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My boyfriend is a bit dominant and I love it. He likes me to say things to him, for me to beg for his cock, or to make me cum. It makes me so hot. Last night he was in the mood to be called “Sir,” so I did it and it was very sexy. He was pretending to be a teacher and me the hapless student, who would fail miserably unless I did as I was told. He likes to roleplay and is always in the role of the dominant one. I usually have to beg or plead to be allowed to cum, and honestly it gets me very wet to have him be in control like that.

He likes me teetering on the edge and literally quivering. He takes my breath away and I’ve never had such an intense lover. He made me wait a lot longer than I normally do to have sex when we met. He wanted me craving it, dreaming about it, wanting it so much, and I sure did. It was worth the wait. I feel electrified when he touches me and having to beg for it, while slightly humiliating in one sense, makes me know without a doubt, that he is the one in charge.

There’s just something about a dominant man. They don’t need to be a brute or cruel, not at all, they just know that women like a man to be the one to take charge. I like the feeling of surrendering to a man physically, allowing them to take me on that wild, sexual ride. If they know what they are doing, I know they will give me wonderful orgasms that I will even feel the residual effects of the next day in my pussy. I can’t wait for the next exciting scenario he’s got planned for us!

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Family Swingers

Many times callers come up with outrageous tales and swear they are true, but they are so absurd, you know it’s just fantasy and you go along with it. You aren’t there to call them out on their insanity, you’re there to satisfactorily drain their balls. This man said recently he went to a swingers party, he’d been invited to one and wanted to see what it was like. Well imagine his surprise when he walked in and he saw a woman sucking a cock right there out in the open. Imagine his shock when it was his own mother! (LOL, yeah, suuure it was.)

So he came up behind the guy she was sucking off and was waiting his turn. After the first guy blew in her mouth she was presented with her own son’s cock, how could she refuse? No one there knew them or that they were related, so she went right ahead and started to deep throat her own son as the onlookers watched. This opened up a whole new aspect of their relationship, one could only imagine it would. So now that they knew they were both into this, they started to search out swinger parties for family members. Didn’t take them long to find them either, he claimed. I tell you, it’s hard to not laugh when they so seriously say such absurdities.

So he and mom are now regulars at swingers parties with other couples from the same family. There’s no end to the mother swapping apparently. The family that plays together, stays together, even when it comes to swinging. Now who hasn’t wondered about the amount of families into swinging? Just another day working the phones and hearing the lunacy that comes out of them. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

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Watching Porn and Masturbating

Guys are certainly not the only ones that watch porn while they masturbate. I’m not a fan of porn, but even I cannot say I’ve never, ever not masturbated while I watched some. Not all ladies are into it, and it may be something you only indulge in every few years, while to guys, it’s a daily thing, but to some, it really spices things up. Porn is popular, some of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world are porn ones. Guys, and some gals, will check out a video or two while they stroke themselves to orgasm.

Many callers to phone sex lines are watching porn in the background, you can often hear the moans and groans in the background and many times the caller will tell you they are watching it and describe it to you, they like to know you can picture what they are watching. The combination of visual and auditory stimulation is a real plus for men. They want that one on one feature of having a personal conversation, but the visual of watching ones fucking, or being sucked, etc. Is what really pushes them over the edge. Auditory alone is enough for some, but not all. Some want the full experience of being stimulated in all ways.

The people in porn they are watching actually will in most cases have much better bodies than the women they actually get to fuck in real life, so it’s a treat for them. It sadly makes their real life partners feel inadequate, since most real life women do not have bodies like porn stars. Many men that call also have no real idea what the average penis size is, since of course the men starring in porn movies are larger than average, so it makes them feel inadequate as well. Look at porn as a once in a while way to get off, a steady diet of it will just desensitize you. Moderation is the key.

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Faggot Confession Line

Many men that call for phone sex admit to having had same sex experiences, in the past or current. Most will not admit in any way shape or form they are fags, gays, queers, homos, etc. They seem to separate the realities from what they feel is real, that they are totally straight, but they occasionally suck dick. It’s so absurd and laughable, but they like to live in their little land of delusions. Some like to be humiliated for being cocksuckers, and it’s so fun and easy to tell them what little fags they really are.

They might be married and running around the poor wife’s back sucking random dick and feel this is totally acceptable to do so, exposing her to whatever disease they might be bringing home to her and using no protection whatsoever. They really are despicable creatures. Faggot humiliation is a real thing, and a fun thing to do. It’s fun to put degenerates in their place, especially when they think there’s nothing wrong with them. If you think sucking dick doesn’t make you gay, you’re a moron. You’re a fag, accept it and tell the world what pervert you really are. Tell wifey, see what she says about your little extra curricular activity.

You do love dick, don’t you? You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise, right? Do you like the feel of a rock hard cock sliding down your throat? The sweet taste of that clear precum on the tip of your tongue and then the salty jizz in your mouth so plentiful it makes your cheeks bulge out when it squirts into your mouth and then you swallow it all? You cup their cum filled balls and give them a squeeze as they empty down your thirsty throat. You really are a cocksucker and a faggot, I knew it.

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Hairy Pussy For You

Some men still love a hairy pussy, especially the older ones. Some will only want to speak to one with a hairy pussy. So of course, being shaved bald, to satisfy them of course tell them I sport the bush to end all bushes. The graphic descriptions some will go into about a hairy cunt with drops of cum in the hair and being smothered by the hairy snatch on their face. Hey, it’s what they want. A guy asked me once if I’d be willing to let my pubic hair grow back if a partner wanted it, I said no, I prefer to be bald, they will have to live with it. I’d ask them to shave as well, no werewolves for me, please.

No matter the kink, someone out there will have it. In fact, a lot of someone’s will have it. It’s really only in the last couple of decades since porn and watching in the home with the invention of VCR’s that people got to see what other’s genitals were looking like and how they were groomed. Sure, you might see your friend naked in the locker room or something, but not on the volume of what was possible with seeing countless people in porn movies naked did you see so many others naked.

Pubic hair started disappearing around this same time. Not everyone is anti body hair, some love the furry, wild look. The cum dripping from the long, unkempt pubic hair is a turn on for some. The hair keeps in the natural smells than no hair keeps down to a minimum. There’s many people not jumping on the body grooming bandwagon, so there’s little doubt you’ll be able to find an ungroomed partner if you look. So if pubic hair is your thing, enjoy it. Just bring the dental floss for after!

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