Night of Lust

The other night was my anniversary of when I first met my boyfriend, and I wanted it to be a very sexy and special night for the both of us. I knew we were going to have very hot sex. We’d specifically held off on sex for the last ten days. Not even masturbation. We both had decided to abstain so we would be incredibly horny, and we bother were. There were going to be many orgasms this night and we didn’t want to spoil our sexual appetite.

I love having my pussy licked, and I’d freshly shaved so I was baby smooth, and he didn’t disappoint me. I was laid back on the bed and my thighs gently parted, and kisses rained down on them and up to my waiting and dripping pussy. I felt his tongue open my lips and begin its exploration, and I was in heaven. I could feel my swollen clit getting sucked and pushing me over the edge to my first explosion. I’d barely caught my breath from that when I was flipped over on all fours and had his dick buried all the way up to the balls in my drenched snatch.

I felt him ease inside, and then thrust after thrust of pure pleasure as he gave my ass a few spanks along the way. I soon felt him gush inside of me as his first load of many was released within me, during this night of debauchery and lust. I was rubbing my clit as he pounded away in me and I too exploded shortly after he did. I felt him dripping down my thighs and knew I was going to be one cum covered slut tonight, and I was. We fucked until dawn and fell asleep exhausted after being spent with our passion for one another.

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Horny and Handicapped

There is a caller that calls sometimes that’s a total quadriplegic. I feel so bad for him, he cannot even jerk off on his own. His helper has to do it for him. I was shocked that he’d even be able to get erections, but apparently that varies by the injury, every case is different. He said he does get erections, sometimes at inappropriate times, but it’s a bit beyond his control. So when he’s feeling horny, he has a helper that will do it for him. I cannot imagine being such a helper, from doing everything from bathing them, feeding them, to dressing them and jerking them off. Personally I’d rather be dead than live like that.

So the helper, who is currently a male even, will put on latex gloves, and jerk him off. It just sounded horrible to me, but the poor soul can’;t do it himself, so the helper he pays does it a few times a month for him. He will likely never have intimate contact with a woman again unless he pays for it, so this is it for him.

When you think how we take for granted masturbation and privacy and being able to do these things when we want and not having anyone required like that to help you, it really makes you grateful. You could be paying someone to change your diapers and jerk you off, so sad and horrible. Even cripples need some sexual satisfaction at times. Some have just denied that part of themselves exists anymore, many of their families also do not want them to have any such contact, so many disabled people are desexualized, or rely on helpers to get them off.

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Smelling Dad’s Underwear

So there’s this really pervy client that’s been calling a lot and he has all these family fantasies, now mom is pretty common, a sister is asked about once in a while by callers, but this guy is not only talking about an eighty eight year old grandmother, but his own father. He said he took not only pairs of his mom’s panties years ago, but his father’s as well. He actually said he “wanted to smell where his dad’s penis had been.” I could not make that up. He claims he and his dad had a handful of mutual jerk off sessions watching porn together. No clue if that’s true or not, he said he was in his mid thirties and his dad in his mid sixties at the time.

He’s got a lot to say about his dad’s huge cock, and how much he wants to suck it, smell it, get fucked by it and fuck his dad as well, all while mommy watches her boys have such naughty fun as well. There have been a couple of callers over the years that also fantasized about their fathers, but not many, literally less than a handful in the ten years I’ve been doing this job has dad made an appearance on the topic of a call.

Not too many want the entire family involved in their sex fantasies, but the rare one does. Most of what they say seems to be purely fantasy, walking around naked and masturbating in front of the family as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They must wish it was that way, but most families certainly are not quite that open with one another, and you’d usually need to spy on one to see them in a private moment of masturbation.

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A Fuck in the Park

My boyfriend and I were going on a little walk in the nearby park after dinner last week. It’s a good sized park with lots of trails and a lovely area, so we go there frequently. I don’t know what came over me, but not that long into our walk, this wave of horniness came over me and I said I wanted to fuck, right then and there. He laughed and realized I was serious. I couldn’t even wait to get back home. There was a bench nearby and no one seemed to be around, so he pulled down his pants, and I stripped down and I got on top of him and I rode him hard.

His cock was really hard, I think the spontaneous nature of this kind of sexual encounter just gets him really hard, your body has had no time to prepare, so it’s all just by the moment! I was dripping wet, and his cock slipped easily into me, I was so aroused, I was just grinding on him, my stiff little clit seeking its release. I wrapped my arms around his neck and was just bucking up and down on him and I could feel that orgasm welling up inside of me and I was going to burst any moment.

I was moaning and so was he, I could feel his arousal as he gripped my ass cheeks as we fucked right there in the open. It didn’t take me long to cum and he soon shot his seed into me and we just sat there until we caught our breath, his cock going limp inside of me. It was so sexy and spur of the moment, we needed to have sex like this more often. We soon got redressed and continued on with our walk, silly grins on our faces.

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Babysitter Whore

When I was in school, I used to mainly make my extra money from babysitting, and some of the middle aged dad’s were pretty hot. I found out a way to make some extra money was by “being friendly” to them. I’d let them know I’d do them some favors if they were a bit generous with the tips, and more times than not it worked. Most of their wives weren’t giving them anything sexually, so they were starved for affection. So a hand job or a blow job, or especially a fuck was very welcome in their sexually barren lives, especially with someone less than half their age.

This one dad, it was a wealthy family, he was always willing to pay a lot for getting a fuck. He’d usually arrange to have me sit when his wife was out of town at her sister’s for the weekend and I’d stay over and once the kids were in bed, I’d join him in his room and we’d fuck all night. He was a nice looking man actually, so I didn’t mind giving him my young, teen pussy one bit. I don’t think he and his wife had had sex for several years, and a girlfriend was too many complications, so our little arrangement worked out perfectly for him, and I had lots of spending money as a result.

My parents never asked where I got all the money for all my clothes and shoes and going out so often, and I didn’t tell them, obviously. My side hustle as a babysitting whore never crossed their minds I’d imagine. I continued on throughout college doing this, it suited me a lot better than a part time job, paid better, and was safer than some escort work, these dads did not want anyone to know about our little arrangement, so they could be trusted to keep quiet. I liked getting fucked, so I might as well get paid to do it!

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