Horny BBW Seniors

Now there was an usual call the other day I had combining two fetishes. BBW, which is fairly common, and older women. This caller thought wanted the extremes of both. Women nearly four hundred pounds, and into their nineties. You really don’t see older people of that size, most really large people either die younger, or weight seems to come off them as they get older naturally, so you would be hard pressed to find such a person. I’ll go along with their fantasy though. Odd though it may be. So this man calls saying he’s been fucking his mom for years, uh huh, lol. That he’s forty four, she’s nearly four hundred pounds, and in her seventies.

Now the really amusing part comes when he said he’d been promised as a gift to her friend, her also nearly four hundred pound friend, who’s having her ninety second birthday in the local nursing home, and he’s the present. Sure he is, lol. It was honestly hard not to laugh, but he was dead serious, he was really committed to his fantasy of the super sized seniors. So he was snuck into her room at the nursing home where they made hot love all through the night.

Hey, it’s all harmless enough, and what makes one person laugh or cringe in disgust gets another hotter than they could imagine. So he’s beating his forty four year old dick to this weird fantasy of the geriatric BBW’s. Not sure where you’d find such women, I asked and he said he finds them “online”. Of course he does, since so many women in their nineties are making profiles on Tinder and POF. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I’m sure some older lady would be flattered for the attentions of a younger man half their age, especially when she’s nearly a century old .

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Naughty Neighbor

I’ve always been kind of a busybody, I can’t help it. When I was younger this nice looking single man moved in next door and I was pretty curious about him and I’d always be spying on him whenever I could. He caught me a few times, but never said anything to my parents. One day they were out and he knew I was home alone, and he came over under the pretext of returning some of my father’s tools. I asked him in and he placed them on the table. I offered him some iced tea and we chatted a bit. Then he said he’d seen me looking at him through the curtains and he knew I’d been spying on him.

I was embarrassed, but of course I couldn’t deny it. He asked me why I had. I said I thought he was nice looking. With that, he walked over and kissed me and began to rub my breast. I didn’t stop him or ask him to leave. We went into the living room and he fucked me right then and there. I felt like a bad girl doing this when my parents were out and they had no idea I’d be fucking the neighbor o their sofa.

We actually did this several times when we had the opportunity, sometimes he’d come here when they were out, or I’d go over to his place and we’d have sneaky, hot sex when we could. He was nearly my father’s age and they would not have been pleased if they found out, I knew that for sure.He had a nice cock and I loved to suck on it and let him fuck me. I’d fucked a couple of boyfriend’s before, but this was a real man, not a boy my own age, and I knew he liked fucking me as well. This went on for a few years until I left for college. I will always have fond memories of our times together.

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Sharing The Cock

A friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in a threesome with her and her boyfriend. I hadn’t been part of one in many years, but liked them both, so said sure, why not? I went over to their house and the wine was flowing and the soft music playing. The mood had clearly been set for a night of debauchery and passion. We started off by giving him a blow job. He had a nice cock and I was eager to share it. She’d told me many time how much pleasure it had given her over the years, so I was glad to finally get a crack at it myself.

She held his cock and started licking it, then offered it to me. I loved the taste of his precum, and soon took as much of him down my throat as I could. She sucked on his balls and he was in ecstasy with the two of us both working on him at the same time. It was really hot and I loved it. I tapped his dick on my tongue, getting even more of his sweet precum on it and swallowing it down. I told her I wanted his first load, so she had me suck away on him until he was ready to blow.

I swirled the tip of my tongue all over the head of his cock and teased it with my tongue. It was so hot and I was getting slippery wet myself from doing all of this to him. I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load and I was ready to take it as I could be. I deep throated it and could feel his cock twitch in my mouth and then jets of hot cum squirted down the back of my throat. It was one raunchy evening, and I hope the first of many.

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Pleasing The Pussy

I like sex in pretty much every position, but doggy is one of my favorites for sure. My boyfriend loves to come up behind me and kiss my neck and play with my breasts and then lower me face down on the bed and laid on top of me from behind, his weight pressing me into the bed. Then I open my legs for him to give him access to that dripping pussy and feel him enter me from behind. I can put my hand underneath myself and massage my clit, or if I get angled just right his cock will rub against it with each thrust.

Most callers also tell me they enjoy fucking from behind the most as well. Not sure why, but it is the position that always gets the most votes as favorite when I ask the question. Long hair is also a plus in that position, it can be used like reins to wrench the next back. Good for them to lean forward and give you a love bite. Spanking is also fun in that position, though not all ladies are looking for a smack to their rear, some of us rather enjoy it. Do discuss if that’s something you’d be open to trying.

Easy to grab the tits, pull on the nipples, if you’re lucky enough to have someone join you, they can easily go underneath and lick your clit while you’re being fucked, always a wonderful sensation. You really should try it or have your lady try it. Think of which of your friends might like to lick her as you pound away on her. It will be enjoyable for all involved. If the position is good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me, too. Pumping and pumping, that hard cock sliding in and out of that juicy, dripping cunt. The wetness seeping down those thighs. That full, round ass right in front of you. It’s pretty hot, enjoy it.

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Interracial Hand Job

One of my black callers was telling me how much white women love his large cock, because most of the white guy’s cocks they get to play with and fuck are so much smaller than his. He is a workman, so he regularly gets to go inside women’s homes repairing their furnaces and air conditioning. He said once many cast a glance at the bulge in his pants, they are practically drooling, and it doesn’t take much for him to get them to pull the first move. He thrusts his hips forward when they are sitting at the kitchen table and he’s standing at the table as they pay him, so his crotch is right at their eye level.

He said just the other day this horny looking MILF was eyeing his package and he asked her if she’d like a closer look. She nodded her head yes and reached over and unzipped him. His massive cock springing forth towards her. She audibly gasped at the size of it and took it in her hands, barely able to reach them around it’s huge girth. She looked him in the eyes and began to pump it and he loved how it felt and began to moan. He was stroking his cock remembering this moment as he related it to me.

She said she’d never felt a nigger dick before and marveled at its huge size. He grinned and let her work his shaft. He said she didn’t put her mouth down onto it, but was just mesmerized at the size of it and how it twitched in response to her touch. His balls slowly filled with cum at her administrations, and he knew he was going to squirt a massive load. He told her he was going to cum and she cupped her hand over the head of it so as not to be splashed with the cum. It squirted into her hand and dripped down to the floor. He then zipped up and left. He has no clue if he will ever see her again, but he said she did give a might fine hand job.

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