A Walk in The Woods

There’s a large wooded area behind my house I go hiking in sometimes. It’s very private, several properties back onto it, but there’s usually no one around to be seen. I went for a walk last week out there and was looking at the leaves and little creatures scurrying about when I realized I had to go pee. I should have gone before I left the house but had forgotten to do so. It would have taken too long to get back, so I looked around and realized it would be just as easy to pull down my pants and go there in the woods.

As I was finished and about to pull them back up I realized there was a man watching me from around fifty feet. I was frozen. I could see him clearly and he was masturbating as he’d been watching me pee. He started to walk closer. All the while still stroking himself. I pulled up my pants and started to walk home. He came up to me and said it had really turned him on watching me and would I do him the honor of watching him finish himself off? I was a bit shocked, but was afraid he might get angry if I said no and try and hurt me, so I said sure, just finish up.

He pumped his dick, and it was a good size. I looked and saw the dripping precum at the tip. His balls looked large and swollen and filling with cum. I didn’t mind watching him, it was just a bit weird watching some stranger like this. I’d not seen him before and wondered who he was and what he was doing here, but didn’t ask. He sped up his motions until his hand was a blur and he shot his load all over the fallen leaves on the ground. He sighed with relief and zipped up and continued on his way. I went back home and wondered about him, it was an odd encounter to be sure.

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