I Spy

When I was younger and still living at home, I masturbated a lot, I still do, but sometimes I wasn’t as careful as I should have been, and one time I hadn’t closed my door all the way and I saw out of the corner of my eye, my brother watching me at the crack in the nearly closed door. I knew he could see everything I was doing, but I didn’t call him out on it or look directly at him. I in fact opened my legs even wider to give him a better view of my cunt as I toyed with it and I couldn’t see his hand or body since it was nearly dark in the hall, but I just knew he’d be stroking his young cock to my pussy being masturbated.

Our parents were out, so I didn’t need to worry about them interruption g us, and I let out a moan and I’m sure it must have sent shivers up his spine when I did. I could just picture his cock in his hand, his hand moving quickly up and down his shaft as he pumped his dick and watched his sister masturbate.

I could if I listened really hard, hear him breathing really heavy as I stroked my clit and lift my legs up in the air. I moved my hand faster and faster until it was nearly a blur from all the fast motions stroking my stiff clit, and then I came, I arched my back and I’d bet anything he blew his load as well at the same moment. I did this several times when I knew we were alone and not going to be disturbed. My brother saw me stroke my pussy many times, and it always made me cum harder.

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Teach Me Naughty Things

I’m a teacher at a local high school and I know lots of the young men I teach find me attractive. It’s not hard to motivate some that need extra help to do well. I do tutoring on the side, often their parents will contact me and ask if their little darling can get some extra help on the evenings or weekends, and I’ve found some of the young men need a little “extra encouragement”, but once they have it, they will pass with flying colors. This one good looking young man just didn’t get math, so I flat out told him if he passed, I’d fuck him. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!

His mom had promised me a sizable tip if I got him to pass his exam, and I wanted the money, so I knew that my pussy would be the motivating factor here. Obviously I didn’t share that with her, I don’t think she’d have approved of my tactics. He learned, oh how he learned! He passed with flying colors, and he came by my house after the exam was over and he said he’d come to collect on my promise, and I delivered. I rode his young cock and sucked his cock for hours. He left so happy he looked like he was in some sort of drug induced haze.

I usually didn’t see the same students more than after the first fucking, after all, fucking me was the reward for passing, not an ongoing thing. There were always new students coming up in the ranks that needed my “special help.” I was only too happy to help, I felt I was doing them a real service, teaching them proper motivational skills, that would help them go further in life. I’ve taught many young men, and will teach many more. I’m really helping them in so many wonderful ways.

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The Virgin Cuckold

This one caller that’s a virgin also said he has cuckolding fantasies, which are very popular, and how he’d only have one chance to be a virgin cuckold. How he wanted to get his first girlfriend and then have her cheat on him in front of him, and she and the guy she’d be fucking both make fun of his small penis. Cuckold usually seems to take hold of fantasies a bit afterwards and not in ones that young, but I guess having such a small cock lets you know there’s honestly very little chance of you ever being able to please a woman.

To crave humiliation from the get go of your sexual life with a partner shows just how ingrained such behaviors are. He said they’d laugh at him not only for his small cock, but due to the fact he’s never gotten laid as well. So many male virgins call that have so little confidence, it’s no wonder they have no success with the ladies, women like a confidant man. Most assholes and jerks are guess what, full of confidence, yet the nice, shy types have none or a very small amount at best.

He wanted to stroke his as yet untouched by human hands other than his own cock, as he watched his girlfriend get stretched open wide by a real man that would be able to make her feel as she deserved, how he could never make her or any woman feel. He watches cuckold porn as he jerks off and hopes one day he will find a woman to cuckold him. There are many different kinds of fantasies out there we get to hear from horny callers.

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Romantic Christmas


Christmas can be a very romantic time of the year, the whole holiday season warms the heart, this year was extra special for me. My boyfriend planned a very special Christmas Eve for me, we went to a lovely Christmas concert and then had a wonderful meal and came home and made love all night long. We had both been busy with work and family entertainment obligations, so hadn’t had time or energy in nearly two weeks to have sex, and we promised not to masturbate and cum and ruin our “orgasm appetite” until we could find time to be together, last night was the night, and what a night it was.

He’d surprised me with a gift bag with some silky, beautiful lingerie in it, red for Christmas, also some new stockings and perfume. I put them on and loved them all, needless to say he did as well. The lingerie wasn’t on my body for very long, it was soon on the end of the bed and he was pumping into me, filling me up with that sweet cock of his I’d missed so much. It felt wonderful, and boy, it really is more wonderful when you’ve had a chance to miss someone. It really lets you build up an appetite for it.

He was extra giving, and went down on my pussy and drove me wild with his tongue, I was just quivering underneath him, with his hands grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me right up to his mouth. I got similarly reacquainted with his cock and kissed and sucked it until I was given a load of his cum, and what a load it was, after two weeks, he’d build up a large load, and I relished every drop of it. He’s a wonderful lover and we both have some time off over Christmas, so I’d imagine we will be spending a lot of time in bed to make up for lost time, and I’m looking forward to each and every minute and orgasm of it!

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Carnal Christmas

My boyfriend and I were at his family Christmas party last weekend and it was a grand affair, lots of people. He hadn’t been home to see them in a few months, so they were glad he’d come and brought me with him. I’d met them before, but didn’t know them that well. There were so many people there they were meeting and greeting with, they didn’t even seem to notice when we snuck upstairs to his childhood bedroom and fucked as the party was going on. It felt naughty to do that, but there was a fair bit of crowd noise and they’d hired a piano player to play Christmas carols, so we could be as loud as we wanted really without worrying anyone would hear us.

He did lock his door though, so we wouldn’t get any surprise visitors opening the door. I didn’t want to get fully undressed since it would take longer, so I just hiked my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down to my knees and bent over his bed. I felt like a kid in high school behaving this way, but it was fun. He unzipped his fly, took out his cock and just started pumping away and we were like two naughty teens fucking on the sly under the parents nose.

He grabbed my tits through my dress and pulled me hard, his dick was in all the way up to the balls and we were really going at it and then I cried out and came, and he shot his load. We adjusted our clothes, not that much adjusting to do since we hadn’t gotten fully undressed, and then went back down to the party. No one seemed to notice we’d even been gone. I do love parties.

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