I Jerked Off My Brother

When I was younger, lots of times I came home from school and caught my brother jerking off. Lots of times I’d just watch him from the crack of the door and he didn’t even know I was watching him. It kind of turned me on at times and I’d think about it when I masturbated myself. After seeing it so many times, I opened the door and he froze, I told him it was ok and I sat down on the bed beside him and asked him if he’d like me to touch him and he softly said yes.

I gripped his cock in my hand and I pumped it up and down for him, smoothing the precum all over his hard, young shaft. He would get so aroused, his breathing was so sexy to listen to. It got so we did it nearly every day after school. I’d try different grips on his cock and he’d tell me what type of touch he enjoyed the best. I learned a lot about jerking guys off from my brother. Other girls I knew did it once in a while to their boyfriends, but I was jerking my brother off nearly daily for a few years. I’ve had boyfriends tell me they’ve never had so good of a hand job as the one I gave them. I don’t tell them how I learned how though.

My brother asked if he could do the same for me and touch my pussy, and I let him do that many times as well, but not as often as I’d stroke his cock. I did certainly teach him how I enjoyed being touched and he got quite good at it. It’s a wonder our parents never caught on, but they never seemed to. We had a lot of fun together in our youth.

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