Sharing Your Wife

Some people think all wife swapping or sharing is a form of cuckolding, and it’s really not, it’s quite separate. Not everyone that wants to watch their wife or girlfriend get fucked by another guy has a small dick and wants to watch a more capable party do the job, some just genuinely want to see others enjoy their partner and they themselves like to enjoy another as well. Jealousy can be an issue in this, so some people better examine their relationship very carefully and make sure it can withstand such activities first. Both partners have to be ok with seeing their partner indulge in sex with another person.

It’s not cheating if everyone agrees, cheating implies doing something behind your partners back and keeping them in the dark about it, lying about it to make sure you’re not discovered. Ones into swinging and swapping, just love sex and they like to share that and add variety to their relationship by playing with other couples openly, then discussing those hot times when they themselves are fucking together later and alone.

From the outside, it seems to have an appeal, but the jealousy thing could be an issue, or if one partner wants to stop, yet the other wants to continue playing with others, you really have to be secure in your relationship to get involved in this kind of play. Some that are singles can feel left out, and some clubs only take couples, not singles that are interested in playing with said couples. Many groups are also older people, not twenties and thirties, but fifties and sixties older people, not at the height of their physical attractiveness. One single male that told me he was involved in such a group, said most all of the women members were past menopause and the few that weren’t had been, “fixed.” I laughed at his calling them fixed, like a stray dog, but I got his drift, these people were not wishing to increase the size of their families, so pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue, and since most were smaller groups of a dozen or less couples, they didn’t even use protection, since they kept their sexual exploitations to other group members only.

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I Will Do As You Tell Me, Sir

My boyfriend likes to be in charge in the bedroom, he likes it when I beg for his cum and to be allowed to cum at all. I have to admit, I like it as well. Last night he had me tied up, rather tightly as well, and I was kept teetering on the brink of orgasm for several hours. M y pussy lips ached for the sweet release of orgasms, and he kept denying me. I was wanting to cum so badly as he lightly traced my clit with his fingertip and made little circles around it.

I kept trying to buck against his hand more, to get more pressure on my pussy from his fingers, but he wouldn’t allow it and I was like this for way too long. I had my hands tied behind my back, so I couldn’t reach down and do it myself, that was the idea of restraining me, he wanted total control over my orgasm, and he wanted me to beg for it, and I did. I guess he must have finally gotten tired of my pleas, so he applied more pressure and allowed me to rub against him harder and as he dipped his fingers in my sopping wet pussy to bring that wetness over my clit I exploded and quivered beneath him.

He wasn’t finished with me yet though. He inserted his fingers into that spasming cunt, that was just oozing juice, and he then brought them to my lips for me to taste and to suck. I opened my mouth and licked my own wetness from him and then he leaned down and kissed me passionately, before bending me over, arms still tied behind my back, and fucking the living daylights out of me and of course I came again on his hard cock as it plunged in and out of me.

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Watch Me Use Your Panties

My roommate’s brother was staying with us for a few weeks since his place was under going some renovations and he had nowhere to stay until they were finished, so we agreed he could stay with us rather than pay for a hotel. Soon after he arrived, I noticed many pairs of my panties go missing, I thought there was some kind of laundry issue, but then I realized a pair right off the end of my bed went missing and I was sure I’d seen him walk by my door. I waited until he was out to work and I went in the spare room where he was staying and there they all were.

My roommate was out that evening, so I confronted him about the panties and he admitted taking them, he said he’d always had a panty fetish and he really liked me and he wanted a pair of mine to masturbate with. Then he even had the nerve to ask if I’d watch him do it. I was a bit speechless, but I agreed to watch. I went in the room he was staying in and sat on the edge of the bed while he, a few feet up the bed, rubbed his naked, hard cock with a pair of my panties. He was soon glistening wet at the tip of his cock with arousal.

He had a large cock and was teasing himself with the silky fabric of my panties as I watched him, especially with the crotch area. It was interesting to watch actually, and I was soon getting turned on myself watching him. He asked if I’d like to join him, and I lifted my skirt up and slipped my hand into my panties as he watched, I was quite wet and we masturbated together. Once we both came, I claimed all my panties back except for one pair, I said he could keep those ones as a souvenir.

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Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose

No matter how many years one has been doing this job of phone sex, you will every few weeks hear something you never heard before. The other night a man called and said several women in his life had enjoyed smelling his cock. I could not contain the laughter, it seemed so absurd. All I could think of was some woman on her knees moving his erect member beneath her nose like a fine, Cuban cigar, inhaling its aroma. He failed to see the humor in the visual, but it just struck me as bizarre and comical, something that a lot of calls fit into as a matter of fact, but in ten years of doing this job, he was the first one that ever mentioned anyone smelling his cock.

Some people are into smells, but it usually seems to be the man, fart fetish actually comes up more often than one would think, a few times a week actually. Ones have mentioned burping, the smell of ass, arm pits, of all kinds of goodies, to say nothing of stinky feet, they are in their own category of popularity. He asked me if I liked the smell of cock, I said I prefer soap and water and right out of the shower, he seemed amazed not all women didn’t want stale cock in their nose.

People have their different kinks, this is true, and as fetishes go, it’s pretty harmless, just a bit odd. So do you fair reader, love the thought of a woman holding your cock under her nose and passing it back and forth smelling it from base to tip? Licking it I get, but smelling it does nothing for the one being smelled, and I’ve read things online by women complaining about the stale, sweaty cocks that reek of old urine, good lord, gag me now. If I was ever presented with such a travesty, they’d be out on their ear in seconds, the disgusting pigs. Take a shower for our sake, it not your own, you smelly beasts.

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Don’t Tell Mommy!

I’ve always been kind of a slut, even when I was in high school. We had a smaller house, and the room that was mine was right near the door, there was then a short hallway and then my parents room. As I got into my teen years, I began to see the advantage of this arrangement. I could literally have a guy come in the door and into my room by walking three steps. If we were quiet, there was no way they’d know, and they went to bed early. Needless to say, I took advantage of this situation many times.

When I was a senior, my boyfriend and I were fucking pretty much every day, or night I should say, and my parents didn’t have a clue I was sneaking him in my room after they went to bed pretty much every single night. I’d lay sleeping bags on the floor so there was no bed squeaking noises to alert them, I really did think of everything. One night though after he left, there was a faint knock at my door and it was my step father, he’d been up to go to the bathroom and had seen my boyfriend sneak out. He said if he told my mother she’d be very angry and I asked what I had to do for him to keep it a secret.

He told me if he could spank me, he wouldn’t tell her. I figured that was a fair trade, so he sat on the edge of my bed and I laid across his lap and he wailed on my ass so badly I thought I’d scream. He was of course very hard at having done this, and he said he wouldn’t tell. I knew he was going to go and jerk off before going to bed. I was more careful in the future when I snuck in my boyfriend, but I will never forget being spanked by step daddy for catching me.

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