Jilling with My Friend

When I was in school my best friend and I would often masturbate together. We wouldn’t touch one another, but it was quite fun to do it in the same room and watch each other. We had lots of sleepovers, and our parents had no idea what was going on behind those closed doors. One time on a sleepover, I thought my friend was asleep and I was so horny, so I very quietly masturbated. Well it turned out she wasn’t asleep, and when I started up for my second orgasm, she asked if she could join in. I was so shocked that she’d been awake. She’d been watching me through slitted eyes so as not to be detected.

I nervously agreed and we started doing it every time we had a sleepover from that point on and we had a couple a month. We would try and see who could cum the fastest or the most times or see if we could cum together. It was all innocent fun really, we both had a lot of fun doing it. I never did that with any of my other friends, only her. I of course wondered what it might be like to touch one another, but it never went beyond just doing it at the same time in the same room.

Many guys that call have had jerk off buddies in the past and like to tell about those experiences. Some even claim to have jerk off buddies now as adults and they watch porn together and rub one out. It’s a shame more girls don’t do this as well, but guys are just more open about this kind of thing, girls much more secretive about it and many denying they masturbate entirely. It can be a fun time to masturbate with one of your friends.

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