The Babysitter’s Dirty Little Secret

When I was in my teens, I babysat a lot to put aside money for college, and this one family I babysat for had a really hot dad, I was always flirting with him when we were alone and I thought he liked me too from the way he looked at me. He’d drive me home most of the nights I babysat, since he didn’t want me walking home in the dark even though I was only a few blocks away. One night before he got to my house, I placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed my hand over his crotch. I could feel him grow hard instantly. I kept rubbing and told him to pull over into an empty parking lot nearby. He did.

He reached over and kissed me and I slipped my hand into his pants and stroked his cock for a while, and then lowered my mouth down onto it, sucking on his hard cock. He was moaning a lot as I sucked him off. I could feel his fingers in my hair pushing my head down further onto his cock. I felt naughty sucking off a man over double my age, but it was fun and he was obviously enjoying it.

Nearly every time he drove me home we pulled over into this parking lot before we got to my house and we’d fuck and perform oral on each other, this went on for a few years and I loved every single time. His wife never seemed to have a clue about it, and it was our dirty little secret, but a very fun one and I learned a lot from him sexually. I had a thing for older men for years because he was my first, and I still think of our times together when I masturbate.

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