A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course Of Course

When most people think of bestiality, they think of dogs, but horses are growing in popularity when it comes to being chosen as a sex partner. Since animals can’t talk, the chances of the people having sex with these animals is quite low. Unless they are walked in on, or dumb enough to film the encounter and then the recording gets posted or into the wrong hands, no one is really going to know about it. Many call it animal abuse, but I don’t see that the animals are being abused like in beaten. If they are having an orgasm, to them it likely is a pleasurable time and activity, although a bit odd for them.

There’s some callers into these sorts of things, one said even as a kid he’d get horny watching the horses on the farm he grew up on. Men seem to like the idea of women being with these animals and watching them for their own amusement. Ones that grew up on farms seem to have a higher percentage of experience with livestock as sex partners, but with fewer people growing up on farms, not as many are experimenting with or having the opportunity to play with these animals.

It’s forbidden, so that’s part of the attraction for some people. The woman can also not get pregnant with an animal, so no worries of that. It’s not an everyday call topic you run into, but there are ones that are interested in having such discussions. There are diseases ones can get from having sex from animals, so it’s really not wise to do so. Some things really are better left in the realm of fantasy when it comes to sex. Men have died from attempting to have anal sex with horses because the horses are well, hung like a horse since they are a horse and tear the insides of the man and they die. The woman’s vagina is much more flexible, it is designed to pass a baby after all, so it’s not going to have the same effect on a woman as a man.

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The Sexy Piano Teacher

I used to teach piano to high school students, and needless to say, there were more than a few of the young men that turned me on a great deal. I’d be sitting right pressed up against them. The ones that turned me on, on days I knew they were coming for lessons after school I’d be sure to wear a low cut top and no bra so they could see my breasts and nipples. They always looked. I could feel their eyes boring into me. I could see their young cocks rise in their jeans in excitement. Does it make me a naughty lady that many times my hand wandered down to their cocks in their pants and I grabbed them and stroked them?

They always loved it, believe me. More than one squirted in his pants without my skin even touching theirs, just over the clothes alone. Some I would tease and just rub my hand up and down the insides of their thighs. Some I would greet at the door with a hug and my hands would go down and squeeze their ass as we hugged before they arrived or left. I loved their young bodies responding to me and my teasing.

One time an extra special student closed the lid on my grand piano and lifted me up onto it, pushed my skirt up and my panties down and he went down on me right then and there on top of the piano, me on top and him on the seat, my feet on his thighs. He then fucked me and I loved every second of it. His young cock filling my cougar pussy with his hard rod, they get so hard at that age, harder than any other time they will be in their lives. I had lots of fun with him and many after as well.

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Salon Fun

Guys call and tell me all the time they go to a rub and tug massage parlor and get rubbed by the Asian ladies, I wonder if they know there’s also salons like this that cater to women? Some friends of mine that always have their nails done were raving about this new salon and how special it was. They told me I should go and see what all the fuss was about. They were smiling as they said it. I booked an appointment and was a bit shocked at the higher prices and asked them about it, they said there was something included with the manicure.

I arrived and was taken into a private room, not like other salons where the tables are all in the same room, which I found odd. I sat down and the lady came in and started to do my nails then she asked me if my friends had told me what was different about their salon. I said no. She smiled then I felt something move under the table. Then I felt hands on my legs, parting them and I froze. She told me to relax, so I decided to go for it. I felt my inner thighs being kissed and my panties being pulled aside from the crotch and a warm, wet mouth begin to lick and kiss me.

I was having my nails done and being licked out at the same time, it was bizarre to say the very least. He was good at it, I had to give him that. I had no idea who the hell was under there, I likely didn’t want to see, but he spread open my pussy lips and sucked on my clit until I came. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. The manicurist kept working away as if nothing was happening. He never came out from under there the entire time. I left with my nails done and a freshly licked pussy. I made an appointment for the following week on the way out.

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Rescue Me

Recently I had a bit of a scare. I was in a hotel, luckily only on the third floor, and there was a fire. A film crew had been filming on the floor below and some special effects pyrotechnics got out of hand and there was a small fire and an evacuation. The elevators were shut down and the halls were filled with smoke. I was quite surprised when someone was banging on my door and I opened it and it was a fireman there to rescue me. He was a strong, handsome man as well. I certainly had no problem with allowing him to rescue me.

I was fine other than a bit of smoke inhalation, but I found him so attractive, I’d slipped him my business card into his pocket. Only a few days later he called me and asked if I remembered him. Of course I did! He wanted to know if I’d be willing to meet for a drink, I certainly wanted to and we hit it off wonderfully. The drinks led to dinner, which led to me going back to his house afterwards. He was a real man, and had a fantastic body. He was in tip top shape. I guess you’d need to be for such a physically demanding job as his was.

He lifted me as though I was as light as a feather onto his king sized bed. He kissed me tenderly and passionately and undressed me as though he was unwrapping a present. I felt very special in his arms. I took his hard cock in my hands and caressed him and sucked him and was just aching to have that cock in my pussy. He got on his back and had me ride him. I loved how he felt in me, how my pussy squished down, sopping wet on his hard cock. He played with my nipples and made them erect. I bucked back and forth on top of him until I came, my entire body shuddered with pleasure and I milked his sweet load into me. I loved it. I really hope this is the beginning of a very hot relationship.

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How I Learned To Give a Blow Job

It wasn’t a boyfriend who first taught me how to give a blow job, it was my teacher, my tenth grade one in high school. I asked for some extra help and he was patient and kind with me and we grew to really like one another and things moved forward in a way many would consider inappropriate. I liked him a lot and he began asking me what things I’d done with boys and I had not done much, so he asked if I’d like to learn how things happened. I was curious of course, and it did not take much convincing for me to let him show me things.

He told me to get on my knees on the floor in front of him and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, it looked so big that close to my face. He asked me to stroke it and asked if I’d like to suck on it, so I tried it and liked it. He really liked it as well, since we stayed after class a few days a week and did it. We met in his car a few times as well, but the school is usually where we ended up playing. I’d lick the precum off of his dick and deep throat him and suck his balls, he just loved it. No one ever found out about us, thank goodness.

I remember the first time he came in my mouth and I felt this unexpected burst of hot cum in my mouth. I automatically swallowed it and he was just in heaven. I had to admit, it did make me wet to do it to him. I’d usually go home and masturbate after I finished sucking him off. This went on the entire semester. I look back on it fondly to this day. If only all teachers could be this close with their students.

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