Pump It Up

My boyfriend got me a pussy pump sex toy recently and it’s been a different kind of experience. It engorges your pussy lips with blood, making them much more sensitive to touch and various sorts of stimulation. Yes, it looks kind of weird if you let it pump them up too much, but the increased sensitivity is out of this world. It’s made it easier to cum, I really recommend trying it if you haven’t. Now the pic and many other pics online are over pumped way beyond what you really need for this tool to be effective, but I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

My boyfriend says it makes my pussy feel even tighter to fuck than normal, since the entry point is all swollen, making it seem a lot tighter. I enjoy using it and he no longer needs to work so hard to make me cum. He’s had me use this pump a few times now, before oral sex and before fucking. You really need to try it to see for yourself. He’s kind of enamored with the odd way it looks. It’s so swollen after a good pump session, it almost looks cartoonish in nature it’s so overly large.

I love to cum, but sadly as we age, that ability can be impaired in some ways and it takes more effort to get there. This toy has been something that makes it easier, so yes, I am all for trying it with your partner, especially if they are finding it more difficult to achieve orgasm. Many men enjoy a penis pump, now there’s these pussy pumps for women, and there’s a smaller type you can use on your nipples. Some pumps just come with different attachments so you can use the same pump with a different head. One for the nipples, one for the clit, one for the whole pussy lip area. See what it does for your sexual experience.

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Dreams of Bambi

I had an odd call the other night. Now this man was not interested in actual animals he said, but he had a fantasy where the deer he’d been feeding for years in his backyard became human. One of them did anyway. A female one. He lays in his bed late one night and all of a sudden a beautiful woman is by his bed, licking his face and showing him affection. Something seems familiar about her, but he does not know who this strange fantasy woman is whom he’s soon making passionate love to.

They have sensual, passionate lovemaking all night long. Kissing, touching, fucking, and there’s something so sweet and tame about the young woman. He doesn’t question who or what she is or how she got into his home in the middle of the night. She is gone just as suddenly in the morning, with no trace of her having been there. Then several months later he sees the female deer out in his backyard once more, this time with a small fawn. He knows it’s her baby, and it has a stripe of dark hair, the way he does. Suddenly he’s aware this deer was the woman he made love to months before, and the fawn is his offspring, yet they are both all deer and he is still all man.

I guess there must be folk tales of animals or monsters that come to life as humans for a brief period of time and interact with other humans and perhaps breed with them when they are in their presence. It was an odd call, yet harmless, just quite odd. I’ve no idea how many have such fantasies about animals that morph into humans and then make love with other humans, surely there must be others thinking the same thoughts. One never knows.

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Laying The Neighbor

Ever since the new guy moved into my condo building, I’ve been fantasizing about him. He moved in right next door to me and our bedroom walls are right next to one another. I’ve never seen any women come or go, but I have heard what sounds like him masturbating and having an orgasm and it turns me on a lot. I’ve even masturbated when I heard him doing it and we have cum at the same time, but of course he does know about this. Last week I’d been out with my friends and had a few too many drinks and when I got on the elevator he was in there and with my inhibitions down, I could not keep my mouth shut.

I told him he sounded really sexy and I’d like to hear him in person rather than just through the bedroom wall. It took him a second to process what I was saying, and when he did he looked shocked a bit. Then he smiled and said it would be his pleasure and he invited me in for yet another drink. I knew in my condition I was kind of asking for it, and I was. I went with him and he began to masturbate for me and his sounds were even sexier than through the wall.

I was getting turned on watching and listening to him and sat down beside him and kissed him. Soon it was my hand on his cock and we made our way to the bedroom. We proceeded to have extremely passionate sex for the next several hours. I hope he’s looking for a fuck buddy, since I sure want me some more of that! He was a wonderful lover and could last and last. I do look forward to hearing his sounds in my ears again very soon.

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His Mom Sucked Him Off

Another caller in the category of likely fantasy and not reality claims during his teenage years his mom regularly gave him blow jobs. She also fucked two of his friends apparently as well. He said she’d either ask to suck him off or he’d ask her to do the deed, though he says they never fucked. He said when he brings up the topic now, she just pretends it never happened in the first place. He said he’s never told anyone about it, since they wouldn’t understand. He said even today when he masturbates he thinks about his mom sucking his teenaged cock several times a week.

He said she’d come into his room after his dad went to sleep and she’d close the door behind her and he’d be waiting to see if she’d appear this night, since it wasn’t every night. Then he’d throw back the covers and he’d be nude on his back, his hard cock springing forth and she’d get on her knees at his bedside and take it in her hands and start to caress it and get it hard. Then her lips would lower down onto his hard shaft and she’d drool all over it to get it slippery wet.

Then she’d open her mouth wide and take the length of it down her throat and bob her head up and down. He would place his hand on the back of her head and really shove it down and fuck her mouth. He loved making her deep throat it. He would sometimes ask her after school if she’d suck him off and she usually agreed to and would get on her knees for her to orally pleasure him. Dad never found out about it, and this went on for a few years and he has fond memories of it to this day.

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What The Little Blue Pill Did For Me

My boyfriend occasionally gets erectile dysfunction and needs one of the little blue pills to get him to work. He asked me if I’d like to try one of them and see what happens. I was curious to try, so I did. It was an interesting experiment and I’m glad I tried it. The sensations were intensified for me by taking it and we had great sex after I did. I popped the pill and about an hour later I felt my lady parts tingling a bit and becoming engorged with blood like when you are horny and feel the need to cum.

I said I was ready and we went to the bedroom. I was happy to have him go down on me and the sensations I experienced were out of this world. Everything was so sensitive and every touch, every stroke, felt incredible. He thought I had just become much more impassioned than usual, and it was all so surreal in its intensity. I loved it. He asked me if the pills were having any effect and I said you tell me! He loved how much more I felt everything and how it drove me wild. I don’t know if I will be able to have such satisfactory sex without these.

He slid his hard cock into me and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him so deep into me, I just loved how it made me feel. My heart was pounding from the excitement of it all and my clit was feeling so good. I just kept cumming and cumming and his cock was just coated in my juices. I sucked it clean after he pulled it out of me after making me cum yet again and I got a mouthful of his warm cum and swallowed every drop of it. I have a feeling we will be sharing these little blue pills again very soon.

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