannon, so I cannot rightly say one way or the other what is going on. Can you make a woman squirt? Some like to brag about their extraordinary orgasm giving abilities and how they never made anyone cum so hard as when they give them the G spot orgasm. There are sex toys designed for ones to masturbate with that are shaped with that upward crook design to hit that right spot to induce this sort of orgasm while masturbating, though I’m not a personal fan of sex toys, so I do not know what they can produce in the way of a squirting orgasm.

Does porn where the woman goes off like Old Faithful turn you on? Does that gush of fluid drive you wild when you see it shoot out of her? Do you lick the liquid up? Some men say they do, is there pee in it? What do you think of these female ejaculation orgasms? Why not give one of our ladies a call and we can have a nice chat all about it and you can tell us if you’ve ever been able to make a woman cum like that or not.

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