It’s Really Small

Some men that have a small penis call for small penis humiliation, it’s quite popular and one of the most common calls we operators deal with. Other men though aren’t calling to be humiliated, they just want a sympathetic woman to talk to. One such caller reached out last night with a three inch penis. He was in his mid fifties and had never married. He’d had a few girlfriends, but things never worked out for him long term. He knew the reason for this was the size of his cock.

He never told any of his male friends about his little shortcoming and he said for decades they all tried to pair him up with someone, and he always rebuffed them. He said it had been more work for him to stay out of pussy than get any. He was deathly afraid if he dated a woman referred to him by a friend that word would get around about his small cock to his circle of friends. He said once he reached his fifties they didn’t try to pair him up so much, they’d pretty much accepted he was ok with being alone, so they didn’t push it. All his friends were married or divorced, none never married like himself.

He’d wanted a normal family life, but his cock size had made that impossible. He’s in good company, I’ve heard similar tales from countless men about their cock size ruining their chances at a normal life. I feel badly for them. No fault of their own, just being shortchanged by mother nature. So masturbation is pretty much it for a lot of them. The few that have had girlfriends end up getting cheated on. I suggest a cuckold type of situation, but they can’t seem to convince the women to do it, not a very happy existence for a lot of them.

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