He Paid To Be a Cuckold

One of my more interesting calls this week was a man that had a fantasy about paying to be a cuckold. He wanted to rent an escort and have her fuck a black man in front of him while he watched. He knew his wife would never go for such a scenario, so he wanted to pay a woman to make this fantasy come true for him. When I mentioned this to another caller sort of into the same thing, he said he too had thought of the same scenario himself over the years. When you think of a man paying an escort, you obviously assume he’s paying to fuck her himself, but not always apparently.

He has a little cock himself, like many, but not all, cuckolds have. He loves the idea of a big, black, physically superior man taking control of the white woman in front of him as he strokes his undersized cock and gets aroused while watching her scream with ecstasy as that big, black cock stretches her open until she’s literally gaping and dripping that jungle jizz right out of her stretched out cunt. After he’s watched them fuck and the guy goes home, the one paying to be a cuckold licks the cum out of the escort he hired.

He adores the sense of degradation and being beneath the huge dicked black man. He’s just a little worm with a tiny cock, not much bigger than a peanut. So pitiful he has to pay to witness it in person, but no one’s going to do it for him for free, and having to pay degrades him even more in a way. So many pitiful men out there that want to be belittled and made fun of. He likes calling women up and having them laugh at him when he tells them all of his odd fantasies. It’s easy to laugh at others for sure.

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