Lick My Pussy

One of things guys tell me is their favorite thing in bed is licking pussy. That’s not true for all of course, but a lot higher than many would think it would be. This caller last night was telling me how much he loves when his girlfriend rides his face and really fucks his mouth, really bucking into him. He loves the smell and the taste, to say nothing of the giving pleasure aspect of it all. He likes a woman at the end of the day, not right out of the shower. The aroma of a pussy drives him insane, and right out of the shower of course will not have that scent or flavor.

The stiff little clit against his lips, the flick of his tongue over that juicy little bud that makes her shudder with delight, he knows that his tongue will always be sure to please her, his cock, maybe, maybe not, depending on the position and mood of the evening, but the tongue is the sure thing. He asked me how I enjoy getting licked and I told him I like to be licked from behind while standing up and leaning forward over the bed, since that position makes it stand out and from behind somehow always just feels better to me.

He was stroking his cock as he spoke to me and listened when I told him how wet I got and how I’ve tasted my own juices from my fingers as I masturbate, he loved hearing that. He said his face looks like a glazed donut when he’s finished going down on his girlfriend. He loves how she uses his tongue for her pleasure and she doesn’t always offer to give him a blow job in return, he’s a giver, and feels good just from bringing her pleasure. Sounds good to me!

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Spying On Auntie

So many men are into spying on women whenever they get the chance, and always have bee. Even if it was their mom, aunt or sister. They were just horny and curious and any female body would do. This caller the other night was relating how when he was younger, his aunt stayed with them for a time after her divorce and he got many chances to watch her when she was unaware of him being close by. She’d be undressing and he’d be hiding in the closet, he was beyond bold. He knew her routine enough that he could get away with more outlandish behavior without being discovered.

He would watch her undress and stroke his cock in the closet. She would come home from work and undress and then shower, and of course once she left the bedroom to shower, he’d creep out undetected. His parents were at work when she’d be finished work, so he had it all down to a science. A few times she even masturbated, since she thought she was home alone, and had no idea she was being spied on with him in the closet looking through the keyhole.

He said she would undress and lay down on the bed when she would masturbate, get on her back, legs spread and work her hand over her pussy and moan softly and breathe heavy. It drove him crazy. He could hear the wetness of her cunt as she worked her hand over her pussy lips and teased her clit. Her tits would be shaking and he’d be stroking as quietly as he could. She didn’t masturbate often, but he got to watch it a few times, and he spilled his seed right on the closet floor watching. He said the intensity of his orgasms watching her play with herself have never been matched since. Something one sees decades ago can still have a very powerful effect on us all these years later.

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I Watched Him Suck Cock

I have this roommate and he’s gay. He’s actually not around much, since he travels a lot for business, so I have the place to myself more often than not. Last night though he brought home another man. He almost never does that, he’s a very private sort. I had to get up for a glass of water and his bedroom door was open a few inches. He must have assumed I was asleep. I couldn’t help myself from glancing in, even though I know I shouldn’t. It was dark in the hall I was in, so I could not be seen. I saw him sucking on his friends cock through his underwear. He was really going to town on it and his partner was groaning in pleasure.

I was instantly turned on and knew I shouldn’t watch, but I couldn’t move. I was just riveted to the goings n in that bedroom. I knew I was growing wet, and I slipped my hand up under my nightshirt and began to masturbate while watching them. I was getting so turned on watching them. He pulled his friend’s dick out of his underwear and finally sucked it into his open mouth, deep throating him as much as possible. He sucked on his balls and slathered his wet, saliva dripping mouth al over his shaft.

I was getting close to cumming while watching. I know it was a real invasion of privacy to do it, but I was so aroused, I just couldn’t look away. I came as I watched my roommate suck off his friend I’d never met and slowly crept to the bathroom afterwards and then back to my room. He didn’t seem to know I’d seen anything, or he didn’t let on he knew. I could close my eyes and easily picture it, and did, as I masturbated for the next few days.

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Do You Suck Your Own Cock?

One of my regular callers has been quite obsessed of late with other guys sucking their own cocks. He’s not flexible enough himself to do it, from what I’ve read online, only one to possibly three percent of men are able to do this, though I’m betting nearly one hundred percent have tried at some point in their misspent youth. What could be better than a hand, a mouth of course. If most guys could do this, many would seldom leave their homes, they’d be busy sucking on their own cocks half the day and night.

I can’t say I’d blame them, if women could lick their own pussy, many would be doing that as well, but that’s even less of a possibility than a guy sucking his own dick. Even a lady contortionist would be hard pressed to give that a go. It’s harmless enough, you aren’t asking anyone else to do it, it’s free, it’s just another form of masturbation really. It’s just that most are not thin enough or flexible enough and or have too small of a cock to really make it a realistic situation. Some have said on the phone they could lick the tip, but there’s no shortage online of porn vids uploaded by users that can self suck and quite a bit, not just lick the tip, but practically deep throat themselves all the way to the balls.

Even if one to three percent is the estimate, though how that estimate is gathered, I have no clue, that’s still a couple of guys out or each hundred, that means there’s still millions upon millions of guys that can and are doing this to themselves. Is sucking your own dick one of your fantasies? Or can you actually do it? Call one of our ladies and tell us all about it, we’ve heard it all before, you can’t shock us!

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Fucking Dad’s Lady

The man I’ve been dating is a lot older than me, he’s very sexy and generous though. His son is actually a year older than I am. I realized as soon as I met him he got his good looks from his dad. I wondered also what else he got from his dad. Since his dad was quite well endowed. I soon got my chance to find out. My older boyfriend had a business trip to go on and he told me to feel free to stay at his house while he was gone for a few days, so I did. I wasn’t expecting his son to also arrive. He was having his condo painted and he decided to stay there rather than pay for a hotel room.

I planned on leaving and going back to my place once he arrived but he said there was no need for me to leave. He cooked us a nice dinner and then started to come on to me. I should have left and resisted, but I didn’t, I was just too attracted to him to stop him. We kissed and touched and soon ended up in his bedroom, stripping our clothes off. He laid me on the bed and began to lick my shaved pussy, making me tremble at his touch. I was dripping wet and he knew it.

He climbed on top of me and slid his cock into me, he was as big if not bigger, than his father was. They both had great cocks and were great in bed. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him as deep into me as I could get him, grabbing his ass cheeks and squeezing them. He was rubbing against my clit with each thrust, it was hot and I loved it. We both came and fucked several times all night long. Not sure how I can keep this from his father, but I will try.

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