Stroking For Satan

When it comes to this job, you hear all kinds of different and often very strange things. One caller has been telling me how he came from a deeply religious background. I’ve had several callers like that over the years, and most do not wish to give details if asked about it. So it must bring up bad memories if they cannot even speak of it. Some have been caught masturbating and severely punished for it. Like some into religious blasphemy, some that came from a religious background and were taught masturbation is a sin can want a call talking about that sin.

I was told he wanted to “stroke it for Satan”, yes, I am serious. I didn’t know quite what to say. I can honestly say in all the years of calls, Satan has never come up. I was to be a witch for Satan, recruiting ones for the dark one, and by making him masturbate and “sin”, he was basically offering himself up to The Prince of Darkness on a silver platter. “Sin for Satan!” I repeated, over and over. Hey, whatever gets you through the night, I guess. It was certainly a very different call, and required me to try not to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Many men and likely women as well, that come from very religious backgrounds truly feel this is a sin, to touch your own body for sexual pleasure, it’s hard to understand to a rational person. He’s called a few times wanting me to expound what a sin it is to masturbate, so I guess it really is a case of The Devil Made Him Do It, him and Flip Wilson, for those of you that remember the old skits he did as Geraldine and said that line when he did something he shouldn’t have.

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Crotch to Crotch

The other night the phone rang and as I usually do between calls, I was watching something online. I was watching a late seventies early eighties t.v. show called Hart to Hart, a light hearted crime, suspense show. Very entertaining and fun to watch. So the caller asked me what I was doing and I replied watching something online, of course he’d hoped I’d reply porn of some kind. I told him what I was watching and he said he was watching porn. Of course I suspected he would be.

I said his show could be called Crotch to Crotch, lol. For all I know that title might have been an old porn parody, I have no idea as I don’t watch porn, but many movies and t.v. shows have names that are a parody of the actual name of the show. He was stroking away, telling me about the porn he was watching, cuckold porn. So many guys with smaller dicks love to watch the cuckold porn, or small penis humiliation porn. It’s the only thing that gets them off. Another caller with a less than four inch penis said small penis porn is the only kind he watches, he wants to be made fun of only. He doesn’t even watch ladies masturbating.

The idea of a big dicked guy getting the woman and fucking them and being able to make them cum arouses them greatly. One caller that’s an adult virgin with a small penis, I asked him if he ever went out on a date with an aggressive woman that grabbed him by the crotch, what would he do? He said he’d be very nervous. I laughed at him and said he’d probably cry or cum in her hand immediately. He said probably both, I was laughing so hard at his idiocy.

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Jerk Buddies

A caller was telling me about a same sex experience in his youth he thinks about to this day. When he was on an overnight class trip he had to share a room with another male student and he said they ended up jerking off together. It was just a one time thing with the guy, they didn’t touch one another, just sat on the beds opposite one another and jerked their dicks and watched each other. He said it was the first time he’d done something like that and even though it was decades ago he thought about it to this day.

It’s funny how a long time ago experience can stay with you the rest of your life like that and you think about it when you masturbate. Guys seem to be more open to masturbating with one another than girls are. Girls are just more secretive by nature, but guys, well, the cock is right out there and they know most other guys also jerk it, so why not jerk it together for a little enhanced visual stimulation. Some callers over the years have admitted to watching porn with a buddy or two and all of them stroking and watching together.

I can imagine that would be exciting for a young man, for some it would be their first sexual experience with another person, that mutual masturbation, even if they do not touch one another. You get to see how someone else strokes themselves, their technique, it can add to the experience by watching and listening to another person, it’s pretty innocent stuff, yet also kind of arousing. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences in your life you’d love to share with one of our naughty phone sex ladies. We’d love to hear about it! Do you still have some jerk off buddies? Some grown men still do, their wives have no idea.

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Hot Sex Encounter

My boyfriend is a fantastic lover. I knew he would be the first time I saw him at a club. He loves to dance, that’s how we met, at a club we were both at. He was the best dancer there by far, all the ladies were wanting a turn with him around the floor. Including me. When he first danced with me, he said there were no more for him afterwards and we went home together that very night. I normally do not have one night stands with men, but there was something different about him and I knew it wasn’t just going to be for one night, and I was right.

He was sensual and sexy and aggressive in a very good way. When we got in the door he ripped my dress off, he said after he’d buy me a new one, but he just had to get it off me as soon as possible, that he was on fire for me and had t have me. It was so incredibly hot the way he said it and I knew he meant it. He pressed me up against the door and kissed me hard and carried me to his bed. He licked every inch of me, going down on my pussy like I’d never been gone down on before. I swear I thought I’d rip his sheets I grabbed at them so as I writhed on the bed with his face between my thighs.

He sucked on my clit until I couldn’t even talk anymore and then he slid his cock inside and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven the way he fucked me so thoroughly and perfectly. He was sexy and confident and I loved it. He made me scream several times that night with multiple orgasms. I returned the favor and sucked his cock until there wasn’t a drop of cum left within him. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Evening of Hot Sex

Last night was my boyfriend’s birthday and we had incredible sex. We’d held off for the last two weeks to be really hungry for one another and when we finally gave in, it was explosive and well worth the wait. We know how to get a passionate response out of one another better than any other lovers we’ve ever had, we’ve discussed it. He licks my pussy to perfection, and he said my blow jobs make him melt. We love pleasing one another. I’d made us a wonderful dinner of all of his favorite foods, and we then headed to the bedroom to ignite one another’s fires.

We always like to start with caressing one another, touching, teasing, then that evolves to licking and sucking, and several orgasms. I love to lick the dripping tip of his cock until he’s literally twitching with pleasure and on the verge of orgasm, then plunging it in and out of my mouth, deep throating him and then giving his balls a squeeze or two before he squirts his load right down my thirsty throat. He teases my clit with his tongue and spreads open my cunt lips to expose it fully. All the while I’m just writhing in ecstasy. Then the fucking begins.

I love to get in a few different positions when we go at it, both for comfort and variety. Feeling the difference in the depth of his penetration with each position is always fun, I am pretty flexible, so it’s nice to move around and get more comfortable when you get a bit stiff when in one position for too long. Feeling his cum shoot inside me makes me so happy. I love to sleep with it pooling in my pussy. Waking up all creamy from it all night in me. Oh we have such wonderful sex with one another, I hope it goes on like this forever.

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