Hot Housewives

I am a hot housewife and my husband neglects me, s what am I to do? Wait for him to change or just masturbate all the time? No, I’m looking for some hot action, and I’ve found some right here in my own neighborhood. The man next door is a perfectly nice guy, but his wife works about as much as my husband, and he’s neglected as well, so guess what, we have found comfort together many a night when we’ve both been left alone. There’s also a college boy around the block that I’ve played with as well.

I am not going to be deprived just because someone else is not putting my needs first, I will put my own needs first. The guy next door has a lovely cock, his wife’s a fool for not wanting to fuck him, I love sucking his cock and fucking him in her bed, I haven’t a shred of sympathy for her for not giving her man any love. He’s welcome to my pussy any time he wants it. He hasn’t gotten a blow job from her in years, and only a fuck a few times a year. I love drooling all over his erect cock and taking it down my throat.

He likes to bend me over and fuck me hard from behind and smack my ass, I like that, I haven’t had a good fuck from behind from my own husband in years. Grabbing at my tits, rubbing my nipples, feeling his cum filled balls slapping against me. I get so wet when I’m with him, I cream all the way down my leg. My sloppy pussy milks his cock and gets every drop out of his balls. I might be a horny housewife, but I will get my playtime when I can get it. I need to cum a lot, and these men around the neighborhood seem more than willing to help me out, and I love helping them as well.

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Little Girl Panties

So many callers like the idea of little girls, now they swear up and down they would never actually do anything if given the chance, but who really knows? One caller that likes to fantasize about when he was a teen and his little sister was much younger than that, although he says he never did anything to her, he likes to imagine masturbating in front of her and showing her his teenage cock and how he rubs it and then how it ejaculates. He gets such pleasure from such fantasies, he mentioned recently how he might buy a package of little girl panties to masturbate with.

He said he could rub them up and down on his cock and imagine they are his little sister’s panties. He’s now nearly sixty and his “little sister” is over fifty, so the days when they were little are long behind them now, but he likes to imagine what might have happened if they had gotten the chance to play together way back when. It’s amazing that ones can fantasize about what might have been scenes literally decades after such times have passed and how nothing ever happened even way back when. He similarly fantasizes about his mom and she’s long dead.

He imagines ordering these panties online, since of course he wouldn’t want to buy them in person and have anyone think he was weird or something, but then he’d go home, close his eyes and think about a little sister watching in amazement as he masturbated in front of them, all the while stroking his cock with the pair of little girl panties. Harmless enough really, just a little odd, but no one’s getting hurt by acting out such scenarios, so why not. If a package of little girl panties can enhance your orgasm, why not. Go for it.

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Don’t Put It In

My current boyfriend is really into tease and denial and loves to be brought right to the brink and not be allowed to cum. I of course cum many times. He even has enough control that I can fuck him, ride his cock and he can control not cumming and he’s left with horrible blue balls. One way I enjoy teasing him is I straddle him and glide my pussy lips up and down his dick, so my clit is being rubbed by his hard cock, but he’s not allowed to put it in me.

I can cum really well like that, and I know it drives him wild. I don’t know how he can control his cumming so well, he’s got a lot more control than I do! He can stay hard for a long time, so I can cum multiple times. I usually rest for a few minutes between orgasms, and he calms down a bit during those cool down times, then I start bucking back and forth again and he’s harder than ever and I’m grinding my clit against him and making myself cum so hard, getting his dick all sticky.

Sometimes I want him to cum inside of me and it’s rare he actually allows himself to. He loves to lick me, fuck me, use his fingers on me, he’s pretty good about making me cum as much as I want to, I’m hardly deprived by any means. Sometimes I just masturbate in front of him to tease him, I have all kinds of fun with him.

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My Brother Touched Me

When I was in my early teens, I’d seen my brother who was a few years older looking at me in a not very family like way, and one night when our parents were out, I came out of the shower and went into my bedroom and he was sitting on the bed. I just had my robe on and he told me to come sit next to him on the bed. He was clearly hard through his boxer shorts. I wasn’t nervous, but I wondered what was going to happen. He asked me if I masturbated and I didn’t say anything, and he said it was ok, he knew I did, he’d heard me, and he did too and he wanted for us to do it together.

He pulled his cock out of his shorts and started to stroke himself and I’d never seen a real cock so close before. He then encouraged me to rub my pussy but I was a bit shy, so he asked if he could do it for me, and without waiting for a reply, he reached over and slightly pulled my robe apart and he reached down to my pussy and started to rub me. I was already wet from having watched it, it had excited and aroused me and he commented on the fact my little pussy was already slick with wetness.

He continued to stroke his cock with one hand and rub my pussy with the other. I spread my legs open wider for him, and it felt different having someone else touch me there, but I liked it and as he skillfully rubbed my clit, it wasn’t long until I shivered with orgasm. I felt kind of naughty letting my brother touch me that way, but it felt good and I felt this was the first time of many we were likely to be naughty with one another.

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Wank Me With Those Tits

I’ve always been blessed with big boobs, and of course all the boyfriends I’ve ever had have wanted to enjoy them as much as possible. I think every single one of them has gotten a tit fuck at one time or another. Of course a good tit wank can be combined with oral sex so you can lick the head of it every time it pops up under the chin and give it a little kiss, a little suck when it’s right there. I’ve always found it funny guys are so in love with big tits, since they usually don’t give women much pleasure, but hey, we want the guys to be pleased and keep coming back for more, don’t we? So of course we indulge them once in a while.

Last night my boyfriend was giving me a body massage with some oils and when I rolled over on my front he was loving to rub the oils into my big breasts and he couldn’t resist their slipperiness and how full and sensual they felt, so he asked if I’d allow him to lay his hard cock in between them and let him go to town. I said go right ahead, I’d like that.

I held my tits together and soon had his also oiled up member between them and felt it pumping and pumping. He’d reached behind and was massaging my clit at the same time, which of course felt wonderful. I loved the way he’d rub my pussy, he was good at multitasking for sure. I could feel my pussy gushing, getting ready to cum and cum hard, and I tightened my grip around my breasts so his cock would soon explode and give me a pearl necklace all over my chest and neck. I came and he came, we all were enjoying our orgasms and then, after catching our breath, we got into the shower and soaped each other up and then rinsed off. It was a very sexy afternoon.

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