Watching the Neighbor

It’s not nice to spy, but sometimes the opportunity presents itself and one can’t help but stare. Recently I moved and the neighbors house is quite close to mine and I can see into the home easily. I think the man has to know this though and is putting on a bit of a nightly show for me. I cannot think he wouldn’t know I cannot help but see. He masturbates sitting on the edge of his bed near the window. I would be curious to know if he did it when the previous owner was here, an old woman, maybe he did, maybe not. I’m not about to ask. In any case he does it nearly nightly and I watch.

He actually seems to have a pretty decent sized dick from what I can see. He likes to watch porn when he masturbates, I can see the glow of his computer monitor and he’s watching it intensely, not looking out the window to see who might be watching him. Well from the position of the window, his neighbor, me, could be the only one that sees him. It faces my house, not the street, so he has to know.

I’ve watched him and gotten wet watching him stroke his cock. I’ve actually stood at the window and tried to see if we can cum at the same time. I have a few times. Masturbating standing up is not my favorite position by any means, I’m always afraid I will collapse, it’s happened before! I might give him a show of my own one of these days and we can see if he likes staring back, I have a feeling he just might if I give him the chance. I will have to see how it all turns out for us both.

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