The Sexy Piano Teacher

I used to teach piano to high school students, and needless to say, there were more than a few of the young men that turned me on a great deal. I’d be sitting right pressed up against them. The ones that turned me on, on days I knew they were coming for lessons after school I’d be sure to wear a low cut top and no bra so they could see my breasts and nipples. They always looked. I could feel their eyes boring into me. I could see their young cocks rise in their jeans in excitement. Does it make me a naughty lady that many times my hand wandered down to their cocks in their pants and I grabbed them and stroked them?

They always loved it, believe me. More than one squirted in his pants without my skin even touching theirs, just over the clothes alone. Some I would tease and just rub my hand up and down the insides of their thighs. Some I would greet at the door with a hug and my hands would go down and squeeze their ass as we hugged before they arrived or left. I loved their young bodies responding to me and my teasing.

One time an extra special student closed the lid on my grand piano and lifted me up onto it, pushed my skirt up and my panties down and he went down on me right then and there on top of the piano, me on top and him on the seat, my feet on his thighs. He then fucked me and I loved every second of it. His young cock filling my cougar pussy with his hard rod, they get so hard at that age, harder than any other time they will be in their lives. I had lots of fun with him and many after as well.

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