Merry Christmas, Darling

Christmastime can be hectic and overly busy, we all know this. It can also be a very romantic time of the year. The lovely decorations, all the wonderful music and food and togetherness. My husband and I love it so much, it can be a wonderful time for very romantic lovemaking as well. Yes, a quickie is fine now and then and some raunchy hot sex can hit the spot, but if it’s romance and togetherness you are seeking to bring your relationship even closer together it can be a most wonderful time of the year!

Making time for one another is always a god thing, but when you’re busy, it means even more, since that means you went out of your way to carve out time for you to spend together, regardless of your busy schedules, so it will mean even more than usual. It seems natural to want to take more time off than usual this month and if you have a significant other, indulge them, give them a massage, do something special for them they will always remember. Sometimes it truly is more blessed to give than to receive. It really is in the spirit of Christmas to give and be generous and more kind than you usually are the rest of the year.

Sometimes over the holidays, men call up phone sex lines because they are alone and have absolutely no one to spend the day with. Most people have families and they seriously do not even consider ones without them and how that day makes them feel. I like being available to them on that day. I was discussing this with a caller just today when he asked if anyone calls on Christmas. I said yes, the sad sacks call, but who’s ultimately sadder, the ones calling or the ones answering. A sad sacks Christmas……..If you have a lady in your life or a family, try and be extra nice to them at this time of year.

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