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I Switched

I heard from a caller today I haven’t in several months and he proclaimed “he’d switched.” He is a man of nearly sixty, with very perverted fantasies, and he claims the nineteen year old pizza delivery man and himself have … Continue reading

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He Fucked His Cousin

This caller was telling me how he used to fuck his cousin when he’d come and stay with them for the weekend when they were growing up. He suspected the boy was gay and he had bisexual tendencies himself, so … Continue reading

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Servicing Older Men

I cannot even count all the phone sex callers that want to suck cock, they are just too many to count.Another called today that had been craving cock for year, he’d sucked cock once years ago and never been able … Continue reading

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Sucking Off Step Dad

Last night a caller told me all about his decades long sexual relationship with his step father that began in his teens. The man has long since divorced his mother, and he still sees this man he’s been sucking off … Continue reading

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Stretch Me Open Wide

One of my callers, well many of them, but this one in particular, are obsessed with big, black cock. They themselves have a tiny cock and love the thought of being dominated and fucked by a huge cock that is … Continue reading

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