Give Me Your Underwear

I was not a fan of my new boss at all, he’d been made my superior a few months back and I thought he was a total asshole. One night as I was on my way home he told me to come into his office, so I went. He sat me down and told me he had to make some staff cutbacks and unless I wanted to be let go I’d give him my underwear right now. My jaw fell open. He said no one would believe me if I told them and I needed the job. And he knew it. I did as I was told and went home stunned.

The next week he asked me to stay again and he said he’d “put my underwear to good use” over the last week. I did not ask for further elaboration, I could well imagine how he’d violated it. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock or else I’d be leaving with my final pay check. I did as I was told. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off. I figured he’d cum quickly and that would be the end of it. Wrong.

He said for me to get up and bend over the desk, that he’d be finishing in my pussy. I was nearly crying, but thought of all the bills I had and medical expenses, there was no way I could lose this job. He fucked me hard, shot his load in me and then pushed me out the door, discarding me like a used tissue. He said he’d be using me regularly, so to get used to it and keep quiet about it. I would start looking for another job, but knew I was to be his sex slave on demand as long as he commanded it.

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