Romantic Christmas


Christmas can be a very romantic time of the year, the whole holiday season warms the heart, this year was extra special for me. My boyfriend planned a very special Christmas Eve for me, we went to a lovely Christmas concert and then had a wonderful meal and came home and made love all night long. We had both been busy with work and family entertainment obligations, so hadn’t had time or energy in nearly two weeks to have sex, and we promised not to masturbate and cum and ruin our “orgasm appetite” until we could find time to be together, last night was the night, and what a night it was.

He’d surprised me with a gift bag with some silky, beautiful lingerie in it, red for Christmas, also some new stockings and perfume. I put them on and loved them all, needless to say he did as well. The lingerie wasn’t on my body for very long, it was soon on the end of the bed and he was pumping into me, filling me up with that sweet cock of his I’d missed so much. It felt wonderful, and boy, it really is more wonderful when you’ve had a chance to miss someone. It really lets you build up an appetite for it.

He was extra giving, and went down on my pussy and drove me wild with his tongue, I was just quivering underneath him, with his hands grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me right up to his mouth. I got similarly reacquainted with his cock and kissed and sucked it until I was given a load of his cum, and what a load it was, after two weeks, he’d build up a large load, and I relished every drop of it. He’s a wonderful lover and we both have some time off over Christmas, so I’d imagine we will be spending a lot of time in bed to make up for lost time, and I’m looking forward to each and every minute and orgasm of it!

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