The Marvelous Toy

This new guy I’ve been seeing sadly has a small dick, he’s got everything else a woman could want in a man, except in the dick department, but he begged me to give him a chance, so I did. He loves using toys on women since he knows what he has is not going to cut it, so he said he knows of a very realistic toy, so he got it for me and convinced me to let him use to on me. He kept the lights low and talked to me all slow and sexy like as he began to use it on me, like a guided visualization of him having the perfect cock and fucking me with it to perfection every single time.

As the toy glided in and out of me, I was concentrating on his words and how good it felt and feeling my wet cunt lips sucking it into myself as he pushed and pulled it teasingly out of me. It was really hot and I loved the way it felt. I’d never been one much for sex toys, so it was kind of unique to let myself go like this and have one used on me.

I told myself this was his cock and it was making love to me so good as he kissed me and talked to me and all of a sudden I could feel an enormous orgasm welling up inside of me and he increased his speed with which he was dragging it in and out of me and I exploded all over it and there was a gush of my wetness all over the toy and on his hand and it really was like a real cock had fucked me, he told me it could be this good every time, so I look forward to the next time.

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They Made Me Horny

I had to spend a few nights in a hotel recently as I was away at a business conference and the couple in the room next door to my was quite amorous shall we say. Every night they’d fuck and I would get so turned on listening to their sounds I’d masturbate as I listened to them. I just wished I could also see what they were doing, since they were obviously having a lot of fun to be making such sounds of pleasure. I was pressing my ear against the wall, and I could hear the headboard banging against the shared wall with every thrust.

I could just picture him pinning her down and her legs wrapped around him, beckoning him closer inside of her and feeling his cock inside of her pussy. He nails clawing at her back, and I was closing my eyes picturing all of it and slipping my middle finger down between my cunt lips and stroking my stiff little clit. I loved to masturbate as I heard the sex sounds that were coming from the room next door. They didn’t go on all night and disturb my sleep, it was just for around a half hour, and I was able to get off with them every single night.

I wondered if they had any idea how much their misadventures were turning on the other people in the hotel. I was dripping wet wishing I was the one getting fucked and spread open by a nice, hard, throbbing cock buried all the way inside of me. I was so aroused as I felt my fingers go into myself and imagined it was a hard cock. I looked forward to when they would begin each of the three nights I was there and I came very hard as I touched myself and listened to them. I will remember those sounds of ecstasy for a long time with fondness.

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Sex Slave Wife

There was an interesting call the other day by a man that had basically put his wife out there as a sex slave, though he claimed she was free to stop at any time. He arranged on hook up sites for men to come over and fuck her while he watched, she had no say in who he chose, and it was not a typical cuckold type of thing you’d think of when a man says he wants his wife to get fucked by other men in front of him. Most cuckold situations, the woman is the one in control, choosing who she wants to fuck, not servicing men not of her choosing and being used like a whore.

This wife was a submissive Asian lady, petite and very isolated, she’d moved here to marry this American man and had no one around her and he just watched or sometimes listened outside the door. She had no say as to what acts were to be performed on her or by whom, yet could stop it any time she wished. This was a weekly thing for years and none of the men apparently used protection and he estimated there’s been hundreds at this point.

One can only hope this entire scenario was all in his fantasy an this poor woman wasn’t actually being subjected to this lifestyle. Some have such wild fantasies and they want to make them seem as realistic as possible and claim they are really going on, when in fact it’s all in their mind. The fantasies have about enslaving others to do things against their will for their own entertainment and anyone else be damned know no ends. To some their own pleasure is all that matters and others are just pawns in their pleasurefull pursuits. He said he had no one to discuss this with, so he wanted to hear some else’s take on things.

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Teasing The Teacher

When I was in school, there was one class I was always on the verge of failing, so I took a chance on doing something to pass, though I wasn’t sure if it was a bit mistake to do it, but it paid off. I thought but wasn’t sure I’d seen the teacher looking at me out of the corner of his eye when I’d worn something a bit skimpy, so it put the idea in my mind. Maybe he’d like a better look at me, a much better look. That night when I was alone in my room I took a bunch of risqué selfies in my lingerie.

I sorted through them, picked out the sexiest one and cropped my face mostly out of it and emailed it to him. I even made up a fake email to send it from so he wouldn’t be sure who sent it, but I thought he’d recognize my mouth, so took a chance he’d know it was me without me being so obvious. The next day we had a test and even thought I far from deserved it, I got a high grade on it, the sexy selfie must have had an effect and he knew it was me I assumed.

I even went so far as to make gif of myself from a clip I shot of me masturbating, I was really naughty! My face wasn’t in it though, so no real way to prove it was from me. I sent it the night before a final exam and I aced it. He had to know who was sending them, but not a word was spoken about it and I kept wracking up the good grades with nothing but clandestinely send naughty pics. Sometime a risk pays off, and this was one of those times!

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Sucking You Off

One thing my boyfriend loves is me sucking his cock, and I have to admit, I love it just as much. It makes me feel very powerful to be in charge of giving him so much pleasure that way. His favorite way is to stand at the edge of the bed with me laying on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and just gagging me with his cock. Many times he will lean forward and lick my pussy as he’s doing it. Holding my cunt lips open exposing my clit and flickering that tongue of his all over my stiff little clit. It feels so good.

I like sucking his balls as well, so I can stroke his cock in my hand as I suck on them. His last girlfriend wouldn’t give him any oral sex, so he loves that I’m happy to do it for him. I like making him happy, and I know my skills make him very happy in the bedroom, he just loves how slutty I can be, that’s why he keeps coming back for more. Just sucking on his cock for a few minutes makes him putty in my hands.

I more than get return treatment, he genuinely loves going down on me, we lick and suck each other as much as we fuck, and we make each other cum a lot, it’s pleasurable for us both. Keeping a man happy is not hard to do, just give them frequent blow jobs, make your pussy available to them and make them a sandwich once in a while, they will keep coming back for more, believe me. Many like to make their women cum as much as possible and make them numb with pleasure. He can make me numb any time he wants.

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