My New Vibe

Last week my boyfriend gifted me with a new sex toy. I always like to try new things and enjoy variety, so he’s gotten me several things over the course of our relationship. It was a nice rabbit vibe and he said he wanted to use it on me and see how much I enjoyed it. We went into the bedroom and I laid back and we unwrapped the toy and he had some lube there to get it all slippery with so it would glide in with ease. My clit was already stiff in anticipation.

He opened my lips like the petals of a flower and slid the toy in and I arched my back to meet it. The twitching rabbit ears played on my clit making me curl my toes with pleasure. It felt wonderful and then he started t move the toy in and out of me, driving me crazy. It was a very nice toy and I was enjoying it immensely. It always got him so horny to see me squirm with ecstasy, I could see his dick was rock hard and asked him to bring it to my lips. He was standing at the edge of the bed as I sucked on it and he worked the toy into me.

He loved me doing that to him and he soon made me cum with the toy. He was throbbing as I sucked on him and I got on all fours and he soon mounted me from behind and slipped his dick into me. I was all gooey from having cum and his dick felt so good inside of me. It wasn’t long until I could feel another orgasm welling up inside my cunt and I came all over his hard cock. He felt my spasming pussy and that triggered him to cum and I soon had his cum filling my cunt and dripping down my thighs. It was a wonderful night and I was so glad for my new toy.

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Hello, Dolly!

As more and more people are single, the rise in the popularity of sex dolls has them coming down in price and improving in their realistic looks. Not too many years ago a blow up doll that looked closer to a beach ball than a woman was pretty much your option. Some of the new ones, and they cost literally thousands of dollars, can be eerily lifelike. A Fleshlight is great, but a whole sex doll that looks like a woman is a whole different step, and a bit more of an investment. You don’t want the cleaning lady or anyone else to see you have one, either. That could prove a bit awkward and embarrassing for sure!

The number of guys that call using toys of one type or another is fairly high. Only a few have admitted using an actual sex doll, and the ones that did had the old style, cheap blow up ones I cannot imagine anyone being able to get hard at a glorified beach ball. As time goes on and the prices come down even more, I do expect more callers to say they are fucking one of their love dolls rather than their pocket pussy or their Fleshlight.

Do you own a sex doll? Have you ever called a phone sex lady while you used it to heighten the masturbation experience for yourself? Even if you spend thousands of dollars on a good one, in the long run it’s still a lot cheaper than a real woman. You could spend more on a getaway weekend that will be over in seventy two hours than you would on a doll that could last you a couple of years. The doll won’t cheat on you or lie to you or decline you when you’re feeling frisky. A real woman will do all that and more, so the popularity of them is understandable. Once they get them programmed to talk and have conversations and do what you want sexually once they are customized for your desires, they may become more popular than actual real women.

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Threesome Birthday Surprise

It was my boyfriend’s birthday coming up and I wanted to do something special for him and I knew what he’d love more than anything. A threesome with me and my best friend. I knew he found her attractive, he’d told me so, and he never asked about a threesome since I knew he’d worry about me being jealous. I could handle it. So I approached her and asked what she thought about it and she was all in if I was. We were waiting for him as he came home the night of his birthday in matching lingerie we’d gone shopping for. The look of utter surprise and delight on his face was incredible.

We had a nice dinner I’d made and then adjourned to the bedroom. I knew he loved girl on girl porn, so my best friend and I did a sixty nine in front of him going down on one another. His cock was standing straight up at attention in response to this view. We asked if he’d come over and join us and he eagerly accepted the invite. My girlfriend lay on her back on the bed as he approached us. She took his balls in her mouth and began to suck on them while I worked on his cock with my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he came in my mouth and I shared the load with my friend in a French kiss as he watched. It did not take him long to get hard again and he fucked her doggy style while I was laid out in front of her and she went down on my pussy again and he could watch over her shoulder as he fucked her. He fucked us both and we all had too many orgasms to count. It was a fantastic birthday for him, and we had fun as well!

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He Fucked His Cousin

This caller was telling me how he used to fuck his cousin when he’d come and stay with them for the weekend when they were growing up. He suspected the boy was gay and he had bisexual tendencies himself, so he saw the perfect opportunity to exploit the situation and get some sexual practice in when this cousin visited him. They stayed in the same room together when the cousin came over every few months and he told me he started by asking the boy if he masturbated and how often, what did he think of sorts of questions. This quickly evolved into them masturbating together every time the cousin came over.

They then went from just touching one themselves while the other was in the same room, to touching each other, then oral and then full on fucking. The family was clueless to all of it, so they had lots of fun times and no one suspected a thing. He said the first time he fucked his cousin’s ass, the boy flinched a bit, but he told him to go on and do it. He liked to be used apparently, and he’d call his cousin and they’d jerk off on the phone together and talk about their next visit when they could play together. This went on for several years.

They are both grown now, the cousin is gay, but the bi older one since got married and although he’s put playing with other men behind him for now, he thinks about these times when he jerks off and he loves to imagine fucking another man again, it’s pretty much the only fantasy he talks about. Of course his wife has no clue about his playing in the past with the cousin or the others he played with and still fantasizes about.

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Use Me, Master

I am submissive by nature, and seem to have attracted mainly dominant boyfriends over the years. You really do seem to attract your opposite, so it’s worked out very well for me to have men that loved to use and dominate me. I love to please. Being called a “good girl” by my boyfriends practically makes me wet with excitement. The man I’ve been seeing for the last year likes to be a bit aggressive with me and has even spanked me and used instruments of correction on me like a riding crop and a whip. I love when he leaves a mark on me. Every time I look down and see it, it reminds me of the hot time we had when he gave it to me.

He loves to really fuck my mouth and have me give him blow jobs. He can be a bit rough, but I don’t mind at all, it arouses me for him to use me for his pleasure. Last night he had me get on the bed on all fours and open my mouth, just waiting for him. I’d put on some of his favorite lingerie to be a feast for his eyes as well as his other senses. I closed my eyes as he told me to and I felt the tip of his cock at my lips. I licked the precum off and felt him slide into my waiting mouth.

He grabbed me on each side of my head and then really rammed in, over and over and over again. I was drooling profusely to make it all wet and slippery, sliding my tongue up one side and down the other of his hard dick as he used my mouth for his own pleasure. I knew I was wet and would soon be fucked by him after he came in my mouth and got hard again. In a few minutes, I’d be in ecstasy.

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