I Rubbed One Out Outside

Sometimes you just get so horny you don’t care where you are. You just need to cum. I had a situation like this recently when I was outside in a semi public area. I’d volunteered to do some fall cleanup work at a local park and get it ready for the winter when I was all of a sudden overtaken by a wave of horniness. I couldn’t wait to drive back home, there were not many people left and they were in a different area of the park than I was in. So I decided to go for it. I just got down on all fours, lifted up my skirt and rubbed my pussy.

I was already sopping wet I was so horny. You really get to the point where you don’t even care if anyone might see, you just want to feel your body shiver with that sweet, orgasmic delight. I hadn’t cum in a few weeks, I’ve just been so busy. I was working away in the park garden and the sun was warm, the birds were singing and the day was just lovely. I knew it would be the last nice warm day like this before it got colder, and I’ve always enjoyed playing outside in my own backyard and having sex a few times with various boyfriends outdoors as well.

My cunt was slippery wet and my clit already stiff and erect. I toyed with it, rubbing my middle finger over that hardened little bud. Smearing my wetness all over it. I was soon bucking my hips as I did. Masturbating in that position of course makes your clit stick out even more than usual, so it’s extra pleasurable. I rubbed and I rubbed and I felt a mini explosion in my cunt as I came. I fell over in an exhausted heap, looking around to see if anyone had seen me and what I was doing. It seemed my naughty outdoor secret was safe. I caught my breath and then went on with my work before going home a while later. The outdoors can be so fun when we do things like this.

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