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Forced Bi For You

One thing a lot of callers are into is forced bi. They want to suck the cock of another man, yet not be responsible for doing so, hence the “forced” by someone else, usually their girlfriend or wife. It might … Continue reading

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He Paid To Be a Cuckold

One of my more interesting calls this week was a man that had a fantasy about paying to be a cuckold. He wanted to rent an escort and have her fuck a black man in front of him while he … Continue reading

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BBC Cream Pie

My tiny dicked boyfriend is a lovely guy, generous and very kind and god looking, but the size of his micro penis means we cannot have a regular sex life. He asked me how I felt about a cuckold relationship, … Continue reading

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The Virgin Cuckold

This one caller that’s a virgin also said he has cuckolding fantasies, which are very popular, and how he’d only have one chance to be a virgin cuckold. How he wanted to get his first girlfriend and then have her … Continue reading

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One Inch Wonder

A caller the other night said he was only an inch hard when erect, he has one of those micro penises and said a cuckold relationship is the only type he’s ever been in, since there’s basically nothing there to … Continue reading

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