Hello, Stranger……

Not long ago I moved and I had to get a new landline number since I was in a different city and area code. I’d been in my new house with the new number for a few weeks and was still getting the occasional call for the last person that had this particular phone number. I’d gotten the number to be unlisted so no new people would get it, but obviously several of their contacts still had it that had not been given the new number.

I was in bed one night late, reading a book before bed and the phone rang. It was yet another of the people calling for the other person. This man though had a very sexy voice and I was in no hurry to brush him off like the others. He asked me some questions, yet I didn’t mind answering them. The tone of the call began to get more personal, yet again, I could not put the phone down. He didn’t know my last name or my address, just the number, so I knew it was a safe connection so to speak. He asked me if I wanted to touch myself as he talked to me and I said yes.

I was all of a sudden having hot phone sex with this man I’d never even known about until less than an hour before and we got along great. I was doing all the things he asked me to do to myself and I was so incredibly aroused and wet. He said he was touching his cock and imagining fucking me, pinning e down on the bed I was on and sliding his cock all the way in up to the balls as he breathed in my ear and kissed my neck. It was the most erotic and unexpected surprise I’d had in a long time. We had a wonderful and hot conversation, both cumming a few times, and he said he’d call me again tomorrow night. I was much looking forward to it.

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