The Nosy Neighbor

We all have nosy neighbors at times, but this new guy next door takes the cake for nervy. I was outside sunbathing and I could see him out of the corner of my eye watching me, but I didn’t let on I could see him. He wasn’t a bad looking man, but his gall was a combination of amusing and annoying. I decided to give him a show, since he seemed to be craving one. I slathered sunscreen all over myself, in long, smooth strokes, concentrating on my inner thighs, and I let my hand brush past my bikini covered pussy, and my chest area. I knew he’d be going nuts.

I then put some extra lotion on my fingers and slipped them into my bikini bottoms. I knew the slippery lotion would feel good on my pussy and I was soon masturbating in earnest in front of him, or rather off to the side of him. I could see him out of the corner of my eye behind my sunglasses and I knew he’d likely be stroking his cock any minute, if in fact he was not already. I then saw a jerking arm movement and knew he was going at it and I was bucking my hips as I excitedly rubbed my pussy, I really didn’t care that he was watching at this point, it felt so good.

He let out a bit of a moan, but I still didn’t let on I knew he was there. I continued to rub my clit and then I came. I then stripped off my bikini and dove into the pool and started to enjoy a nice swim after my orgasm. He had gone inside by now, but I knew he’d seen it all from his deck that overlooks my backyard. It was hot and sexy and had turned me on a bit too.

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Nail Me On The Desk

I don’t want the other people at the office to find out about it, but I’ve started to fuck the boss. He told me he was needing to do some office cutbacks and he might have to let me go, but I impressed upon him how badly I needed the job and wanted to keep it no matter what, and I even offered my body up to him as an enticement to keep me on, he didn’t even ask or threaten to fire me if I didn’t fuck him. I figured if I offered first, my chances might be better and it’s working out so far. No one else seems to suspect anything and I’m happy to say my work productivity has even increased since our office affair began, maybe I’m just more comfortable around the office now that we’ve fucked in every room of it.

I do my best to keep his balls drained, I suck him off when I bring him his morning coffee and he reads the newspaper as I suck his balls under the desk. Then usually by mid afternoon he seems ready for another orgasm at that point and we usually fuck with me bent over the desk, or sometimes with me straddling him in his office chair with my legs hanging over the arm rests, we try different positions depending on his mood.

I find I actually enjoy coming into work more that we’ve been doing this, I feel I have more job security and it’s kind of fun the employees not having any clue what’s going on between the two of us, and his wife sure has no idea as well. I guess it’s kind of naughty, but I started this offer based in fear of losing my job, but it’s become a lot more than that now, and I find I like it and it even gives me a sense of power, since I know what he likes sexually and I can control him to a degree.

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Share & Share Alike

My boyfriend and I can be a little kinky at times. Last year he asked me if I’d be open to fucking another guy in front of him and if I’d also watch him fuck another girl in front of me. I was a bit surprised to hear this, but after thinking it over for a few days I decided yes, I’d be willing to try it. I wanted to fuck another guy in front of him first to see how that went, and it went great. I enjoyed knowing his eyes were going to be on me for the entire time, and watching that cock slide in and out of my pussy.

This wasn’t a cuckold situation, since it wasn’t that his dick was too small or that we didn’t have sex, he just wanted us to expand our sexual horizons and I was open to the idea. He knew a guy from his work, I’d met him a couple of times and liked him fine, he was going to the one that fucked me. We all had something to drink and were relaxed before we went into the bedroom. We got undressed and I laid on the bed, his friend came over and began by sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy, then he went down and licked me, and he was good at it.

I looked over at my boyfriend and he was stroking his cock pretty hard as I was getting fucked by his friend. I was on all fours and felt him plunging in and out of my cunt and I looked over and my boyfriend was practically drooling as he watched me. I could see the pre cum glistening on the head of his cock, and it wasn’t long until I felt myself cum and then my orgasm triggered his friend that was inside of me. It was pretty hot, I can’t wait until next time.

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Hot Cousin Phone Sex

Have you ever fantasized about one of your cousins? It’s pretty common to do so. Many have even done sexual things with their cousins, they figure they are not as close as a sibling, so it’s more acceptable to be “kissing cousins”. When I was younger I used to spend a few weeks each summer on the farm of one of my cousins and my oldest cousin was very good looking, and I only got to see him around the holidays or in the summers, and each time I saw him he seemed to be more and more handsome.

I wanted to get his attention, and I had the room next to his and when everyone had gone to sleep, I would leave my door open a crack and masturbate. I knew he was still awake since I could see the crack of light coming from under his door, and I would be loud enough to attract his attention and it worked. One day we were in the barn and he said I sounded like I was having a good time the night before and could he maybe join me? I was thrilled to have gotten the reaction I wanted.

We had privacy right then and there, so I put some blankets down on the hay bales and we stripped down and started to masturbate. His cock was long and thick and very erect. I spread my cunt lips open wide for him to see my glistening wetness as I finger fucked myself. I watched him stroke his cock until he blew his huge load. I reached over to touch my fingertip on the head of his cock and get a drop of it off and then sucked my finger and he said what a naughty girl I was. I did love those summers at their farm.

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Gyno Exam For Men

You’d be surprised how many men have fantasies about going to the gynecologist and getting a female pelvic exam. I cannot even count them all over the years there have been so many. Trust me, had these guys actually had one, I doubt they’d be clamoring to get into the stirrups again, yet for some, it is a real thing to fantasize about as they are jerking off. They like to talk about getting hard while on their back on the table and the doctor noticing of course, but not saying anything, so as to make them feel self conscious.

There’s usually a giggly nurse nearby that notices and embarrasses them, perhaps that even helps them cum for the required sperm sample, though how you mix sperm samples and a gyno exam, I’m exactly too sure, but I guess that’s why they call it a fantasy, it doesn’t necessarily need to make sense, it’s not reality, it’s fantasy. The testicles are sometimes also examined, squeezed, checked for lumps and of course the prostate part of the exam cannot be overlooked.

That’s usually where the orgasm is going to happen, when the good doctor inserts her lubed, gloved fingers up inside of him and feels around and he then has an ejaculation and apologizes that he just couldn’t control it. Medical fantasies are very common, busty nurses, stern doctors, always female ones though, and the hapless patient just not being able to control themselves. Some even pretend these events have actually happened and they are relating stories of their latest exam. Yes, sure the nurse jerked you off when the doctor stepped out of the room, she pulled out her boobs for you as well to help, uh huh.

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