I Spy

When I was younger and still living at home, I masturbated a lot, I still do, but sometimes I wasn’t as careful as I should have been, and one time I hadn’t closed my door all the way and I saw out of the corner of my eye, my brother watching me at the crack in the nearly closed door. I knew he could see everything I was doing, but I didn’t call him out on it or look directly at him. I in fact opened my legs even wider to give him a better view of my cunt as I toyed with it and I couldn’t see his hand or body since it was nearly dark in the hall, but I just knew he’d be stroking his young cock to my pussy being masturbated.

Our parents were out, so I didn’t need to worry about them interruption g us, and I let out a moan and I’m sure it must have sent shivers up his spine when I did. I could just picture his cock in his hand, his hand moving quickly up and down his shaft as he pumped his dick and watched his sister masturbate.

I could if I listened really hard, hear him breathing really heavy as I stroked my clit and lift my legs up in the air. I moved my hand faster and faster until it was nearly a blur from all the fast motions stroking my stiff clit, and then I came, I arched my back and I’d bet anything he blew his load as well at the same moment. I did this several times when I knew we were alone and not going to be disturbed. My brother saw me stroke my pussy many times, and it always made me cum harder.

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