He Fucked His Cousin

This caller was telling me how he used to fuck his cousin when he’d come and stay with them for the weekend when they were growing up. He suspected the boy was gay and he had bisexual tendencies himself, so he saw the perfect opportunity to exploit the situation and get some sexual practice in when this cousin visited him. They stayed in the same room together when the cousin came over every few months and he told me he started by asking the boy if he masturbated and how often, what did he think of sorts of questions. This quickly evolved into them masturbating together every time the cousin came over.

They then went from just touching one themselves while the other was in the same room, to touching each other, then oral and then full on fucking. The family was clueless to all of it, so they had lots of fun times and no one suspected a thing. He said the first time he fucked his cousin’s ass, the boy flinched a bit, but he told him to go on and do it. He liked to be used apparently, and he’d call his cousin and they’d jerk off on the phone together and talk about their next visit when they could play together. This went on for several years.

They are both grown now, the cousin is gay, but the bi older one since got married and although he’s put playing with other men behind him for now, he thinks about these times when he jerks off and he loves to imagine fucking another man again, it’s pretty much the only fantasy he talks about. Of course his wife has no clue about his playing in the past with the cousin or the others he played with and still fantasizes about.

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