A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course Of Course

When most people think of bestiality, they think of dogs, but horses are growing in popularity when it comes to being chosen as a sex partner. Since animals can’t talk, the chances of the people having sex with these animals is quite low. Unless they are walked in on, or dumb enough to film the encounter and then the recording gets posted or into the wrong hands, no one is really going to know about it. Many call it animal abuse, but I don’t see that the animals are being abused like in beaten. If they are having an orgasm, to them it likely is a pleasurable time and activity, although a bit odd for them.

There’s some callers into these sorts of things, one said even as a kid he’d get horny watching the horses on the farm he grew up on. Men seem to like the idea of women being with these animals and watching them for their own amusement. Ones that grew up on farms seem to have a higher percentage of experience with livestock as sex partners, but with fewer people growing up on farms, not as many are experimenting with or having the opportunity to play with these animals.

It’s forbidden, so that’s part of the attraction for some people. The woman can also not get pregnant with an animal, so no worries of that. It’s not an everyday call topic you run into, but there are ones that are interested in having such discussions. There are diseases ones can get from having sex from animals, so it’s really not wise to do so. Some things really are better left in the realm of fantasy when it comes to sex. Men have died from attempting to have anal sex with horses because the horses are well, hung like a horse since they are a horse and tear the insides of the man and they die. The woman’s vagina is much more flexible, it is designed to pass a baby after all, so it’s not going to have the same effect on a woman as a man.

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