The Hot Sex Sounds From Next Door

Now on a regular basis this would be not a fun thing, but the other night this man in the condo unit next to me entertained a new lady friend and the sex sounds they made were very clear in the bedroom wall we both share. I had just gotten into bed when they started up on having sex and the lady was very vocal and the bed was squeaking as well, I closed my eyes and visualized what they were doing as they made those sounds. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to become quite horny as I listened to them.

I slid my hand down under the covers and touched my pussy as they fucked right on the other side of the wall, technically only inches away from me, if only I could have seen what they were doing, but I was able to picture it clearly. He’s a good looking man as well, he’s away on business a lot, so I seldom see him, but this lady he had over was sure carrying on a lot. I was plunging my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt as I listened to her take his cock into her own pussy. I could hear the headboard bang into the wall with each thrust.

I mimicked the timing so I was thrusting my fingers in and out at the same pace as it was hitting the wall, I was so turned on doing this and wondered if they had any idea how their sounds were turning on another person. I doubted it, they wouldn’t have cared, they were too wrapped up in their own pleasure to think of anyone else, but it was an explosive orgasms I had listening to the two of them fuck.

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