Banging The Teacher

Sometimes we do things we know we shouldn’t because it feels right at the time. Last week I had such a moment. I was going to a parent teacher meeting and I’d never met this teacher before of my son’s. I liked him immediately. We discussed my son’s progress and I was the last scheduled meeting he had for the evening. I had a feeling he liked me too. He complimented me on my dress and figure and before you know it, I was on his desk and we were fucking one another. It was hot, fast and very passionate.

He was divorced and I was as well, one kiss and he swept his arm across that desk sending papers flying and I was soon laid out on it, dress up to my waist, my panties removed by him to give him access to my dripping cunt. He licked pussy extremely well and I was soon cumming from that flickering tongue. He had a large and beautiful cock that was soon sliding in and out of that wet pussy. His cock rubbed against my clit with every thrust and I was soon clawing at his back as he made me cum again.

I sucked his cock still wet with my juices an that drove him wild. I swallowed his load and was then bent over the desk for round two. The fucking just did not stop. He knew all the right things to do and we both came and came and came some more. I have a feeling I will become addicted to his cock, but we don’t want my son to know about it. We have plans to meet at his place tomorrow night to further explore our mutual passions for each other. It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked this well. We are both deprived of sex and have found we are quite compatible in that department.

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