The Sex Show

Many years ago a boyfriend and I went to see a live sex show. I was only twenty and didn’t have much experience. I wasn’t that gung ho on the idea, but he really wanted to go, so I went along. I was surprised how horny I got watching them. It was mostly men in the audience and I’m sure most wanted to masturbate right then and there but it was not allowed and there were staff there watching the crowds to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Several were leering at me, one of the only women in there.

After the show was over my boyfriend and I fucked all night, over stimulated by the show we’d seen. The man of course was hung like a horse, and could fuck for the entire length of the show. Most average men are simply not up to that performance level. I had never seen anything like it, I’d only even seen a porn movie once, this was before the internet. I was very aroused watching all the seedy goings on up on the stage and our sex life that week was quite thrilling. It was in absolute overdrive.

My boyfriend like to talk about us being up on a stage and having dozens of horny people watching us and how exciting it would be. Of course I’d never do anything like that, but it was fun to fantasize about all those strangers getting aroused by watching us fucking and then knowing they were going home to masturbate like fiends. You just felt like you were watching something so personal, so intimate, and it was right up there on a lit stage with everyone staring. I wondered how much they got paid and if anyone in their families knew what they did for money.

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Fucking the Sitter

There’s no shortage of guys out there who fantasize about younger girls. The babysitters can be luscious young things that grab their attentions and make their cocks hard. Add that to a cold wife who won’t fuck them anymore, and you can’t blame them for looking elsewhere. I know, because when I was a student, I babysat as well and I had fun with a few of the fathers I sat for. Their wives were self absorbed, cold bitches. I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty for satisfying them. In fact, I felt I was doing a good thing by helping them out when their own wives wouldn’t.

Even after I left the sitting behind and went off to college, this one father I’d sat for and I kept in touch. He traveled on business a lot and he’d come to the town I went to college in and he’d always let me know when he’d be in town and I’d go stay with him at the hotel he’d be staying at when he was there for a night or two. I looked forward to his visits and he was always generous with me, bringing me presents and giving me money he knew I could use for school. Hotel sex is always fun as well, so it was always something to look forward to.

I used to tell him I’d fantasize about his wife being tied to a chair at the foot of the bed and watching us fuck as we laughed at her and she struggled to try and get free. He was a good fuck, and he had a nice cock and I loved to ride him up and down. I could never understand how his wife wouldn’t want to fuck him when he was such a good lover and had a great cock and knew how to use it. Her loss was my gain for sure.

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Naughty Nurse

I used to be a nurse years ago, and I was just so horny all the time I did a lot of things I shouldn’t. I fucked a lot of the doctors and other staff members and even some of the patients. This one night I was checking on this man that had gotten surgery on his foot, so his body was fine, it was only his foot that was sore and he was only in for one night. The ward was quiet that night and he was in a private room. I was about to go off duty after I checked on him, so there was no other nurses that would be checking on him for at least two to three hours.

I knew when I saw him I wanted to fuck him. He was attractive and we had the privacy. I went in his room and checked him and he was fine, as expected. I think he knew from the flirty way I talked to him and looked at him that I was open for more. I pulled back his covers and could see he was hard. I made the first move. He grabbed my breast and then he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock.

In mere seconds I was straddling him and fucking him right there on the hospital bed. We tried to be as quiet as possible and fast, and I was worried any second a nurse would walk in and check, since she’d seen me go in but not back out. We fucked less than ten minutes before he made me cum hard and he shot his load into me as well. I quickly got dressed and left and she gave me a funny look on my way out but didn’t say anything. Oh those hospital shenanigans. I do miss them at times.

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Sex Doll for You

Sex dolls are growing in popularity, and more and more men that cannot get women are turning towards them. They never say no, they never tire out, and they are better feeling than your hand. They really are just a male masturbation accessory, but the high end ones are a lot more realistic looking now than just a few years ago. However they don’t move, so it would be kind of like fucking a sleeping person that’s just laying there and not doing anything to participate or help things along. That’s enough for some guys I suppose, not all are looking for the interactive qualities a real woman would provide.

If the lighting would be low and you’d had a few drinks, it could pass for a more real type of experience, and then you just stuff them in the closet or under the bed afterwards. They won’t nag you to do chores like a real woman would. I can see why some men are just fed up with the women today and would turn to a doll that isn’t going to harp at them. It would certainly feel better than your average masturbation experience, but afterwards, I can see the shame creeping in and you look at it laying there like a lifeless body.

Is getting a sex doll for you? There now sex doll brothels that have opened, so you can go and fuck one and then leave, they clean it up after and then the next guy comes and uses her. It’s become a very strange world these days. Many women are unappealing these days and many men are lacking the social skills they had in generations past, so the emergence of sex dolls has risen to prominence. Maybe the day will come when you too will have one. Some worry where they’d hide them from their wives. Oh well, one problem at a time.

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Getting Fucked Hard

I’ve been so horny lately, but I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I’m not one for casual sex as a rule, but sometimes you just need to get fucked badly. I didn’t want to run into anyone I knew, so I went to an out of town place I’d been to a few times. A bar in a hotel. I’d stayed there once and liked it. I felt so slutty going there with only one purpose in mind. I got all dolled up and sat at the bar and ordered myself a wine. It wasn’t long until I had a few possibilities to choose from.

I chose the one I was most attracted to, an out of town businessman and he had a room upstairs, so I went up with him. He started undressing me as soon as we got in the door to his room. It was hot, it was sexy, and it was explosive. He kissed me all over and told me he loved licking pussy and he was soon sliding his tongue down to my freshly shaved cunt and teasing me until I was squirming on the bed. He easily made me cum with that talented tongue of his. Then he got on top of me and began to fuck me.

Oh, his cock was incredible, and he knew just how to use it. I wrapped my legs around him and he pounded my pussy until I saw stars. I was teetering on the brink of another orgasm and he just keep fucking me until I went over that brink and clawed at his back and screamed into his shoulder. We went several rounds and both came several times. I showered and left, it was the middle of the night when I did, he fell asleep when I was in the shower. I felt slutty, but oh so alive.

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