Use Me, Master

I am submissive by nature, and seem to have attracted mainly dominant boyfriends over the years. You really do seem to attract your opposite, so it’s worked out very well for me to have men that loved to use and dominate me. I love to please. Being called a “good girl” by my boyfriends practically makes me wet with excitement. The man I’ve been seeing for the last year likes to be a bit aggressive with me and has even spanked me and used instruments of correction on me like a riding crop and a whip. I love when he leaves a mark on me. Every time I look down and see it, it reminds me of the hot time we had when he gave it to me.

He loves to really fuck my mouth and have me give him blow jobs. He can be a bit rough, but I don’t mind at all, it arouses me for him to use me for his pleasure. Last night he had me get on the bed on all fours and open my mouth, just waiting for him. I’d put on some of his favorite lingerie to be a feast for his eyes as well as his other senses. I closed my eyes as he told me to and I felt the tip of his cock at my lips. I licked the precum off and felt him slide into my waiting mouth.

He grabbed me on each side of my head and then really rammed in, over and over and over again. I was drooling profusely to make it all wet and slippery, sliding my tongue up one side and down the other of his hard dick as he used my mouth for his own pleasure. I knew I was wet and would soon be fucked by him after he came in my mouth and got hard again. In a few minutes, I’d be in ecstasy.

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