Sex at the Beach House

My husband and I have a beach house that we go to in the summer months during the weekends. It’s secluded and we love to have sex outdoors when we are there. We have some comfortable chaise lounges set up that overlook the water and they are very comfortable to make love on. The feeling you get when you are nude and outside and can feel the breeze playing over your skin is like nothing else. It’s a wonderful feeling. We got there last night a few hours before it got dark and decided to play. After dark the mosquitoes can be not worth having fun outside!

I laid down on the chaise lounge and he joined me, kissed me and I spread for him. He slid his cock deep into me and I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight. He plunged in and out of me as we kissed. Me running my fingers through his hair. Feeling the wetness of my pussy envelop his hard cock. Knowing how much we both enjoyed the freedom of this outside passion in our own little world away from anyone. No one but the wildlife to see or hear us out here.

My clit was stiff and got stroked with every thrust into me as his hard cock grazed it lovingly. I bucked my hips up to meet his thrusts and feel him as much as I could. I reached down and squeezed his nice ass cheeks in my hands, pushing him further into me and I knew I was going to cum in a minute from this constant stimulation of my clit. A few more thrusts and I was pushed over the edge and him seconds afterwards. I loved triggering him this way. The feel of the breeze, the birds chirping away in the distance, the feel of his warm body on top of and inside of me, it was heaven. How I love the beach house.

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A Roll in the Hay

I live on a farm and have a few farm hands that help me. I can’t do everything myself. One of them is very handsome and strong and he knew I liked him from the moment I hired him. He’d seen me staring at him many times. Last week I was in the barn looking at some of my dear animals and he came in before leaving for the day. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear he knew I wanted his cock. I felt a shiver go through me as he said it.

I then felt his hands go to my breasts and knead them from behind, making my nipples hard instantly. He rubbed them with his thumbs and I felt myself growing wet at his attentions. I could feel his hard cock pressing into me from behind. I knew I had to have him then. I turned around and kissed him passionately and he started to take my clothes off, then his own. We got down on a blanket in the hay and I started to ride him. His cock spread open my cunt lips as I bounced up and down on him. It felt so good to finally have him inside of me.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and helped ease me up and down on his hard shaft. I started to grind my clit right against his hard cock, feeling a thrill with every motion of my hips. He semi sat up and started to suck on my nipples as we fucked. He started to buck up underneath me and I knew I was about to explode in orgasm. A few movements more and I was over that edge of bliss, with him soon following. We came right there in the hay, the animals looking on, uninterested at this passionate exchange. Next time I will be sure to invite him to my bed.

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Landlady Taking Advantage

Normally it’s men that will take advantage of a woman in dire straights, but it can be flipped. This caller was telling me when he was young he got laid off and didn’t think he’d be able to pay his rent and he was afraid he’d get kicked out by his landlord, who was a woman in her fifties. He said he was a young, good looking and in shape guy, he was just not having luck with the job market and lived far from his parents. One night when he was already two months behind on rent the landlady came knocking and he thought he was getting an eviction notice.

That was not the case. She really surprised him when she said he could stay put, as long as he started coming by her unit every night for a few hours. He was really shocked, but kind of out of choices, so he gave in and serviced her nightly for nearly six months until he got back on his feet again. He said he didn’t mind much, she was nice and attractive to a degree and she cooked, and had him for dinner most nights, so it cut down on his food expenses as well. Then they’d go into the bedroom. She loved being eaten out and he got quite good at pleasing her orally.

He was able to get an erection any time she wanted him to and they fucked every night pretty much, the old gal was insatiable. I’m sure having a twenty three year old fit lover would certainly help one’s libido as well. She also loved to suck his cock and he enjoyed her doing it and he’s had a thing for older women ever since his odd relationship with this one. Her pussy was always craving his young cock. I love younger men as well, not sure I’d have the nerve to demand such an arrangement though.

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Light Housekeeping

For extra money, sometimes I work for this xrated maid service for men. It’s just light housekeeping while you wear a French maid’s uniform and no panties underneath. It pays well, the work is light, and once the guys cum, they usually tell you leave even though you’ve been paid for a set amount of time. They usually masturbate while they watch you vacuum, dust, make the bed, etc. They don’t touch you, they just stare and rub their dicks. I haven’t told any of my girlfriend’s about this since I think they’d judge me, but it’s worked well for me and given me some good money for little effort.

Last week I got a call and this man had hired me for three hours. He apparently wanted his whole condo cleaned. I got there and he looked pretty turned on already. I could see a bulge in his pants. I took my coat off and he looked me up and down in my uniform. He told me to bend over and touch my toes so he could look at my cunt. He seemed to approve. He sat down on the sofa and told me to clean the coffee table in front of him. I bent over and totally exposed my shaved pussy to him. I could just feel his eyes boring into me.

I looked over my shoulder and he was beating his dick so fast and so hard, it was making those fapping sounds. I nearly giggled at it. I vacuumed and walked around, showing off my wares every few minutes to him and then he groaned and came. I bet I wasn’t there twenty minutes even and he’d paid for three hours. I said I’d be happy to continue to keep on cleaning for the paid for time, but he said it wasn’t necessary and that I could go. I took the envelope of money and left. So easy.

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Fucking the Fluffy Girls

Some men love the bigger girls in bed. One caller said he only will fuck bigger girls since they physically feel better to him. He loves a good titty fuck and most bigger girls have ample tits. He had a date last week and said when he picked her up she was wearing a low cut dress, her huge tits nearly spilling out of it and he had a hard time keeping his eyes elsewhere the rest of the date. Then they went back to his place and he quickly got her into bed. He kissed her and fingered her fat cunt before laying her back and going down on her wet pussy.

Her fat thighs around his head nearly smothered him and he loved every minute of it. He said she was so wet, just pouring love juice and he lapped it up. He said she was quite a big girl, so getting on her knees for doggy position sex would be quite uncomfortable for her, so she stood at the edge of the bed, and bent over and he fucker that way from behind. He could reach around and squeeze those huge tits and smack her ass as he pounded her.

He said bigger girls are sturdier, you don’t feel like they’re going to snap like a twig, so they can really take a good, firm fucking. After his cock was all wet from her pussy, he asked if he could slip it into her big bottom and she said yes, she’d like that, so she bend over even further and held her ass cheeks open and he popped in the head of his cock and eased it in and she squealed. He gave her a good ass fucking while he fingered her clit underneath and once she came, he shot his load all over her fat, jiggly bum.

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