Teach Me Naughty Things

I’m a teacher at a local high school and I know lots of the young men I teach find me attractive. It’s not hard to motivate some that need extra help to do well. I do tutoring on the side, often their parents will contact me and ask if their little darling can get some extra help on the evenings or weekends, and I’ve found some of the young men need a little “extra encouragement”, but once they have it, they will pass with flying colors. This one good looking young man just didn’t get math, so I flat out told him if he passed, I’d fuck him. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!

His mom had promised me a sizable tip if I got him to pass his exam, and I wanted the money, so I knew that my pussy would be the motivating factor here. Obviously I didn’t share that with her, I don’t think she’d have approved of my tactics. He learned, oh how he learned! He passed with flying colors, and he came by my house after the exam was over and he said he’d come to collect on my promise, and I delivered. I rode his young cock and sucked his cock for hours. He left so happy he looked like he was in some sort of drug induced haze.

I usually didn’t see the same students more than after the first fucking, after all, fucking me was the reward for passing, not an ongoing thing. There were always new students coming up in the ranks that needed my “special help.” I was only too happy to help, I felt I was doing them a real service, teaching them proper motivational skills, that would help them go further in life. I’ve taught many young men, and will teach many more. I’m really helping them in so many wonderful ways.

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