Carnal Christmas

My boyfriend and I were at his family Christmas party last weekend and it was a grand affair, lots of people. He hadn’t been home to see them in a few months, so they were glad he’d come and brought me with him. I’d met them before, but didn’t know them that well. There were so many people there they were meeting and greeting with, they didn’t even seem to notice when we snuck upstairs to his childhood bedroom and fucked as the party was going on. It felt naughty to do that, but there was a fair bit of crowd noise and they’d hired a piano player to play Christmas carols, so we could be as loud as we wanted really without worrying anyone would hear us.

He did lock his door though, so we wouldn’t get any surprise visitors opening the door. I didn’t want to get fully undressed since it would take longer, so I just hiked my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties down to my knees and bent over his bed. I felt like a kid in high school behaving this way, but it was fun. He unzipped his fly, took out his cock and just started pumping away and we were like two naughty teens fucking on the sly under the parents nose.

He grabbed my tits through my dress and pulled me hard, his dick was in all the way up to the balls and we were really going at it and then I cried out and came, and he shot his load. We adjusted our clothes, not that much adjusting to do since we hadn’t gotten fully undressed, and then went back down to the party. No one seemed to notice we’d even been gone. I do love parties.

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