It’s All About Giving

More callers than you’d assume are into giving the woman pleasure, and it’s refreshing to hear when ones say that licking pussy is their favorite thing to do sexually. They like to hear all about how you enjoy getting pleasure, every graphic detail of it. Mutual is best, but it can be very satisfying to just lay back and let someone else do all the work. Spread those legs wide and just wait for the pleasure to commence. Letting them lick their little hearts out until you are truly satisfied and have had as many orgasms as you can muster.

Selfish? Perhaps, but it is nice to just take and not have to reciprocate. Some guys love hearing how you can love being a selfish woman like this, making them your pussy slaves and it being all about you. Some into cock cages are definitely into this sort of giving relationship, where it’s all about the woman taking as much as she wants with little to no consideration for their needs. Some are genuinely happy with this sort of arrangement. It does have its merits, to be sure. Not all women want that, but it can be fun at least every now and then.

It’s best to be upfront about these sorts of attitudes, no one wants to be presented with a selfish lover if they aren’t expecting it beforehand. If they think they are going to be getting pleasure as well, only to find out no, it’s all about the other person, that’s not a fair arrangement, but when both understand, it can be satisfactory for both parties and the orgasms can begin for as long as the taker wants them to. Are you a pussy pleaser? Do you want to talk all about it? Pick up that phone and pleasure one of us right now!

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