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Don’t Tell Mommy!

I’ve always been kind of a slut, even when I was in high school. We had a smaller house, and the room that was mine was right near the door, there was then a short hallway and then my parents … Continue reading

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The Babysitter’s Dirty Little Secret

When I was in my teens, I babysat a lot to put aside money for college, and this one family I babysat for had a really hot dad, I was always flirting with him when we were alone and I … Continue reading

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Carnal Christmas

My boyfriend and I were at his family Christmas party last weekend and it was a grand affair, lots of people. He hadn’t been home to see them in a few months, so they were glad he’d come and brought … Continue reading

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Kissing Cousins

A caller was mentioning how he and his cousin got it on one time they had to go to a family wedding and her date had backed out and she went with him, her cousin, instead. He said there was … Continue reading

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