Wank Me With Those Tits

I’ve always been blessed with big boobs, and of course all the boyfriends I’ve ever had have wanted to enjoy them as much as possible. I think every single one of them has gotten a tit fuck at one time or another. Of course a good tit wank can be combined with oral sex so you can lick the head of it every time it pops up under the chin and give it a little kiss, a little suck when it’s right there. I’ve always found it funny guys are so in love with big tits, since they usually don’t give women much pleasure, but hey, we want the guys to be pleased and keep coming back for more, don’t we? So of course we indulge them once in a while.

Last night my boyfriend was giving me a body massage with some oils and when I rolled over on my front he was loving to rub the oils into my big breasts and he couldn’t resist their slipperiness and how full and sensual they felt, so he asked if I’d allow him to lay his hard cock in between them and let him go to town. I said go right ahead, I’d like that.

I held my tits together and soon had his also oiled up member between them and felt it pumping and pumping. He’d reached behind and was massaging my clit at the same time, which of course felt wonderful. I loved the way he’d rub my pussy, he was good at multitasking for sure. I could feel my pussy gushing, getting ready to cum and cum hard, and I tightened my grip around my breasts so his cock would soon explode and give me a pearl necklace all over my chest and neck. I came and he came, we all were enjoying our orgasms and then, after catching our breath, we got into the shower and soaped each other up and then rinsed off. It was a very sexy afternoon.

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Cock Cage Forever

One thing many callers mention that are either small dicked themselves, or that have been placed in a chastity device by a wife, girlfriend or Mistress, is they are able in many cases to train themselves to cum even with their cock being inaccessible. They of course become accustomed to anal stimulation, either with toys, the lady using a strap on on them, and they are able to squirt their usually tiny loads from that stimulation alone.

One rather unique caller, claims to have a fifty five gallon drum in his bedroom with a dildo attached to it he hops up on and rides. I’ve honestly never heard of anyone having a barrel in their home before, let alone in their bedroom. There surely must be a coffee table he could stick the suction cup base down on. I’ve seen a few clients on cam over the years use those toys with a suction cup base and one even stuck it to the wall and then backed up on it. Some things you just can’t unsee….

If the prostate is the only thing available to them to give them pleasure if their cock is in lock down for who knows how many weeks or months, they will use their ass to begin exploring other types of orgasms, and they usually figure out pretty quickly they can indeed find pleasure that way. One caller said he hasn’t even used his cock for masturbating in years, he only uses toys up his ass now and has prostate orgasms and cums from them alone. Not all women are going to be willing to use a strap on on a man, or use her fingers or anything of the kind, so many times men with a fixation on their own ass, are going to have to go it alone and discover their bliss that way.

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Paris Holiday

Recently I went to Paris with my boyfriend for the week and we took in all the sights. One evening we decided to make love on the balcony and enjoy the sounds and sights of the city at the same time. We took some pillows and blankets onto the balcony and laid them down and made love right there, with the city of lights in our view, and it was so romantic. Imagine making love with the sight of the Eiffel Tower in view, what could be more romantic?

We kissed and fondled and he teased me with his fingertips and we wondered how many others in the city were making love at the same time we were and how many were enjoying the view at the same time and being in the arms of their lovers. I tenderly took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it, driving him wild with my warm, wet mouth that was moving up and down his dick and flicking the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue, tasting his precum on it.

It wasn’t long until I was rewarded with a salty mouthful of his cum. He was hard again in moments, and then he had me straddle him and ride his sweet cock, and I was grinding against him and feeling my stiff clit against his shaft as I bucked up and down on him and I leaned forward to kiss him passionately, he squeezed my breasts, making my nipples erect with arousal. I rocked back and forth on top of him faster and faster and I soon came all over his dick as my cunt milked his cock and coaxed another load out of him, flooding my pussy with his hot splashes of cum. We then lay in one another’s arms and just enjoyed the view. Of one another, and of the city outspread before us.

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Fast Fuck

Last week my boyfriend and I were going to visit his mom in her condo, which is in a highrise building. The elevator has been known to get stuck a few times, as he mentioned to me. Wouldn’t you know that happened when we were on our way up. A voice came over the elevator intercom that maintenance had been notified, but it was going to be twenty to thirty minutes until it was moving again. Well I got a grin on my face and said I knew how we could pass the time. He was all for it, and we were soon going at it in the elevator.

Clothes were flying off, zippers being undone, and I soon had that cock in my wet cunt and he was jackhammering the hell out of my pussy. I was laughing saying if only his mom knew what we were up to on our way up. He grabbed my tits and bent me over, sliding his hard cock into me, he pulled my panties to the side and was fucking me so good. We could hear the repairmen working away as we fucked. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and could feel him really fucking me hard, my wet cunt was just stretching with his girth.

The repairmen yelled it would only be another couple of minutes, so I knew we had to finish. He picked up the pace and pounded me faster and faster. I came and yelled out and he soon filled me with cum. The elevator began to move again and we quickly straightened our clothes and got off and went in to see his mom. She asked why I was so flushed, I said the elevator stopping had been a bit nerve wracking. I smiled and thought if only she knew.

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BBC Worship

This new caller of mine is a black guy and he likes white girls, as most black guys seem to. He has the larger than average cock and he knows how to get white girls begging for his big, black cock. He has a white girlfriend and he loves to throat fuck her and make her cum from sucking his cock alone. He didn’t think a girl could cum from sucking his dick alone, but apparently she does. She loves to lay on her back in bed with her head over the edge of the bed and let him throat fuck her deep.

He loves to hear her choke and gag on his black, meaty shaft. He asked if I’ve ever been with a black guy and I said no, and he told me I don’t know what I’m missing until I’ve had some dark meat in me, as he put it. Well that may be true, but it’s just not my thing. He said he loves to make white girls scream and find out what they’ve been missing once he fucks them good with his big, black cock. So many of these guys assume all women are craving BBC.

It’s kind of funny when I tell them, no, not everyone is. They are so full of themselves. Some women are total sluts for black dick, that’s true, but not all. They feel a great deal of their value as human beings lies between their legs. Lots of callers also want BBC for themselves. I hear about tiny dicked guys that want to worship BBC every single day, they want to get fucked by it and suck it, worship it in many ways. They know their little white dicks just can’t compare to most BBC’s, so they want to worship them and suck on them themselves.

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