He Watched His Parents

A man called today and said when he was in his teens he found an old VHS videotape of his parents having sex when they were younger. He said his dad had always been a big one for taping everything with his video camera, and I guess their sex life was no exception. Most men are extremely visual and ones into photography and videotaping even more so. The hit movie Sex, Lies and Videotape was a huge hit in its day. Perhaps his parents were so inspired. He found the tape in a box in the attic and they likely had forgotten where it was, but he found it and watched it, over and over.

He said they still had a set up in the basement with a VCR hooked up to sometimes watch old tapes on and he made good use of it. He couldn’t believe how much better his mom’s tits used to look when she was younger, and how much thinner she was, and apparently what a wanton slut she was as well. He would stroke his cock watching his dad fuck his mom. The mom was more of the star of the videos and it was a combination of being on a tripod and recording both of them and his father holding the camera both for POV action like fucking her from behind, and recording the mom masturbating as well.

He said they’d be very angry if they knew he’d been watching such a private video, but he was a horny teenager, what was he to do? Horny teenage boys are not known for their restraint in sexual matters. It was a two hour tape and when he was alone for hours after school before they came home from work he’d stroke away watching it. He was so disappointed when he went back to the old box he found it in and there weren’t more. He even searched their room when they were out and didn’t find any there, either. So it might have been a one time experiment to tape themselves, but he sure got a lot of use out of that tape.

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