Family Threesome

When people think of threesomes, they don’t necessarily think of them being with family members. Incest can be fun though, so the more the merrier! This caller has some pretty fantastic tales of what he went though in his teens with his two sisters. Whether it’s true or not I have no clue, but he’s sure got an active imagination in any case. He says he engages in threesomes to this day when the opportunity presents itself, but the very first experience of a threesome he had was with his older and younger sister. Their parents ran a family business and were out a lot of the time, giving the kids plenty of privacy and opportunity to do whatever they wanted undiscovered.

He started just fooling around with his older sister, they lost their virginity to one another, and within a year, they decided to bring in the younger sister as well. It was all consensual, no one forced anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. He took both of their virginity. Their parents had no clue they were fucking like bunnies behind their backs. They wondered why they weren’t more interested in dating. They would have died if they had known it’s because they were all fulfilling one another’s sexual needs right there at home. They didn’t need outsiders.

As soon as they got home from school each day, they had a few hours until the mom came home, and they put it to good use fucking one another and going down on one another. Orgies were a nearly daily occurrence in their home. They had lots of time and were horny teenagers. The hormones running rampant made for some hot and secret times. They almost got caught once when their mom came home early, but they managed to run to their rooms when they heard the key in the lock sooner than expected.

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Blow Me, Baby

This new caller I have is quite obsessed with blow jobs. Many guys are, but some more than others. Some would seriously be happy with nothing but blow jobs and forget the pussy entirely. Lips around their cock is their number one pleasure. Sliding tongues, sloppy wet lips, glistening mouths up and down and up and down those rock hard cocks. They want a mouth like a Hoover up and down their dicks. Do blow jobs get you going better than any other kind of sex? Does your cock twitch at the thought of a dripping, sucking mouth working all over you? Could you easily forgo the pussy if you had as many blow jobs as you could handle?

A good phone sex call that describes the perfect blow job, many times complete with sucking sound effects, is enough to pop most guys corks. Some callers are pretty basic in their needs and just want to hear sucking noises. I keep a fat Sharpie marker next to the phone for sucking purposes. Easy in one way, but your mouth can get tired after a while of sucking! Jaw fatigue can keep some girls from going in real life as long as a guy would like, but many guys don’t last too long once they have those lips around their hard cocks, so it’s not a huge problem in most cases.

Blow job sex toys are popular for men as well. They slip their dick into the cylinder of the toy and turn it on, and mechanisms inside of the toy simulate the feelings of an honest to goodness blow job. Toys aren’t as popular for men as they are for women, but many men do enjoy enhancing their masturbation sessions with toys. Many use toys during their phone sex masturbation sessions. So if a blow job drives you wild, by all means, give us a call and we can have a hot talk about it!

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My Neighbor Blackmailed Me

My older neighbor blackmailed me when I was in my teens. I really only had myself to blame though. He and his wife were going out of town for the weekend and he hired me to look after their dog. Feed it and walk it and it was simple enough. However, I was a greedy girl and wanted more money, so while they were away and I had a key to their house, I looked through everything and I found some hidden cash. I didn’t take all of it, but I took a few hundred dollars. When they got back he called me over, his wife was out.

He told me he knew I’d stolen some of the hidden money, he’d counted it before they left and after he returned and he knew to the dollar how much I’d taken. He said he wouldn’t tell my parents or the police, or his wife though under one condition. I had to let him fuck me. I was kind of sickened at the thought of this old man the age of my grandfather fucking me, but I couldn’t let my parents or the police know. I was so stupid to think I wouldn’t get caught. This was the price. I agreed.

The day when his wife was out, I went over and he told me to strip down and I was surprised at how large his cock was and it was as hard as a rock. He had me bend over the love seat and he popped the head of his old cock into my teenaged pussy, and his was the biggest cock I’d ever taken. I’d only had two others at this point. He really rammed that dick into me and kept drilling my cunt. I was surprised I actually came. He knew I did too, and he smirked at the fact and called me a thieving little whore. He shot his load into me and said we were square, but he’d never have me in his home again.

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CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

Some guys are really into giving the woman all the power. The CFNM phenomenon, otherwise known as clothed female naked male. One of my regular callers is into this, one of the few I watch on cam, and he likes knowing I’m clothed while he’s jerking off and stroking his cock on cam for me. It really turns him on, and he thought he was the only one. Not sure where he’s looked, but there’s no shortage of guys into this fetish, lots of porn about it too. He must not have looked very hard, since he said he found nothing on it and it was so weird no one but him was into it.

Some just need to search Google a bit harder before coming to the conclusion no one else is into their fetish. Some men into it are also into being humiliated, since obviously they are naked, exposed, vulnerable. If they have a small cock, they could easily be the object of ridicule of these judging, clothed females. They love the humiliation of the woman having the upper hand and staring at them, they cannot help but become erect at the power being in the female’s hands and they are at their mercy.

Perhaps they want to be made to jerk off in front of several clothed females at the same time and be laughed at and examined by all of them. It can only make them feel smaller and more judged with every additional female there is to add to the mockery. Many men love to be humiliated for many different things, being made to masturbated to a room full of several women who are watching their every move can be overwhelming to some and make them have a very powerful orgasm. If you’ve had such CFNM fantasies, call one of our lovely ladies up and tell us all about it!

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Oooh Baby, Fuck My Ass!

My boyfriend is a real assman, there’s not a doubt about it. He loves to fuck my ass even more than my pussy. My pussy is tight, but of course no ones pussy is as tight as their ass. He got this special lube that’s just made for anal sex, it’s thicker and lasts longer and makes it one smooth ride. I don’t mind giving up my ass to him, he’s got such a beautiful cock and I love to please. I usually play with my clit while he fucks me from behind and make myself cum that way.

I know how he loves to not only fuck that ass of mine, but lick it after he’s paid attention to my pussy. Having his tongue go around my tight little pucker drives me wild and he’s usually got a couple of fingers in my pussy as he’s licking me and then he will usually fuck that ass of mine once more. I just never tire of it. He loves my round, firm ass cheeks and has even given me a spanking or two in the past, which I must admit I like.

One of these nights I plan on giving him a taste of his own medicine and I plan on getting a strap on and giving it to him right up his ass. I have a feeling he just might like it! I will bend him over and slather that toy with that anal lube and slide it all the way in until he’s stretched open large and really give him a good pounding. I think he will enjoy it, since he’s got a few prostate massager toys of his own I’ve seen him use on himself when he masturbates. Such a naughty, ass loving boy he is.

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