Sex Dolls for You

So many lonely men out there with no women, and with the recent lockdowns still ongoing in some areas, not really easy for many to find a sex partner these days. The one thing that is a sure thing and is growing in popularity are sex dolls. These silicone ladies just won’t quit, never get a headache, and have an open and waiting hole for you any time you’re in the mood to get naughty. Cheaper than a few dates with a live one when there’s no guarantee you will even get lucky as well, so what have you to lose?

Some callers that use sex dolls have even sent in pictures of themselves with their doll. I’ll never forget the caller that emailed me the pic of him and his blow up sex doll, “Susan”, it was a sight I won’t soon forget! He had a better relationship with her than he’s had with the few girlfriend’s he’s ever had, and there haven’t been many. Why would a man choose a large, life sized sex doll over say a male sex toy like a Fleshlight or a pocket pussy? Well, it’s more realistic for one, dim the lights just so, have a few drinks and your eyes can play a few tricks on you and it might be not that far from what a real woman would look like, especially the new, ultra fancy and expensive silicone ones that are literally thousands of dollars. Now that’s commitment!

Not sure where you’d easily hide such a device if you managed to get a real live lady to your home, most women would head for the hills if they opened your closet and saw one of these beauties hanging there on a hook on the pole! So you need to be creative. Many men in the mgtow movement, that’s short for Men Going Their Own Way, as in giving up on women and relationships, are a prime target audience for this sort of luxury sex doll. Yes, a few grand for a toy is not cheap, but think what you’d spend on a real woman in a couple months time of dates, gifts and all? The doll is looking more and more like the better deal.

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Watching Him Jerk Off

My guy is quite proud of his dick size and loves to have me watch him jerk off up close. I don’t mind watching him, and I usually end up sucking on it for him, getting him extra hard for my pussy. I like knowing I arouse him so much I get him that hard. Sometimes when he’s jerking off like that up close I will stick my tongue out and he will tap his cock on it. I love the taste of his precum, so sweet, just like liquid candy. Guys assume everyone loves to be watched masturbating but he’s quite the show off.

He likes watching me masturbate up close as well. Sometimes he will lay between my legs just watching me stroke my clit up and down and in little circles. He loves to hear that wet, squishy sound as I finger myself and sometimes he will lick my fingers before placing them back on my dripping pussy for me to continue pleasuring myself. I like when we play together and watch one another. He convinced me to get a mirror installed on the bedroom ceiling he’s so visual that way. I was a bit unsure, but he really wanted it and its actually been fun to have.

Most men love to watch not only themselves, but their partners. Never underestimate how much men love to watch. So if you’re shy, that will be a hindrance for their visual pleasures. I’m sure he’s been into showing off for other former lovers he’s had, but he’s never said as much and that’s fine, I don’t need all the gory details of what he’s done with others. It would likely just make me jealous, so as long as we have fun, I don’t need to think about who else has watched him.

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Female Masturbation For Your Pleasure

You likely enjoy watching ladies masturbate in porn clips online, don’t you? In person is even better, but if your wife or girlfriend will not do that in front of you, for many the next best thing is a phone call. Many callers will watch female masturbation porn when they call to talk and have phone sex. Does the idea of fingers slowly moving up and down some slippery wet pussy lips drive you over the edge? Make your cock throb? Watching her teasing that stiff little clit by rubbing it in little tiny circles as you stare wide eyed at the wet treasure before you.

Some callers like the idea of ladies masturbating with toys even more than fingers. The idea of a long, hard dildo gliding in and out of her wet hole makes your cock twitch when you think about it. Isn’t watching a wet cunt get stroked by it’s owner one of the hottest things going? You want to lick it, taste it, run your fingers over it. That sopping wet puss makes your eyes as big as saucers. So many guys say their women won’t masturbate in front of them, which as a woman I can understand. Women are self conscious of their bodies and they might not want to be observed so closely and intimately, so guys want it even more since it’s hard to get.

Well even if watching porn of women masturbating and having phone sex is all you’ll get, it’s more than some married guys get! So crank up the porn, pick up that phone and let the sexy ladies talk to you an excellent orgasm. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Would you like to possibly share with us any experiences you have watching ladies masturbate? I’m sure we’d find them quite interesting.

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Touch Me, Daddy?

Daddy and I always had a “special relationship.” My mom died when I was young, so it was just me a dad, and I told him everything. We were like best friends, and when I got to my teens, I felt certain urges. He caught me masturbating and told me not to feel ashamed, it was natural, and if I wanted, he could teach me things. Thus began my over a decade long sexual relationship with my father. He was a most tender and patient lover for me. He was so kind and sweet and loving. I didn’t think any man could ever live up to my dad.

He would watch me masturbate and I would watch him and then he would have me touch him and I loved it. It wasn’t long before I wanted to try sucking his cock and he licking my pussy in return. When daddy took my virginity, I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already did, but it just increased so much after that coming together. I started sleeping in his bed from that night forward, and we had so many loving, special times with one another. He never seemed interested in other women, since he had me.

How many countless nights we made love with one another, knowing one another’s bodies as well as our own. It was sheer ecstasy to be in his loving arms. He was never to be surpassed. I never told any boyfriend or my husband about our “special relationship”, I just knew they’d never understand, so it was our own special secret. Dad and I haven’t made love in years, but we have such fond memories of my youth. Not all daddies are cut out for such a close relationship with their daughter, but I’m glad we were so lucky as to have had one another.

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Don’t Eat The Pies at Her House

So many callers seem obsessed with asses. It’s a wonder proctology specialty doctors are not more numerous, since so many are totally obsessed. Guys have called using toys of course, but when you get ones claiming they are using carrots, apples, candles, there’s no end to the possibilities of just what to stick up there. Some callers seem to think women are sticking their fists everywhere from their ass to their pussy as well. Not sure what kind of circus freaks they think we phone sex gals are and the positions we can get into, but they ask, believe me.

Some like using food and will even eat it afterwards, some kind of sick delight in using the piece of fruit or vegetable as a sex toy then eating it. One man called and said he’d used food as a sex toy, but he wasn’t the one who’d eaten it, he’d served it up to neighbors at a block barbecue! I really hope that was a fantasy and not reality, for their sake. It’s incredible what lengths a horny man will go to in satisfying he debased desires. Not even a melon or a grapefruit are safe from his perverted clutches.

Have you used anything other than a toy up your ass? Do you enjoy shocking we phone sex girls by telling us all about your many perverted experiences? We’ve likely heard it all before, but we are certainly more than willing and able to listen to you as you explain just what it is you have done to yourself. Porn has given so many men ideas that they otherwise would not have had. Seeing something on the screen will put ideas in your mind, mmmhh, that looks interesting, maybe I could try that and see how it feels. He seems to be having a good time using it. Realize if something gets stuck, it may lead to an embarrassing ER room visit, be prepared.

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