The Virgin Cuckold

This one caller that’s a virgin also said he has cuckolding fantasies, which are very popular, and how he’d only have one chance to be a virgin cuckold. How he wanted to get his first girlfriend and then have her cheat on him in front of him, and she and the guy she’d be fucking both make fun of his small penis. Cuckold usually seems to take hold of fantasies a bit afterwards and not in ones that young, but I guess having such a small cock lets you know there’s honestly very little chance of you ever being able to please a woman.

To crave humiliation from the get go of your sexual life with a partner shows just how ingrained such behaviors are. He said they’d laugh at him not only for his small cock, but due to the fact he’s never gotten laid as well. So many male virgins call that have so little confidence, it’s no wonder they have no success with the ladies, women like a confidant man. Most assholes and jerks are guess what, full of confidence, yet the nice, shy types have none or a very small amount at best.

He wanted to stroke his as yet untouched by human hands other than his own cock, as he watched his girlfriend get stretched open wide by a real man that would be able to make her feel as she deserved, how he could never make her or any woman feel. He watches cuckold porn as he jerks off and hopes one day he will find a woman to cuckold him. There are many different kinds of fantasies out there we get to hear from horny callers.

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