We Fucked in a Store

My latest boyfriend loves risky sex in public places where the chances of getting caught are high. I am always nervous to do it, yet somehow he always talks me into it and I go along. I am fearing the day we get caught and hauled off by the cops, but he promises that will never happen. Last week he wanted to fuck in a store. I told him he was nuts, but I said I’d be open to it. We went into a store and scoped out the security cameras in the ceiling, and found one small area where they were not going to capture anything in a way off corner that was not a busy part of the store. He unzipped, I pulled down my pants, he pulled the crotch of my panties aside and we went to it. I bet it didn’t take three minutes.

We straightened up, and carried on shopping as if nothing odd had just happened. No one gave us any weird looks, no one had come near the area we were in, being in a corner location, we could look out at anything coming our way. I wanted to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible, but he said to get out so fast, they might think we took something, so we walked around for a while before leaving.

I got a couple of items I needed, paid for them, then we left, and no one seemed to have seen us. Lord knows where the next location he might pick for us to fuck in will be, but he does find unusual spots for us to have our in public quickies in. I guess some people do love the risky sex and what might happen if anyone sees you do it. Just be careful and try not to get caught and have an escape plan if possible.

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Bedding the Politician

I volunteered in the latest election and really liked the candidate. He’s why I volunteered to help him in the first place, although he didn’t know that. It worked out well for me. He’s not married and I did a lot of office work during the campaign and he was very grateful. He was in such a hurry on election night, he left without his phone, and I knew he’d want it and no one else at the office saw him leave it behind, so I pocketed it and drove over to his house to return it to him.

He answered the door and was grateful I’d brought it to him. He asked me in for a drink and of course I accepted. We talked and I confessed I’d only volunteered to be closer to him, and he was very flattered. We talked for hours and soon he leaned over and kissed me and it got very passionate from there on in. Powerful men have always turned me on a lot, and I found out he was a bit dominant, which isn’t really surprising given his position. I got on the floor in front of him and he told me to suck his cock like a good little whore. I did as I was told.

Soon after that, I was on all fours taking his cock from behind and having my ass spanked as he called me a dirty slut. I was on fire with passion for this man. I squeezed my cunt muscles for him when he was inside of me and milked his dick as hard as I could. I wanted to please him, and apparently I did, she he made me cum so hard, and juice on his cock so much, that he soon exploded inside of me until I had cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. I hope he wants to keep seeing me, he’s awfully good in bed and I want to learn more about him.

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Don’t Cum in Me

When I started dating, I was not ready to just right into sex, but of course was curious to try things. I had a serious boyfriend and he so wanted to fuck me, but I just wasn’t ready. I’d let him run his cock up and down my slit and play with my clit with his cock head and it was fun and he’d be able to make me cum by doing that. I was also not wanting any chance of getting pregnant, so he’d always shoot his load onto my tummy. We did this for many months before I actually was ready to have sex with him.

It can actually heighten things if you delay them and only go so far before pulling back. I had a lot of fun doing this. I think it frustrated him a lot more than it id me. I wasn’t meaning to be a tease and he knew it was not going to be allowed inside, but he was always begging me to let him do it. It happened eventually, but for a long time it was just the non penetrative sex thing we would do. The things you do when you are young and not quite ready.

I would give him hand jobs, and he would finger me and we would masturbate and watch one another, but actually allowing him to fuck me, that took a while for me to be ready for. There’s really no rush, you have the rest of your life to have sex, but when you’re young, you want to experience as much as you can as fast as you can, just how it is at that age it seems. Playing is fun as long as both people get to cum, no matter how you do it. Relax and enjoy the journey.

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Jerking in the Car

Lots of guys are masturbating in their car. More callers than you would think are calling from parking lots, parked on the street, you name it. Some go to the car since there’s no privacy at home, so they drive around to some secluded spot where they get some much needed privacy. Others that are exhibitionists, are deliberately parking in a semi public area so there’s a chance someone will walk by and see them doing it. Others are doing it while driving, which seems pretty dangerous. Last night a man called with no privacy at home, so he went to the corner of a parking lot where he could see everything around him.

He could get some peace in the car and was stroking away enjoying himself. For many, the car is their last refuge, a mobile refuge. Their private little room on wheels they can go to and get away. Some even use empty cups from drive thru’s they got to cum in. Imagine driving on a long stretch of highway and you’re bored, nothing to do, and your mind wanders and suddenly you’re horny, so your hand goes to your dick and starts to stroke it. Gently at first over your jeans, then unzipping for full skin on skin contact.

The cars are whizzing by, your hand is jerking your dick, getting you more and more excited. Maybe you haven’t cum in a few days and you just can’t take the ache in your balls one moment longer and the teasing feels oh so good as you stroke yourself, knowing that inevitable orgasmic release is very close. You drive onward, and stroke, each pass of your hand driving you closer and closer to that edge, and then you grab your empty coffee cup, and squirt that load into it as you continue to drive. Naughty, naughty boy you are. Felt good though, didn’t it?

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Her Pussy Was Stretched Out

One of the recent callers was sharing how he fucked his wife a few nights ago and something didn’t seem quite right. It took him a few minutes to realize what it was. Then it came to him. Her pussy felt different, it felt bigger than it had the last time. Then he wondered if she’d been seeing someone else that had a larger penis than he did. He said he was only four inches, so most guys would have a penis larger than he did. If she’d been with some guy that was double his size, yes, of course she could easily seem stretched out from what she’d been.

He then realized she’d come home late the night before, she’d been supposedly working late with a coworker, he’d had no reason to doubt her. Then the loose pussy situation got his attention, so he started to observe her more closely. He noticed she was showering more often, as if she was washing “evidence” away. That is a sign of a partner cheating, then the idea stated to turn him on, that a man with a larger cock was satisfying her in a way he never could. He mentioned it and asked her outright if she was sleeping with another man, and she admitted it. He told her he wasn’t angry and in fact would like to watch. It was an odd evening for the two of them to come to terms with.

She finally agreed to tell her coworker about him finding out, and they are supposed to go over and fuck in front of him later this week. I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. So many odd things people share and get involved with. Cuckold, small penis humiliation, all of these are very common topics among callers. Maybe you have some stories of your own to share with our phone sex girls.

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