Oiled Sex

Many of us know that a massage can often lead to sexier things. Whether it’s a partner giving us the massage or you are going to a rub and tug parlor. Erotic touch and application of sensuous oils can often get the juices flowing and make you feel fantastic. I got some massage oils for me and my boyfriend to try and they were wonderful. I slathered him down with the oil and it wasn’t long until his cock sprung to attention. My pussy was getting wet looking at it and knowing how horny he was getting as I was rubbing him.

I grabbed his cock with my oiled hand and massaged it up and down and felt his precum oozing out of the tip of his dick down over my fingers and hand. I asked him to rub some of the fragrant oil on me and he squirted some in his hands and rubbed them together to make it warm and rubbed it all over my back and shoulders and then I rolled over and he rubbed some all over my breasts. My nipples were soon erect in his hands and he toyed with them. He got on his back and I straddled him.

I sank down onto his cock and began to ride him hard and felt my pussy opening up as he slid into me. It felt wonderful to have him fuck me, with our oiled bodies sliding all over one another like that, it was a very sensual experience for us both. After he fucked me, we went into the shower and soaped one another up, washing off all the cum and the excess oil, we were all clean and I got on my knees and sucked his cock right there in the shower and he shot his cum all over my tits and the water washed it right off. It was a very sexy night, I highly recommend massages.

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