The Sexy Workman

I work from home and don’t socialize much, so when someone comes to my home for any reason, in a way they are like a captive audience for me. When workmen come over to do a job, I tend to ask for the last appointment of the day for just this reason. They can do the job and then when they are finished, I know they are not going to another job. My little trick doesn’t always net me anything of course, but there’s a few times it has. I am in good shape and attractive and when I have an appointment lined up I try and wear something sexy.

It doesn’t take a lot to get a man interested in you, and many times, especially if they are younger and less experienced, they will be too horny to say no to you. Recently I had a man over to fix the furnace, it was so hot and the thermostat would not turn it down. He asked if he could take his shirt off as he worked it was so warm. I made some iced tea and brought him some to have while he worked. Little did he know I spiked it to make him a bit more agreeable, I know, I’m so bad!

He seemed to have fixed the problem and I asked if he’d like to stay a while and have some more iced tea. He agreed and said he thought the heat was getting to him, as he felt a bit lightheaded. If only he knew… So we had more iced tea and chatted and soon my hand was on his thigh, reaching for his dick. I then got on the floor in front of him and started to suck him off. He had a lovely cock and I loved sucking it. He certainly did not object. I asked him if he’d fuck me, but he said he really had to get home, but I did get to suck his dick and he thanked me, he seemed to have a good time. Hopefully I will have another tradesman coming over soon.

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Forced Bi For You

One thing a lot of callers are into is forced bi. They want to suck the cock of another man, yet not be responsible for doing so, hence the “forced” by someone else, usually their girlfriend or wife. It might start out as a cuckold scenario, but it quickly evolves into the forced bi scene. Ones into trannies say the same thing, they aren’t attracted to men in any way, yet they want to suck a dick. Such lunacy from men in denial of their true desires and wants. Silly men. They want a throbbing, aching dick in their mouth, and if it’s a woman making them do it “against their will”, so much the better, since then they can deny really wanting it.

One caller last week said he’d started out in a cuckold situation with his girlfriend, but what she really wanted was for him to suck dick in front of her, totally submitting to it. He wasn’t very keen on the idea, but she talked him into it. She practically had to force his jaws open at the corners, but he finally allowed her to get that cock in. A guy she works with said he’d be happy to take part in our little cuckold games.

By the end of the first night, he was getting into it and after that, he asked when the guy was coming over the next time. He’d developed a taste for cock and cum. He confessed to me he’d even been watching forced bi porn and cocksucking it turned him on so much, knowing he’d been forced to suck it. His cock was as hard as a steel rod as we talked about the way his girlfriend made him suck it. He promised to keep me updated on his cocksucking adventures. I am sure there will be many.

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He Sucked The Shemale

Many callers show an interest in shemales. Most of course have never been with a real one, but they are curious as to what it would be like. Many do not live in large cities, so a real shemale could be difficult if not impossible to find for them to actually experiment with, so porn has pretty well got to be it for them. They use toys on themselves to simulate a real cock, watch shemale porn as they do so, they want a real tranny cock in their man pussy. So many love to suck cock, they may have done it years ago and never forgotten it.

Some like to have it in their face as they are straddled, like in the picture. They get the best possible view of it and can look up at the big breasted tranny on top of them, squeeze their ass, feel the long hair brush over them. The shemales and trannies are exploding in popularity, so there are more opportunities than ever before for the ones curious about them. Is that something that interests you that you’d like to talk about with one of our pretty ladies on the phone? We can do that.

Some callers have had sessions with shemale escorts and like to talk about those, down to the juiciest detail. We’re ready and willing to listen to your tales of paid debauchery. We realize you likely cannot tell wifey about your pervy interests, so you find gals like us to confess these things to. How your dick gets harder than it ever did with a woman when you see a chick with a dick in front of you. Drives you insane to get a cock and tits, doesn’t it? Yeah, yeah, we know. Call and tell us all about it right now.

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Aunty Sucked His Cock

This caller of mine was telling me how his aunt was the one who gave him his first blow job. He said he used to stay over at her house sometimes when his parents would go away for the weekend. If only they had known they were delivering him into the hands of a horny, debauched older woman, they’d never have entrusted her with him. He said it was the greatest sexual education he could have ever hoped for and he loved going over there. He said his parents would barely be pulling out of the driveway before she’d be pulling down his jeans to get at his young cock.

He said she started off slowly of course, with a handjob before bed. Checking on him and wanting to see how he was “maturing” as she’d put it and she’d slip her hand under the covers and feel his rock hard cock and begin to work it in her hand and soon he’d shoot his load. Then she began with the blow jobs and when he first felt a warm, wet pair of lips around his shaft, he was in heaven and he loved every second of it. She didn’t let it progress to fucking, but there were countless hand and blow jobs.

He said one weekend there were nearly ten, he nearly lost count and she loved to push him to his limits. He was just in his early teens at the time, always hard and ready to go, so he needed little encouragement to engage in her naughty activities. Her sister, his mother, never found out what her older sister was doing to her son, but he was grateful, so he never breathed a word of it to a soul. It went on for years until she moved too far away to see often and he has fond memories of those weekends to this very day.

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I Switched

I heard from a caller today I haven’t in several months and he proclaimed “he’d switched.” He is a man of nearly sixty, with very perverted fantasies, and he claims the nineteen year old pizza delivery man and himself have been lovers for the last three months. It’s likely all in his imagination I realize, but he was telling me how he, the nearly senior, overweight, barely mobile due to multiple health issues man, has become the apple of a teenager’s eye. Right. Whatever you say, lol.

So I heard about how he’s getting fucked four times a day, taking multiple cum loads, rimming this guy, waking him with blow jobs, romantic showers togethers. He’s never been so sexually satisfied, yet he’s still attracted to women you understand, but they have not been giving him the time of day for many years. Then he mentioned he was thinking of getting a dog, he’d said pets were too much responsibility in the past, and they are a lot of work. I suggested a cat wouldn’t need to be walked, so maybe it might be a better companion for him than a dog. Foolish me, I’d not considered it was not companionship he was looking for. He said true, but I can’t fuck a cat. OMG. I kid you not. I said perhaps stick to humans for that.

So while he and pizza delivery boy are exercising their limitless passions with one another, he said he’s just been too busy to call. Sucking off a teen and providing him an ass to cum in nearly a half dozen times a day sounds like a full time job nearabouts, so I’ve been back burnered in the meantime. I asked if he was going to be introducing the young man to his family over the holidays and he said “it wasn’t that kind of relationship.” I see. Ok then, well giddy up!

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