Adult Virgin Callers

Adult virgins are not as rare as one would think. Ones call that have no experience with women usually a few times a month in my experience. Some have a very small or smaller than average penis, so they have very little confidence to approach women. Yet they are also afraid for various reasons to approach a sex worker. They are afraid of getting arrested, afraid of disease, afraid of someone they know finding out, or they just have a fantasy that they only want to be intimate with someone that not only cares about them, but that they themselves care about. Yet a relationship eludes them.

I doubt there are many male virgins with an eight inch or larger penis, most that call are four inches or less by their estimation. So they get used to it, and phone sex and masturbation becomes the entirety of their sex life. Then they get to an age where it no longer matters and they have given up. It’s kind of sad, but this is the reality for millions of men. Confidence and popularity and charisma with the ladies come so easily and so naturally to some, but certainly not to all.

You can feel very badly for these men and the sorts of things they have missed out on, but it’s a different world today and they simply fall through the cracks. Perhaps it’s just natures way of weeding out the genetic duds that don’t really have a lot to add to the gene pool. That’s a cruel way to look at it, but sometimes nature can be very cruel indeed. Many are too embarrassed to reveal this intimate fact to friends and family, so they just carry their burdensome secret alone with them the whole of their lives. Most people do not understand what it’s like but you are not alone.

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