Bukkake Bonanza

This new caller has a real bukakke fantasy about his wife. Like so many callers, his wife no longer has an interest in sex, so he has fantasies about degrading her and making her “pay” for not being there for him sexually, which honestly, I cannot blame him for one bit. The fantasy starts out with her going to a hotel room, and she thinks she’s just meeting her husband there. In fact when she arrives, there’s nearly thirty men in the room, and she’s going to be having sex with all of them. It starts out innocently enough, she doesn’t know what kind of a group she’s walked in on, but she soon learns.

They start to touch her, but she doesn’t stop them. Soon her clothes are being peeled off in the room full of men and she’s being fucked, having dicks shoved down her throat and being jerked off on. He body getting so covered with cum it’s laying in sticky sheets all over her body. She discovers she enjoys being used. Maybe hubby hasn’t been dominant enough. This room full of guys, some of them black, are all alpha males and they aren’t taking no as an answer.

She’s going to be a good little cocksucker and servicing them well. Her belly is soon filled with the cum of dozens of men and she’s become a cock hungry whore. So many guys have fantasies like this where they enjoy seeing their wives used, especially if they are reluctant wives to begin with. It’s quite common, it can just vary in the scenario. Not all are gangbangs, but they want that cold bitch to finally take some cock in her. I don’t blame them one bit for having such fantasies at all. Why they don’t kick these bitches to the curb is beyond me.

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Eating Their Own Jizz

So many callers are really into eating their own cum. I get ones that chicken out though and just cannot go through with it. Is it that big of a deal to brush your teeth afterwards? You’d think it was battery acid the way many act. Some however truly relish it and have no such hesitation. They love every drop, and do not want to waste any of it. They expect women to cherish it and they themselves cherish it, like it’s some liquid gold elixir to be taken within oneself.

Lots are into really gross stuff honestly that involves shooting it into food, or you don’t even want to know. Hey, it’s their goo, if they want to do that kind of stuff with it, that is totally their own business. I think it’s normal to taste it once or twice, to sample it, but some of these callers will literally swallow every load and think most women find this sexy to do. Im sure someone women must, most, I’m not so sure about. Some even love cum so much they brag of going to glory holes and collecting the used, filled condoms in the waste baskets and drinking it. OMG, I could NOT make this stuff up!

Does drinking your own cum or lapping it up, or if you’re flexible enough to shoot into your own mouth appeal to you? Do you need someone to talk to about your little cum eating habit? Is this something you know you really cannot share with your girlfriend or wife because you know they would not approve? We phone girls hear it all, and if licking up your own cum is your own guilty pleasure, feel free to call one of us up and tell us all about it. We might even have some new and interesting ways for you to get it into yourself.

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BBC Cream Pie

My tiny dicked boyfriend is a lovely guy, generous and very kind and god looking, but the size of his micro penis means we cannot have a regular sex life. He asked me how I felt about a cuckold relationship, and I knew it would be the best option considering what he had to offer size wise, so I said I’d be all for it. He asked if I’d ever had a big, black cock and I said no. He asked if I would try it, since it would so turn him on. I agreed to.

He had this friend and asked him if he’d be our bull, and he agreed. When he took his clothes off that night he came, I literally had never seen so large of a cock in my entire life and wasn’t sure that my pussy would even be able to accommodate it, but I knew I wanted to try. With a lot of lube and patience, he got that cock into my cunt and my boyfriend was so excited to watch us. I’d never been so stretched out in my entire life, and the load he dumped in me was enormous. I could feel squirt after squirt inside of me.

I really enjoyed getting fucked by him. My boyfriend then went down between my thighs to lick up as much of that jungle jizz as he could. He loved it and was dribbling out his own two drops of cum in excitement. I was fine with it. I got my pussy licked, which I loved, and was made to cum by both of them. I’d never taken such a monster cock as that was. I have to tell my girlfriends about it, I doubt any of them have had a cock that size before. I wanted to brag to them about it. I think his friend will be coming back for a repeat performance very soon, I hope so, anyway!

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Christmas Surprise

Sometimes a surprise is a good thing, other times it can be bad. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t much on surprises, but I had a feeling he just might like this one. I have a key to his house, and let myself in on occasion to cook us a meal before he gets home from work, things like that. I did just that a couple of weeks ago. The house was all decorated for Christmas and I made us a wonderful dinner and I’d gotten some new, sexy Christmas themed lingerie, which I was going to be wearing when he came home.

I hadn’t told him I was coming, so it was to be a surprise. The dinner was nearly finished and I’d just sipped in to the new lingerie when I heard the key in the lock and he looked at me with a look of shock on his face, then a wicked grin when he saw what I was wearing. I told him he had to be a good boy and get through dinner before unwrapping me. We ate, him in his clothes, and me in the sexy lingerie, and then we went into the bedroom for dessert.

He has always been a very giving and sensual lover and he feasted on my pussy for the longest time, pleasing me totally before he even mounted me to fuck me. I gave myself to him and felt his cock stretch me open as we made love, with only candlelight to see by. He whispered in my ear he loved his Christmas surprise, and he would be more than happy to walk in on these kind of surprises more often. I was pleased he liked it, so I rewarded him by sucking his cock. I loved doing it, it was no trouble at all, in fact sucking his cock usually makes me even more wet and ready for a second round of lovemaking. Don’t you just love Christmas surprises?

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Deflowering Myron

My friends know what I do for a job, so some seem to think I’m some kind of sexual expert as well. This friend of mine approached me and told me about a cousin of theirs that was an adult virgin and was just too shy to do anything about it and he was afraid to go to an escort. They asked me if I would be willing to devirginize this poor man. I laughed when they asked me since I didn’t think they were serious, but they were. I said I’d think about it. I felt bad for the poor guy, even though I’d never met him, just been shown his pic. He was ok looking, just badly in need of a makeover and some confidence.

I agreed to it and had them send him over a few nights later. I don’t think he knew why he was coming over here other than to pick up some things my friend had loaned me and to bring them back. That was the reason he was given for coming over. Once I got him in the door the rest of the situation was mine to fix. He came in and I offered him a drink, a very strong one and he soon had his inhibitions down.

I had him sit on the sofa and as we made small talk I started to touch him and kiss him, and he certainly wasn’t fighting me off. He just let me. I soon had him undressed and was straddling him. I got him hard in seconds and was soon riding his cock and being a virgin, well, he didn’t last very long. I think he was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing and left soon after, but I said I’d like to see him again, the whole thing was a bit odd, but he was blushing, so I think he liked it overall.

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