I Just Got Outta Jail, Now It’s Time For Phone Sex!

Oddly enough twice in the past week I’ve gotten calls from men that claimed to both just released from jail and prison. Literally that day. Now if one was in prison, would the first thing you would think to do once free would be call for phone sex?! Well, apparently it was for these two men. One was only in jail for two weeks for a DUI case, the other for six years for dealing drugs. I was kind of speechless that they were both so upfront about it. Not sure if they were seeking real life prospects in their own world and just didn’t have ladies waiting, but the phone was their first line of defense when it came to being horny.

I’d imagine it’s not easy to find privacy to masturbate in jail or prison. Any kind of sex would be horrible, against your will, so you really wouldn’t want that. Many would not have someone waiting on the outside to be there for them and welcome them home, so I guess if phone sex was a part of their masturbation routine before they were incarcerated, it’s something they would seek to resume when they were free.

The voice of a woman could be a very comforting thing for these men, they would likely have had very limited contact with women of any kind since going in, other than maybe a guard or some other kind of prison worker. It’s understandable they would find someone as soon as they get out, be it an escort or the safer route, a phone sex girl, to give them some female attention, even if only for the length of the call. Not sure how many go from jailhouse to phone sex within hours, but it is happening. We ladies are here to offer comfort in any capacity we can over the phone.

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