I Sucked My Uncle

In my teens I was kind of a wild child, I did all kinds of naughty things, even some stealing. I ran with some even wilder girls, and they thought nothing of taking money out of their parents wallets and doing all kinds of bad things. They really were a bad influence on me. I had a well off uncle and one time when we went to visit him, he’d left his wallet in his office and I saw it on the desk when I passed by the open door. He and my parents were all in the other room, and it looked so thick, I thought surely he wouldn’t miss a few dollars.

I went in and took some and stuffed it in my bra. I was turning around and he was standing in the doorway, watching me. I froze. I was mortified. He said he was going to tell my parents. I begged him not to, I gave him the money back, but he said he didn’t want it. That if I didn’t want my parents to find out, I was going to have to do exactly as he said. He told me they’d gone out to the garden to look around, so they wouldn’t be back inside for a while.

He told me to strip and get on my knees and give him a blow job, and I’d better make it a good one. He’d heard how wild I was so he said he assumed I’d given many and was experienced at them, and I can’t say he wasn’t correct. So I did it. I stripped naked and sucked off my uncle, right on the floor of his office as my parents were outside. I stroked his shaft and licked him up and down. He steadied himself on the edge of the desk a few times. I guess the pleasure was too much. He really gave me a good face fucking. He finally shot his load of jizz down my throat and I swallowed it. He said to keep the money, but I’d better never steal from him again. I didn’t.

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Teasing with the Candle

My boyfriend can be a rather kinky sort. He often likes to tie me up or even be tied up himself once in a while. Last night as we were getting naughty, I was the one being restrained. Then he brought out the candle. I thought he was just going to place it on the bedside table for a romantic atmosphere, but he tilted it over me and began to drip the hot, melted wax on me. It made me flinch with each and every drop that fell on me. He didn’t let it drip on my pussy, but all over the insides of my thighs, my belly and my tits.

He was being very naughty, and he told me a little bit of pain would make the pleasure he was about to bring me oh so sweet. I went along with it and didn’t tell him to stop. After he’d sufficiently covered me in wax drippings, he then went down between my legs and started to lick my sopping wet pussy. My clit was stiff and ready for some loving attention. I loved how he licked me, he’s very good at licking pussy, and often brings me to the brink of orgasm several times before letting me go over that edge.

I loved how it felt with his tongue slipping in and out of me, I arched my back and tried to buck up to him as much as I could, making him lick me deeper and harder. He did love to tease, but after a while I was literally begging him to allow me to cum and he would laugh and back off. Then he finally decided I’d had enough teasing and he went down on me and suckled on my clit until I came and I let out a low moan for the longest time as I came. He really always does always know the buttons to push to get me going.

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A Quickie with Brother

Recently my older brother came to visit my husband and myself for the weekend. I’d never shared with my husband that in our teens my brother and I had a sexual relationship that only ended when we both went away to different colleges. We did it a few times after on holidays and whatnot, but just did not have the time or privacy to have a regular thing anymore. When I saw my brother recently, all those old feelings came back and I wanted to fuck him. I waited until my husband left for work and joined my brother in bed, waking him up with my hand on his cock.

He responded very well and we picked right up where we left off. We fucked every day of his visit before he had to go back. We almost got caught yesterday, since I was horny at a risky moment and as my husband worked in his den downstairs, I went upstairs and offered my brother a quickie. That was honestly a risky thing to do, but I wanted his cock so bad. We decided to do it. It only took around five minutes and was a fast and furious fuck for us both.

He pushed me on the bed and pulled my skirt up and my panties pulled aside and we fucked our brains out until we silently came as we kissed. I felt like such a naughty little slut, cuckolding my husband with my own brother as my hubby worked downstairs. He’d never guess in a million years we were up there fucking. It was so hot. I only get to see my brother every few years now, and it’s always hot when we do. No one has ever found out about us and we grab our fun when we get the chance.

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The Key Party

Recently My partner and I went to a different kind of a party. He told me ahead of time what kind it was to see if I was up for it and I said sure. I knew all the other couples going and liked them all, so I was game. For ones that do not know, a key party is a swapping party of sorts. The men all put their keys in a bowl and the ladies fish a pair out at the end of the night and you go home with the person the keys belong to. With this kind of swapping, you don’t know who you’re going to be swapping with.

I got the husband of a friend of mine and I’d always liked him, so was not unhappy about who I ended up getting. We went back to his home, his wife went back with one of the other guys. I think they’d been to this type of party before, but it was all new to me. We went to his bedroom, and had some wine. He gave me a massage and it certainly loosened me up and made me feel really good. He then rubbed some of the massage oil on his hands and began to massage my pussy. I was soon purring like a kitten for him.

He got on me and my oil slicked body was soon making him all greasy as well. He fucked my wet pussy and made me cum so easily, so much better than my own husband. We went to the shower and soaped up one another, washing the oil off one another. He bent me over and fucked me from behind as we stood there, the hot water coursing over our bodies. It was one hot evening, and I do hope if I go to another key party, I’d be happy to have him again.

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Lonely Lady

There’s no shortage of lonely people out there, and often the most lonely ones of all can be married. You know the old saying, alone in a crowd, well, it doesn’t need to be a crowd. You can be plenty lonely with just two of you. So it should come as no shock that there’s many lonely housewives out there just looking for some attention. One caller was telling me how when he was a college student he had a relationship with the lady next door that was in just such a situation. He’d come home on holidays from school and see her then.

He had a lot of hot sex with her and managed to do so without his parents finding out about it. He’d let her know when he was home and they’d usually meet somewhere. Her sister had a place not too far away and she was often away on business, so they used her condo a lot for their trysts. He loved being with an older woman and said she was always so horny when they fucked. She loved his young cock and sucked it so hungrily before they would fuck one another. She loved to be his cougar slut and have him pin her down.

Her husband rarely fucked her at all anymore, and she lived for the school breaks when she’d get his young dick. She loved it hard and her pussy took a pounding by his young, hard shaft. Her juices would coat his cock and then she’d suck them off after they fucked. He said girls his own age couldn’t come close to being as horny as she was, and as grateful to see him. This went on for the whole time he was in college. There’s plenty of horny women out there, you just need to find them.

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