Let Me Lick Your Ass

My boyfriend asked me if I’d ever allowed anyone to lick my ass, and I said no, the idea didn’t really appeal to me and I could guarantee you I’d never be doing that to anyone myself. He laughed and said I didn’t have to, but would I let him do it to me? I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea, but a few days later I was in the shower drying off and he walked in and said he knew I was as clean as I could be still being wet from the shower I’d just had, so could we please try now? It was easier to give in that fight about it, so I agreed.

I went and laid down on the bed and he kissed my clean as a whistle self and started to go down on my freshly shaved pussy, which of course I loved as usual, and then he let his tongue go a little lower and I felt it tickle my ass. I flinched, even knowing he was going to do it and he kept telling me to relax, it was ok, I was clean, there was no smell, I didn’t taste bad, and I finally relaxed and he swirled and swirled his tongue around my asshole and then started to stick the tip of his tongue inside of me and wiggle it around.

It was different, I was rubbing my clit as he was doing this and my wetness was dripping down to him at my ass, he said it just drove him crazy. He wanted to let me have him do it, I allowed it, I tried it, not sure I will again, but I gave it a go. Many times when a guy is going down on you, as you buck your hips up, a tongue might slip a bit lower and touch there by accident, unless you have a butt plug in to prevent such a thing, it can happen, many even love it, to each their own. Guys definitely seem to like it more than women do, but there are exceptions of course, and many submissives love to have their Mistress sit on their face and eat and worship their ass.

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Watch Yourself Masturbate

Watching can be fun even if you are alone, you don’t need to count on porn to get aroused, a good, old fashioned mirror will do. Many couple love to have sex in front of mirrors as well, hence the old standby mirror that hangs over the bed. Being alone and watching yourself can be a very sexually enjoyable experience, especially if you have a close-up mirror that can give you a much better view than what you’d be able to see yourself. It’s hard to believe lots of women have not given their bodies a good look in the mirror to know their own bodies better.

Even if porn is not your thing, watching yourself or you and your partner can not only help you learn about your bodies more, but give you a totally different perspective than just doing it and not watching. Try watching just the reflection and not your own real self, it has to be experienced to be appreciated. It’s not something to do every time you masturbate or have sex, but once in a while it really adds a whole different element to the sexual experience.

Some guys that call up for phone sex will mention masturbating in front of the mirror and seem a bit surprised women do this as well, some also mention how they love to shoot their cum all over the mirror and watch it run down the glass in rivulets. So messy you guys are, but whatever turns you on and doesn’t hurt anyone is a good thing, and watching your own self can be a good thing to do. Enjoy your own reflections.

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Sex at the Drive In

Recently a drive in movie theater opened not that far from my home. Such a retro thing many of us have fond memories of. Most are closed now, but there are some that remain and rarely new ones open, but as soon as I heard about it, I told my boyfriend and said when I was a teenager I used to go there with boyfriends all the time and having sex at the drive in was one of the highlights of the summertime and would he be interested? I sure didn’t need to ask twice.

We were there with loads of other cars waiting to be let in and when it was dark, well, let’s just say the windows were steamed up and we crawled into the backseat and the car was certainly rocking back and forth, but then a lot of others were as well. This kind of nostalgia, brings back old memories and I think others had the same idea as I had. I wasn’t really interested in the movie, but the experience took me back to my youth. Passionate kisses in the front seat, getting felt up and my nipples getting hard, the hand slowly creeping up my thigh and towards my panties.

Then touching that hard cock and wanting it inside of me and getting laid out in the backseat to have as much room as possible, still cramped, but one makes do when the need is there regardless of the level of comfort. People filing past at intermission to the washrooms and snack bar and hoping they don’t stop long enough to peer in your steamed up windows and see what’s going on inside, like the car rocking doesn’t clue them in enough. I think we will be making a few trips to the drive in before it closes fort he season. Who knows, one time we may even actually watch the movie!

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BBW Belly Button Fucking

One of my callers is really into super sized BBW’s, as in the really big women. The over four hundred pound variety. He pays plus sized escorts to eat gigantic meals in front of him as he jerks off and he fucks them sometimes and even fucks their belly buttons, which the largest of women have a large enough and big enough belly to fuck. The first time he thought about fucking a belly button, he wasn’t sure it could work, but I told him to look up porn of it online and there’s lots of it.

He also has a fairly small cock, so that made it even easier. It’s kind of a challenge if you have a bigger woman and a partner with a small cock, it’s challenging under the best of circumstances when they are large and the man has a normal sized cock, the positions are limited as to what will realistically work, but the belly fucking is honestly perfect for guys with small dicks. There’s many varieties of non penetrative sex, well this is penetrating, but when one says penetrating one usually thinks of a vagina, anal sex, or oral sex, not a navel, since of course only the largest of women is able to accomplish such a feat.

I don’t see how a woman would be getting any sexual satisfaction from such an act, since it’s not anywhere near the sex organs, but some people do truly just enjoy giving others pleasure, so some would be ok with that. It’s amazing the number of things people can do without having actual sex to get sexual pleasure from it that most people wouldn’t give a thought to. There really is a whole world of sexual pleasures out there to be discovered.

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Let Me Be Your Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend is a bit wilder than I am in the bedroom, but he’s never asked me to do anything yet that I was uncomfortable with once I wrapped my mind around it. Last weekend he asked me how I felt about possibly being restrained and tied down to the bed and having a ball gag placed in my mouth. I thought about it and said I could live with it and would be willing to try it.

He brought home a bag of supplies from the sex shop and we went into the bedroom to try them out. He had me lay down on my stomach in the nude spread eagle and he cuffed my ankles and tied my hands and placed the ball gag in my mouth. Then he took out a riding crop and a cat o nine tails and began lightly whipping my ass cheeks with the thin, leather strips and kept doing it harder until I whimpered. I was squirming, but also felt myself getting wet with excitement.

He knew I was getting aroused and soon placed his fingers in my pussy from behind and started to rub my clit until I was panting and wriggling around on the bed and he made me cum and then he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and stuck his fingers in my mouth that were coated with my own juices. I sucked on them and then he got on top of me and fucked me from behind while I was still spread eagle and tied down. I was soon pumped full of his cum and loving our first experiment with bondage.

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