Secret Santa

Secret Santa at work is usually pretty much of a bust I’ve found. This year however something was definitely a little different. I still have no idea who gave me my gift, and what a gift it was. I took my box home and opened it there, I was in a rush to get to a last minute appointment and it’s a good thing I did not open it in the office in front of everyone. I’d have died of embarrassment if I had done so. My Christmas gift was a sex toy. I have wracked my brain trying to think of who could have given it to me.

I was stymied all night and I have to say, I was curious to try it. I wonder how they knew I’d like it? It was one of those clit sucking vibes. I’ve been curious to try one and as soon as I got home and opened it, I wanted to try it out. I was very impressed with it. It made me cum so very hard when I lay back and slid my clit into the hole where the sucking takes place. I think I was cumming in under three minutes, it was such an intense orgasm.

I used it several times over the course of the next few days, wondering who on earth had given it to me. I found out a few days later, when I was getting coffee for my boss and he whispered in my ear he hoped I’d liked my toy he’d given me. I spilled the coffee all over the top of his desk and was mopping it up. I knew he liked me, but my goodness, this could prove interesting for us both in the coming months ahead. My boss giving me a sex toy. I have a feeling this is just the beginning for us.

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