A Fuck in the Park

My boyfriend and I were going on a little walk in the nearby park after dinner last week. It’s a good sized park with lots of trails and a lovely area, so we go there frequently. I don’t know what came over me, but not that long into our walk, this wave of horniness came over me and I said I wanted to fuck, right then and there. He laughed and realized I was serious. I couldn’t even wait to get back home. There was a bench nearby and no one seemed to be around, so he pulled down his pants, and I stripped down and I got on top of him and I rode him hard.

His cock was really hard, I think the spontaneous nature of this kind of sexual encounter just gets him really hard, your body has had no time to prepare, so it’s all just by the moment! I was dripping wet, and his cock slipped easily into me, I was so aroused, I was just grinding on him, my stiff little clit seeking its release. I wrapped my arms around his neck and was just bucking up and down on him and I could feel that orgasm welling up inside of me and I was going to burst any moment.

I was moaning and so was he, I could feel his arousal as he gripped my ass cheeks as we fucked right there in the open. It didn’t take me long to cum and he soon shot his seed into me and we just sat there until we caught our breath, his cock going limp inside of me. It was so sexy and spur of the moment, we needed to have sex like this more often. We soon got redressed and continued on with our walk, silly grins on our faces.

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Babysitter Whore

When I was in school, I used to mainly make my extra money from babysitting, and some of the middle aged dad’s were pretty hot. I found out a way to make some extra money was by “being friendly” to them. I’d let them know I’d do them some favors if they were a bit generous with the tips, and more times than not it worked. Most of their wives weren’t giving them anything sexually, so they were starved for affection. So a hand job or a blow job, or especially a fuck was very welcome in their sexually barren lives, especially with someone less than half their age.

This one dad, it was a wealthy family, he was always willing to pay a lot for getting a fuck. He’d usually arrange to have me sit when his wife was out of town at her sister’s for the weekend and I’d stay over and once the kids were in bed, I’d join him in his room and we’d fuck all night. He was a nice looking man actually, so I didn’t mind giving him my young, teen pussy one bit. I don’t think he and his wife had had sex for several years, and a girlfriend was too many complications, so our little arrangement worked out perfectly for him, and I had lots of spending money as a result.

My parents never asked where I got all the money for all my clothes and shoes and going out so often, and I didn’t tell them, obviously. My side hustle as a babysitting whore never crossed their minds I’d imagine. I continued on throughout college doing this, it suited me a lot better than a part time job, paid better, and was safer than some escort work, these dads did not want anyone to know about our little arrangement, so they could be trusted to keep quiet. I liked getting fucked, so I might as well get paid to do it!

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The Flat Tire

Most times a flat tire would be a bad thing you would rather not have to suffer through, but recently, my boyfriend and I were driving home late at night and we got one. He called the auto club, but they said they had several emergencies to get to before us, and would be a good hour before arriving. Well we had to find something to do to kill the time, didn’t we? The road we were on was a very quiet one, he’d taken it since it was a bit quieter and avoided the traffic, and wouldn’t you know, that’s where we get the flat tire, with no one around for miles and someone drives down that road once every few hours at most.

I went out to get a breath of fresh air rather than just sit in the car waiting, and he soon joined me and he leaned over and kissed me. I could feel him getting hard in his jeans the longer we kissed. He helped me up onto the hood and I just laid back and I could feel him growing more and more passionate. He pulled off my shorts and panties and unzipped his pants and we were soon fucking right there on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

I could feel his sweet cock swelling inside my wet pussy and gliding back and forth against my clit as I pulled him deeper into me with every thrust. His balls filling with cum as he got closer and closer to cumming inside of me and soon I came all over his cock and my contractions triggered him and he came inside of me and he collapsed on top of me and we just lay there breathing hard. We got straightened up and it wasn’t too long after the auto club came along and changed the tire and we were on our way. Sometimes taking the long way home can be the best idea.

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Get Rough With Me

Once in a while my boyfriend can get a bit rough with me sexually, and I cannot say I complain. I find it makes me cum harder from the intensity of the encounter. It’s usually fast and furious and hard and unrelenting and explosive when I climax. The other night I was being a bit of a cock tease with my boyfriend, letting him think he was gonna get lucky when in fact I had no intention of fucking him. Sometimes he doesn’t mind being teased that way, other times it pisses him off, and this was one of those times. It didn’t help that he’d been drinking, either.

I kept teasing and teasing, by rubbing my hand over his cock, something I do when I’m in the mood to get things started, and of course he thought things were going to progress. I laughed and said I was going to the movies with my friend and was soon out the door, leaving him with blue balls. When I came home a few hours later, he was right inside the door waiting for me, naked, I looked down and saw his still raging erection. He said it wasn’t nice to tease, and he practically ripped my clothes off of me and pressed me against the hall wall roughly.

He grabbed my hair and pressed my face to the wall. I was wet in seconds. I soon felt his hard rod ramming into my cunt and beating the living shit out of my pussy. He reached down and fingered my clit quickly as he was fucking me from behind and he growled how he liked a nice, wet slut, which I was, as he fucked me until I came all over his cock. It was pretty hot and unexpected. I need to tease him more often, it pays off.

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Suck My Cock, Slut

They say blow jobs are to men what giving flowers is to a woman, an always welcome and pleasant surprise. But flowers usually smelly heavenly and look gorgeous, and the same cannot always be said for men’s genitals, but that’s another story…So This new boyfriend of mine had mentioned how “blow job deprived” he was, since his last girlfriend just would not do it, she really hated it and said it wouldn’t be happening with her, so a few times he got them elsewhere, but for the most part he wanted to remain faithful so just gave them up during the relationship.

I told him I had no such qualms and would be happy to suck on his cock at any time, and believe me, he took me up on that offer a lot after we met! He was making up for lost time. I’d often greet him at the door in the nude, waiting on my knees, knowing he’d be thrilled to just walk in and find me that way, waiting for him and his cock. He’d grow hard at the sight of me and I would do it as often as I could and he’d walk closer and I’d just reach up and unbuckle his belt and take out his cock, it would be growing harder and longer by the second.

I’d look him right in the eyes and latch onto it, nursing on the dripping head of it and then swallowing down as much as I could of it. He loved it when I’d often tell him some of his cum was always inside of me since we fucked so much and he got blow jobs even more. I’m happy to please my man as often as possible, it keeps him attentive and at home, ready to please me.

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