Caught By the Cop

I was pulled over for speeding last week and the cop asked me where I was in such a hurry to get to. I told him I was too embarrassed to say. He wanted to know if it was important. I said no, it wasn’t that, it was that I was so horny I wanted to get home as soon as possible to masturbate. The look of shock on his face when I said that was priceless. Then he asked if he could “help me out.” To be honest, he was a good looking man and I did have a thing for men in uniform and I was so horny I could have about cum with little to no stimulation. So I said yes.

He had me get out of the car, thank God we were in a semi secluded area, and I stripped down from the waist down and he pushed me over the hood and started to rub my pussy from behind. He kicked my feet apart to allow himself better access to my pussy and boy, did he know how to finger a woman. I was creaming all over his hand and he knew it.

I could hear him unzip and all of a sudden I was filled with his hard cock and he filled me well. I was moaning as he fucked me over the hood of the car, thrust after thrust of that dick in me as he continued to work my clit with his hand. Needless to say it did not take me very long to cum. I loved his take control attitude and even though I’d cum, he hadn’t, so he kept pounding me and pounding me and he grabbed my tits and kept on fucking me hard. I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me and he made me cum a second time, and this time, he shot his load right after I came, and my pussy milked his seed out of his dick with every contraction, it was fucking hot, right there on the side of the road. Luckily no one drove by as we enjoyed our little afternoon delight out in the open. I need to get pulled over more often.

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