Sleep Over at My Friend’s House

When I was in my teens, I used to stay over at my one friend’s a lot. The first few times nothing odd happened, but after a few times, she asked me if I had a “special relationship” with my dad the way she did with hers. I didn’t understand until she explained a little further. Her mom had died when she was young, so she was the lady of the house. It wasn’t long after before she started to share her dad’s bed. I was a bit shocked, but she seemed happy with the arrangement. That’s when she asked me if I’d consider a threesome with them.

I said I’d need to think about it. A few weeks later, I decided to give it a try. We all piled into their king sized bed the next time I stayed over and we gave him a blow job together and he loved it. Getting sucked off by his daughter and her friend. He got on his back and she rode his cock and I sat on his face. He was really good at licking pussy. After he made me cum with his tongue on my clit, I got on all fours and he fucked me from behind while my friend went down on me underneath. She liked watching his cock go in and out of my pussy.

Things carried on this way every time I slept over and this went on all through our high school years. My parents had no idea the sorts of things I went over there for, they’d sure never have let me go had they known, but it was a lot of fun. That guy sure kept up well for a man in his forties with two teenage girls to get off, he was up to the task. I miss those days, it was a lot of naughty fun.

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The Erotic Book Club

When I was in college, like many people I experimented a lot. One year some girlfriends and I started a book club. That’s not too odd in and of itself, but things got naughty. All of us were into romance novels and erotic fiction, and some of the books were pretty hot. We would all read the books aloud and sometimes we’d get so turned on, some would begin to masturbate, right there during the book club session. So it turned into a masturbation party with us trying to out do one another and get the most raunchy books we could find and read the dirty parts and we’d all be sitting around stroking our pussies as they were read.

It all started out innocently enough, but give us enough wine and some pot and things just went in the gutter, and we all loved it. I’d never masturbated in the presence of anyone before, and after a few months, it seemed second nature to be masturbating in this small group of women as we read one another erotic fiction out loud to one another. It was really hot, and we didn’t hare it with anyone. Not our boyfriends, no one. It was our private little thing and it went on twice a month for a year.

I wouldn’t have believed it could have been so arousing to be in a room with several other masturbating females, non of us were lesbians, and no one touched one another, it just evolved and took off and we all thought it greatly enhanced our friendships and our masturbation. I have such fond memories of stroking my pussy while the others looked on and I watched them as well. People get involved in odd things at different times of their life, and this was just one of those things. Our literary masturbation party as it were.

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Raunchy Rock Climbing

My boyfriend is a no limits kinda guy. He’s suggested we have sex in the most outrageous places. I’m always terrified we will get caught and have charges of public indecency brought against us. I cannot deny it’s fun though. His last suggestion was beyond over the top. I was afraid we could possibly die, but he assured me it was safe. He’s been into rock climbing for many years. He taught me the basics. It’s not really my thing and it makes me kind of afraid of the heights and all. He said he wanted us to fuck while we were rock climbing and hanging by our ropes over the side of a mountain face. I told him he was insane.

It was a three hundred foot plunge if we fell. He assured me he used ropes three times stronger than what we needed for our weight. I agreed to do this, though I was terrified. I did not think I’d be able to cum under such terrifying situations, but incredibly the fear heightened the sensations, which is why he’s a risk taker in the first place. I will never do it again, but it was a memory I will never forget. We were alone, so no one around to see and we started to go down the side of the mountain and he got out his dick and helped moved my shorts around to give him access to my pussy and we began the weirdest fuck of my life.

The fear can act as an aphrodisiac I found and I soon was concentrating on the physical sensations rather than the fact that it was a three hundred foot drop beneath us if anything went wrong. It was a quickie for sure, but we both did cum. I then scrambled down the mountain and reflected on this odd sexual experience. Lord knows what he will suggest next.

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Riding My Guy

Like many women, I find the woman on top position the best to cum from. I can control the depth, the pace, and I like it that way. My boyfriend is also happy to lie back and let me do all the work. The one on top does all the work after all, so it’s mostly on me to get myself off like this. He can also play with my breasts and suck on them and squeeze my ass cheeks while I grind on him. My clit gets very stiff and to be able to rub it up and down his throbbing, hard shaft as I grind on him really gets me off.

I usually place a cock ring on him before we begin to make sure he can stay hard as long as I need him to. I am quite flexible, so I can rotate my hips and do, for maximum pleasure as he bucks up underneath me. I love to feel him deep inside of me, all the way up to the balls. When I cum, I trigger his orgasm, and he feels my smooth, shaved cunt milking him into me. Those contractions of pleasure make him squirt like nothing else. I need at least two orgasms, so I like to wait and calm down while he’s still inside of me for him to get hard again.

He’s still pretty young, in his twenties, so it doesn’t take long for him to rise to the occasion again and get hard. I then slowly start to rise and fall on his hard dick once more and soon I am at a fever pitch rubbing my wet, horny pussy all over his cock and making myself cum again. It doesn’t take me nearly as long the second time, since the level of arousal is still fairly high, so it’s usually a fast and furious one. He’s not complaining, and neither am I.

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Bury That Face Between My Thighs

My boyfriend is an excellent pussy licker, I just adore him going down on me. It’s the absolute best type of orgasm for me, so I encourage him to do it as much as possible. Last night he really was a good boy and gave me three orgasms with his knowledgeable tongue. He said he really wanted to satisfy me and he knew that the best way was via his mouth, and he was right. Of course I sucked his cock for him as well when I was finished cumming as much as I wanted to. The way he licks at my clit, wiggling it back and forth, making me buck my hips back and forth, drives me wild.

Hard to believe some guys won’t even lick pussy, yet they expect their dicks to be sucked. I am so glad some love it more than anything, more than fucking even. Some men truly get their pleasure by giving their lady pleasure. A giver, that is a good thing for a man to be in the bedroom. Some talk on the phone about how they love the smell, the taste, the feel of a slippery wet pussy right in their face, how much it turns them on and makes their dick harder than anything.

Do you like to worship a woman’s pussy more than just about any other type of sexual act? I’d love to hear how you go about it, but one thing guys, so NOT make any pussy licking sounds on the phone. You have no idea how much phone sex girls despise it when callers do that. We mock them and make fun of them in the phone sex operator forums. It makes our stomach turn and our skin crawl, so if you think it’s being sexy, think again and just don’t do it.

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