I Switched

I heard from a caller today I haven’t in several months and he proclaimed “he’d switched.” He is a man of nearly sixty, with very perverted fantasies, and he claims the nineteen year old pizza delivery man and himself have been lovers for the last three months. It’s likely all in his imagination I realize, but he was telling me how he, the nearly senior, overweight, barely mobile due to multiple health issues man, has become the apple of a teenager’s eye. Right. Whatever you say, lol.

So I heard about how he’s getting fucked four times a day, taking multiple cum loads, rimming this guy, waking him with blow jobs, romantic showers togethers. He’s never been so sexually satisfied, yet he’s still attracted to women you understand, but they have not been giving him the time of day for many years. Then he mentioned he was thinking of getting a dog, he’d said pets were too much responsibility in the past, and they are a lot of work. I suggested a cat wouldn’t need to be walked, so maybe it might be a better companion for him than a dog. Foolish me, I’d not considered it was not companionship he was looking for. He said true, but I can’t fuck a cat. OMG. I kid you not. I said perhaps stick to humans for that.

So while he and pizza delivery boy are exercising their limitless passions with one another, he said he’s just been too busy to call. Sucking off a teen and providing him an ass to cum in nearly a half dozen times a day sounds like a full time job nearabouts, so I’ve been back burnered in the meantime. I asked if he was going to be introducing the young man to his family over the holidays and he said “it wasn’t that kind of relationship.” I see. Ok then, well giddy up!

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