Angel of His Morning

My boyfriend loves morning sex more than any other time of day. It works out for me, since I’m nocturnal and am just going to bed as he’s getting up, and I prefer it before bed. He loves to go down on me and give my pussy lots of attention, and I can guarantee you it makes for more restful sleep after a few orgasms. He has a lovely cock and to feel it filling my pussy up before I drift off to dreamland is a thing of beauty. He wakes up slowly, so it’s sort of a “sleepy sex” for him, which is a wonderful feeling, it can seem a bit surreal and you wonder if it really happened later in the day.

Feeling him on top of me, so hard and so filled with passion, pumping into my pussy, him squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. Me raking my long nails up and down his back, squeezing his ass cheeks, bringing him as deep into me as I can get him. Clamping my pussy muscles around his cock that’s buried deep inside of me, milking him and his building load into me. Once I cum on his cock, I soon trigger him to squirt.

My legs wrapped around him tightly, kissing passionately, him fucking me harder and harder with every thrust. Then I cum, biting into his shoulder and I feel his hot jets of cum flooding my tight, wet cunt. Oh I love how it feels when he’s inside me right after he cums. I like him to just lay there on top of me as we catch our breath before he pulls out. He starts his day off great, and I get a nice, relaxing orgasm before going to sleep. It’s a win win for us both. Morning sex might not be the best time of day for everyone, but for some, it’s the best.

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Mistress of the Dark

I’ve always said, for every celebrity out there, there’s someone masturbating to them, no matter how odd or obscure they may be. One caller that seems to take a bit of a walk on the wild and dark side has a thing for female vampires, Elvira to be exact. He’s older, since she’s not really popular anymore, but was in the eighties. He said how he used to stroke his cock and watch her on t.v. and he used to think about her biting his neck….and His cock. Some guys like the idea of their cock being bitten until there’s blood. Not many mind you, but they certainly do reveal this once in a while that it’s a thing.

Do vampires resonate with you? I can see how Dracula, the sexy, mysterious Hollywood version would appeal to women, but you really don’t see too much out there about female vampires and guys fantasizing about them, but obviously it goes on. The whole Goth look that was popular in the nineties with the pale skin, wearing black and all, it had sort of a female vampire vibe to it, but not sure what percentage of guys really find that look attractive, obviously some do.

Your cock having sharp fangs sunk into it hold any appeal to you, you devilish little ghoul? Goth girls give a rise to your cock and sink their long, pained nails into your dick, causing you pain. Some guys mention that as well. You name the kink, and someone is into it, no matter how bizarre it might be to most people. It’s a little late for Halloween, but fantasies run the whole year through. Let us bite your cock and balls until you scream in a combination of pain and delight. Call us now and see just how much on the dark side you want to walk tonight.

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The Business Trip

Recently I went on a short overnight business trip with a coworker. He had the room next to mine and after our day of seminars he came knocking at my door to talk about them. I let him in and we talked for a while and I poured us some drinks I’d gotten from the vending machine down the hall. I could soon tell he was coming onto me and even though we were both married, we were both horny and away from home, away from prying eyes and things soon got hot. He came up behind me when I was getting us more drinks and I felt his arm slip around me.

Before I knew what was happening, he was kissing my neck and slipping his hand down my skirt and panties and teasing my clit. He had very skillful hands. It felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop. I was quickly getting wet and his fingers were sliding in and out of me, my nipples growing hard and I was wanting more in my pussy than his fingers. It didn’t take long before we were stripped naked on the bed and his cock was buried in me balls deep.

I wrapped my legs around him to pull him as deep into me as possible, and he was pumping so deeply into my shaved pussy. The flesh smacking against flesh sounds echoed throughout the room, the scent of our sex was permeating the air. I wondered what my husband would do if he could see me now, same for the coworkers wife. Oh well, they weren’t here and we were having fun, so we continued to fuck for hours until we were both spent and fell asleep in my bed. We got up in the morning for the final seminar before flying back home, with a secret none of us would ever forget.

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Baby Likes it Rough

Gentle lovemaking is certainly wonderful, but once in a while you just get in the mood for something a little, not so gentle. Rough sex has its fans. Sometimes a quickie can be rough, and that’s ok. Some couples get into choking, slapping, hard spanking. As long as both people agree, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not for everyone, and many would rather never have sex again than to be treated that way, but for some, nothing gets their juices going more than a rough and tumble time. Some even go so far as to roleplay a rape scenario complete with bruises and scratches.

There’s extremes in all things. Some callers like to talk about slapping a woman with their dick across her face, or tying them up like BDSM with ropes and restraints. Some look at scratches, welts and hand prints from slaps and bite marks from such rough treatment as little love marks that they will be able to see for many days to remind them of their hot, sexual encounter they experienced. Does rough sex appeal to you? Would you like the scratch marks on your back left there by a woman as she fucked and clawed you at the same time? Some men would for sure.

Hair pulling is another thing if the woman has long hair, it can be gathered up into the hand and used as a handle to pull and tug on. Fucking them from behind and wrenching their neck back as you fuck them, tugging their hair in your hands like the reins on a horse. Many women like to be used and treated like sluts in the bedroom. Maybe not outside of it, but inside, some definitely do. So if you’ve had some hot rough sexual experiences, maybe give one of our ladies a call and you can tell us all about it while you stroke your cock.

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We Fucked in the Kitchen

My boyfriend and I made Christmas dinner this year and we had his family as guests. They were content to let us do the work and they sat and watched movies on t.v. I was feeling a bit frisky and I knew they weren’t going to be coming into the kitchen. We couldn’t exactly excuse ourselves to go to the bedroom for a ten minute quickie, so we did it in the kitchen. I was bent over the counter, dress up over my hips, panties around my knees, and he was fucking me from behind, zipper undone. It was naughty, but fun.

I was terrified one might come in wanting a drink or something, but he said once they settled in for a movie, they weren’t moving until it was over, so we went for it. I bit my lip to keep from crying out and we fucked hard and fast right there, with them just in the next room, clueless as to what was going on as they watched their Christmas movie and drank eggnog. It was kind of funny to be honest. His family is nice, but a bit clueless. I gave him a hand job under the table last Thanksgiving and they were so into eating, they had no idea why my right hand wasn’t visible for a few moments.

Sex when there’s a risk of being caught can be arousing and fun, especially when it’s around people you know, it’s like you’re doing something in plain sight and not getting caught. You really can get creative as you’re doing these things, but always must be careful. I doubt his mom would have been impressed had she known we were fucking in the next room. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, that’s how you have to look at it.

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