He Delivered a Lot More than Chinese Food

One of my annual traditions is ordering Chinese food on New Year’s Day. I order it a few other times a year as well, but always then. I decided to try a new place that a few friends had raved about, so I called them up and placed my order. Around an hour later a knock at my door brought me out to collect the bag. I was kind of surprised at the delivery man. He was a lot better looking than any other delivery guy I’d ever seen. He asked if I was a new customer, since he didn’t recall delivering here before, and I said yes, first time I’ve ordered from there.

He said I was his last delivery of the night. I couldn’t help but invite him in while I looked for my wallet. I knew where it was, but wanted to stall him while I thought up inane small talk. He said he was one of the sons of the owners. I asked if he’d like to stay for a drink and he said yes. The drinks soon led to flirting and me inviting him to stay. We soon were walking to my bedroom, the bag of rapidly cooling food left on the kitchen counter, all but forgotten.

We undressed and kissed and he made no hesitation going down on my pussy, and he was good at it. He then slid his cock in and I laughed saying I guessed the rumors about Asian cocks being smaller was a fallacy. He laughed and said no it was mostly true, he was just lucky to have been the exception. He fucked me well and I came several times and was so glad I’d given the new place a try. He left a while later and I went to reheat some of the food and put the rest away. I hoped it would be alright after sitting out a few hours, but I’m sure it would be fine, I’ve got a cast iron stomach. I will definitely be ordering from there again, right before closing time in the hopes he’s the one delivering it.

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