Here, Let Me Do That

Lots of guys have fantasies about their mom catching them jerking off and then helping them. A caller of mine last night said he’d fantasized about just that scenario many times, that his mom came into his room, say to put away his laundry, and she hadn’t known he was in there and she walks in and sees him with his hand on his large, teenaged cock, stroking away, and then he gasps as she walks in and sees this. In his fantasy, she doesn’t tell him to stop, or shame him, she asks if she can help.

She tells him she notices his technique, and how she knows of a better positions to place his hand in and she offers to show him, and of course he lets her, and it’s far better than the way he’d been doing it. No one can touch you like mom can. Her soft, knowing, gentle hands, on her boys shaft, pumping it up and down, and she asks if maybe seeing her breasts while she touches him might make things even more arousing. Of course they would, so he undoes her blouse and takes her tits out from her bra as she continues to caress him.

He rubs her nipples and they get hard instantly. She asks if maybe laying his cock between those breasts might be something he’d enjoy, and of course he nods yes, so she grabs a breast in each hand and wraps them around his cock and starts sliding them up and down his dick, while kissing the head of that cock and driving him crazy, and of course soon she is sprayed with her son’s cum all over her full titties. Then she tells him they can start to do this every night, and he’s happy to hear about his new bedtime routine.

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