Banging The Teacher

Sometimes we do things we know we shouldn’t because it feels right at the time. Last week I had such a moment. I was going to a parent teacher meeting and I’d never met this teacher before of my son’s. I liked him immediately. We discussed my son’s progress and I was the last scheduled meeting he had for the evening. I had a feeling he liked me too. He complimented me on my dress and figure and before you know it, I was on his desk and we were fucking one another. It was hot, fast and very passionate.

He was divorced and I was as well, one kiss and he swept his arm across that desk sending papers flying and I was soon laid out on it, dress up to my waist, my panties removed by him to give him access to my dripping cunt. He licked pussy extremely well and I was soon cumming from that flickering tongue. He had a large and beautiful cock that was soon sliding in and out of that wet pussy. His cock rubbed against my clit with every thrust and I was soon clawing at his back as he made me cum again.

I sucked his cock still wet with my juices an that drove him wild. I swallowed his load and was then bent over the desk for round two. The fucking just did not stop. He knew all the right things to do and we both came and came and came some more. I have a feeling I will become addicted to his cock, but we don’t want my son to know about it. We have plans to meet at his place tomorrow night to further explore our mutual passions for each other. It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked this well. We are both deprived of sex and have found we are quite compatible in that department.

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Hello, Stranger……

Not long ago I moved and I had to get a new landline number since I was in a different city and area code. I’d been in my new house with the new number for a few weeks and was still getting the occasional call for the last person that had this particular phone number. I’d gotten the number to be unlisted so no new people would get it, but obviously several of their contacts still had it that had not been given the new number.

I was in bed one night late, reading a book before bed and the phone rang. It was yet another of the people calling for the other person. This man though had a very sexy voice and I was in no hurry to brush him off like the others. He asked me some questions, yet I didn’t mind answering them. The tone of the call began to get more personal, yet again, I could not put the phone down. He didn’t know my last name or my address, just the number, so I knew it was a safe connection so to speak. He asked me if I wanted to touch myself as he talked to me and I said yes.

I was all of a sudden having hot phone sex with this man I’d never even known about until less than an hour before and we got along great. I was doing all the things he asked me to do to myself and I was so incredibly aroused and wet. He said he was touching his cock and imagining fucking me, pinning e down on the bed I was on and sliding his cock all the way in up to the balls as he breathed in my ear and kissed my neck. It was the most erotic and unexpected surprise I’d had in a long time. We had a wonderful and hot conversation, both cumming a few times, and he said he’d call me again tomorrow night. I was much looking forward to it.

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Panty Punishment

There was a unique call I had the other day with a man that claimed he was into spanking. Not at all an unusual topic for calls. He said his mom had paddled him many times in his childhood and youth, again, nothing here I don’t hear pretty often. The odd part was that after the spanking, he said he was made to put on a pair of granny panties that had a maxi pad in them that had been coated with a mixture of honey and hot sauce and sit in them for an hour minimum on a chair in the corner.

He said they would burn terribly, I’m sure it would. The spanking would of course have irritated the skin before the hot sauce ever got to him, so that would just further inflame things and irritate him. That was the idea of course. I am sure it was likely all in is head, but there are some sadistic bitch’s out there who no doubt decided to inflict some sort of punishment on their kids for something like masturbating and being caught doing it. Just how it is out there in the world. The heat of his skin would melt the honey and further spread it around and he said he was not allowed to bathe afterwards. The things people say…

Did your mom punish you in some sort of way that left mental scars that have lingered throughout the decades? Do you want to talk to someone about it, it’s something you likely wouldn’t share with a friend or a girlfriend, they just wouldn’t understand, or you might not want them to see you as some kind of victim. One of our many phone sex ladies would be happy to hear your confession. We hear many tales of woe from men that were forced to endure this kind of punishment and even worse. Give one of our gals a call tonight.

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Rescue Me

Recently I had a bit of a scare. I was in a hotel, luckily only on the third floor, and there was a fire. A film crew had been filming on the floor below and some special effects pyrotechnics got out of hand and there was a small fire and an evacuation. The elevators were shut down and the halls were filled with smoke. I was quite surprised when someone was banging on my door and I opened it and it was a fireman there to rescue me. He was a strong, handsome man as well. I certainly had no problem with allowing him to rescue me.

I was fine other than a bit of smoke inhalation, but I found him so attractive, I’d slipped him my business card into his pocket. Only a few days later he called me and asked if I remembered him. Of course I did! He wanted to know if I’d be willing to meet for a drink, I certainly wanted to and we hit it off wonderfully. The drinks led to dinner, which led to me going back to his house afterwards. He was a real man, and had a fantastic body. He was in tip top shape. I guess you’d need to be for such a physically demanding job as his was.

He lifted me as though I was as light as a feather onto his king sized bed. He kissed me tenderly and passionately and undressed me as though he was unwrapping a present. I felt very special in his arms. I took his hard cock in my hands and caressed him and sucked him and was just aching to have that cock in my pussy. He got on his back and had me ride him. I loved how he felt in me, how my pussy squished down, sopping wet on his hard cock. He played with my nipples and made them erect. I bucked back and forth on top of him until I came, my entire body shuddered with pleasure and I milked his sweet load into me. I loved it. I really hope this is the beginning of a very hot relationship.

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Teasing My Pussy


Sometimes I just like to read some erotic stories and tease my pussy when I get horny. Reading a racy story is always a fun way to quickly masturbate. I’m just a clit teasing girl, I never insert. Most callers seem to think all ladies need or want a huge toy in their pussy when they get off, but I’d say most do not. Many do sure, but guys do not like hearing there’s no real need for penetration. Otherwise, why would we need their cocks? Some just love the idea of a lady touching herself and don’t care how she’s getting off, as long as she is.

Most boyfriends I’ve had loved watching me rub my pussy, since of course it’s letting them know how I like to be touched so they will know how to touch me themselves. Many times before I’d ever sleep with a guy we’d masturbate together and watch one another. It’s really not only arousing, but educational. People do not all like being touched the exact same way, so what one woman likes, another may not, so watching them is a wonderful way to see what they like.

I keep a bottle of lube on my bedside table, so it’s easy to reach from my bed or my chair. Most guys see to like to show off on cam, not ladies so much though. Masturbation is a part of most people’s lives. Masturbating on the phone is a lot more fun than totally alone. Phone sex will spice up your alone sex life, not a doubt about it. Why not give one of our ladies a call and we can tell you all about how we touch ourselves while you rub your cock, sounds a lot hotter than just turning on PornHub yet again, right?

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