Two Cocks Are Better Than One

A few weeks ago my boyfriend asked me if there was any chance I might consider a double penetration threesome with him and a friend of his. I thought about it and decided to try it. We had anal sex once in a while, so I wasn’t adverse to it. He was really excited to try this. The friend came over, I’d met him few times before, and we got along well. We had some drinks to loosen up and soon moved to the bedroom where things quickly heated up. I sucked on them both for a while and they were both hard as steel rods.

I started to ride his friend and I leaned forward so my chest was right against his and my boyfriend started to fuck my ass from behind. I’d never felt two cocks moving inside me at the same time before, it was a pretty awesome experience. I liked how it felt. I was being stretched to the absolute max with both larger than average sized cocks within me. Only a thin membrane of skin between them. There was no way they wouldn’t have been able to feel the other moving inside of me as we all fucked together.

We were all breathing heavily, moaning, and groaning the room echoed with our debased passions. I loved it, it was sexy and I was thoroughly enjoying it all. His friend had a nice cock and he knew how to use it. I could feel myself about to cum when he started working his thumb on my clit and all of a sudden I came and then I felt him go off in my pussy and my boyfriend in my ass seconds later. We all just caught our breath and they slowly withdrew from me. It was hot and I’d be more than open to trying that little scenario again, anytime they wanted me to.

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