Please Let Me Worship Your Cock

One caller this past week is quite well endowed, or so he claims. You never can tell when a caller is being truthful of course, many will send you pics of huge cocks they find online and say it’s them even though the pic is easily looked up online and you can tell them so. The best rule of thumb is to divide by three. “Hey baby, my cock is twelve inches long.” Uh huh, sure it is, it’s likely around four inches or even less.

So you play along and say what a grand cock they must have how happy they must make all their bed partners and how many likely cannot even accommodate such a monster cock. One guy this week is supposedly over ten inches and he likes me to “worship his cock” and say how I’d be so glad to touch it, what an honor it would be to give him a hand job, since then my hands could fully explore the greatness of his manhood. He’s not interested in talking about any mutual pleasure activities like fucking, just a hand job since you couldn’t take your eyes off of it and be in sheer awe of it.

How it would take two hands, and even then it would be a stretch to get them all the way around his man meat. Wouldn’t it just be glorious to see and touch it? Wouldn’t I be describing it in all it’s glory to all my girlfriends? How could I not want to share it, spread the good news so to speak about his glorious member? Hey, it’s his fantasy, that’s what they are paying for obviously.

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